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Measuring Up–the Key to Meeting State/National Standards

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Many of us find students benefit greatly when the school employs curriculum-based assessments to measure progress. This is done through its standards-aligned assessment library or teacher-created assessments developed from a bank of over 60,000 standards-specific questions.

Students can’t learn if they don’t show up at school

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Photo: Tara García Mathewson/The Hechinger Report. Photo: Tara García Mathewson/The Hechinger Report. Students who routinely miss school get individual assessments and attendance success plans geared toward their unique needs and circumstances.

A school once known for gang activity is now sending kids to college

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Photo: Amadou Diallo/The Hechinger Report. Special Report. In this ongoing series, The Hechinger Report is visiting high schools that have beaten the long odds to learn what’s behind their success. Photo: Amadou Diallo/The Hechinger Report.

Reimagining failure: ‘Last-chance’ schools are the future of American high schools

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It is features like these that have helped former high school dropouts like Rocheli Burgos — and other students who have struggled in school — get a second chance at earning a diploma. The Barr Foundation is one of the many funders of The Hechinger Report.).

The ‘forgotten’ part of special education that could lead to better outcomes for students

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This story was produced by The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education, in partnership with the Huffington Post. Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report. Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report.

In rural Maine, a university eliminates most Fs in an effort to increase graduation rates

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Photo: Robbie Feinberg for The Hechinger Report. Is anyone interested in taking an assessment today?” Photo: Robbie Feinberg for The Hechinger Report. As an example, Pearson offers a course in the criminal justice program. Photo: Robbie Feinberg for The Hechinger Report.

Can a school save a neighborhood?

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Photo: Kia Gregory for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Kia Gregory for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Kia Gregory for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Kia Gregory for The Hechinger Report. Photo: Kia Gregory for The Hechinger Report. appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

NYC’s bold gamble: Spend big on impoverished students’ social and emotional needs to get academic gains

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For example, it wasn’t until this past August, more than a year after the program began, that the city held its first meeting between principals and community school directors to discuss the most effective ways to build a community school. Fourth-graders at P.S. 67 often work in groups.

Tipping point: Can Summit put personalized learning over the top?

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Bits of student performance data are only just starting to trickle out of the pilot schools, so it’s too early to assess most of them quantitatively. Most Basecamp schools make a lot of changes to the platform’s lesson plans, projects and assessments.

States will soon be free to transform standardized testing, but most won’t

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Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger Report. In the early 1990s, Kentucky districts were among those grading student portfolios and assessing performance tasks, instead of standardized tests, and they found themselves on the cutting edge of educational assessment.

Blended learning proof points showcase district schools

The Christensen Institute

In this case that meant at the fringe of schools—in the advanced classes, foreign languages, and credit and dropout recovery options they couldn’t otherwise offer, for example. We published the first of these reports recently as a series of case studies titled Proof Points: Blended Learning Success in School Districts. As John wrote in a blog post, when we released the initial survey asking for examples of blended learning success, we received 65 responses.

Proficiency and NAEP scores: Let’s stop talking about trivial distinctions and focus on ending inequality instead

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It was as predictable as night following day that this week’s release of results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress would be followed by weeping and gnashing of teeth on a biblical scale. As we read NAEP’s latest report, we should focus on what truly matters.

In search of on-ramps to competency-based learning

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Indeed, a school district may spend scarce resources building out a list of desired “competencies” that it wants students to master, but lack the resources or capacity to rethink scheduling and assessment. As a result, report cards may more accurately reflect what students actually know, but classroom models will be no better suited to filling in gaps reflected in those grades.

Why haven’t new federal rules unleashed more innovation in schools?

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Photo: Kate Flock for The Hechinger Report. Their ESSA plans detail systemic transformations of assessment methods and other practices, according to Lillian Pace, the senior director of national policy at KnowledgeWorks. Photo: Kate Flock for The Hechinger Report.

More students are graduating but that’s not the whole story

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Improvements in graduation rates were seen for each of the reported student subgroups — broken down by ethnicity, socioeconomics, limited English proficiency, and special education status. Deering High School graduation at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.

We’re asking the wrong questions about early childhood education

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And as we discuss in a report released last week , the picture isn’t as simple as it appears at first glance. In fact, the results most studies report have much less real-world importance than policymakers and the public recognize. Katharine Stevens. Pre-K for all” sounds great.

Learning Analytics 2018 – An updated perspective

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have been part of the “Horizon Report” for a while. There are many benefits of using learning analytics, as follows: Increase retention and performance: Learning analytics may be used to reduce dropout rates and increase students’ performance.

The mindboggling barriers that colleges create — and that end up hurting their own students

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They’re obstacles being reported by the growing ranks of independent professional advisors, counselors and advocates trying to help students like these get into and through college — and finding mindboggling barriers that have previously remained mostly out of public view.

Kaplan 111

Is the effort to curb strict discipline going too far, too fast?

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Photo: Wayne D’Orio for The Hechinger Report. So, too, did the growing body of evidence documenting the harm associated with pulling students out of school: One study , for example, found that students’ chances of dropping out doubled with their first suspension.

What happens when two separate and unequal school districts merge?

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In the civil rights era, Greenville, Mississippi was the model of desegregation for the nation, a shining example held up by the famous Coleman Report of a community doing it the right way. Every fall, each student is tested to assess any gaps in skills and knowledge.

Buffalo shows turnaround of urban schools is possible, but it takes a lot more than just money

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I would have been a dropout.”. At the outset a survey was conducted to assess the needs of schools, families and communities. I may have three out of 10 kids doing well,” he said as an example.

Georgia program for children with disabilities: ‘Separate and unequal’ education?

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Ten years later, the couple sat across a wooden table from Caleb, now 16, a high school dropout and, as of September, survivor of a suicide attempt. His paltry education was much like that of dozens of other children in the GNETS system whose experiences this reporter researched.

Education's Online Futures

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Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn, for example, predicted in their 2008 book Disrupting Class that by 2019 half of all high school classes would be taught via the Internet. Whether or not the product has failed or enrollments have fallen or the promises were always mostly b t, to this day, the big MOOC companies and their famous founders remain in the headlines: “ Andrew Ng Spreads the Gospel of AI With a New Online School ,” Wired reported.