Spotlight: How One Teacher Taught Digital Citizenship Via Student-driven Websites

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Sheila Slawek teaches digital literacy & computer science. The 8th grade just received their own profiled laptop since the school was deploying a blended learning/personalized learning initiative and the 1:1 student laptop was a key project. I quickly assessed that the teachers didn’t realize that they will provide instructions regarding the technology their students will use. Ownership of not only the assigned laptops, but ownership of their learning!

5 Great Resources to Teach Digital Citizenship

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Just as we teach our students how to do algebra, analyze historical documents, and write persuasive essays, we must also teach them how to be good digital citizens. Oftentimes, we assume that digital natives will already understand many of these concepts, when in reality, our students need guidance on leaving positive digital footprints that will not hinder them later in life. Check out these five resources to kick-start digital citizenship in your classroom!


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Digital Literacy–What is it?

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Digital literacy’ is one of those buzz words floated by experts as being granular to 21st century students. ‘Literacy’ is simple: the ability to read and write– so ‘digital literacy’ should be achieving those goals digitally. “the ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information” –Digital Strategy Glossary of Key Terms.

The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


” The 1:1 initiative aimed for districts to issue each student a laptop for use in-school and at home. “More tech-based monitoring and assessment tools will be incorporated into to the instructional mix.” In order to impart this knowledge to their students, teachers also had to go through digital literacy training. Some states mandate digital citizenship training for students and administrators in order for school districts to receive funding.

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100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033

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Students can share these slides to create a digital word wall.” The platform gives teachers and administrators the flexibility to mix and match content from a growing number of open educational resources (OER), to digitize existing content, or to build their own. Assess class performance. All You Need to Know to Prepare for the Trainer Skills Assessment and Application!

May this Gobstopper (Now Called Curriculet) be Ever Lasting!

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While I''ve written quite a bit about assessing writing (ad nauseum) via digital means, reading instruction and assessment have remained a primarily paper-based enterprise in my class. While students can create projects, take quizzes, write responses digitally via BYOD and 1:1 using Google forms and docs, I''ve been missing a digital method for close reading of texts in my bag of instructional tricks.

How to Prepare Students for PARCC/SBACC Tests

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By starting these tasks in Fall, you’ll be ready when yearly assessments arrive in April-May: Between March and June, 2015, nearly five million students in 11 states and the District of Columbia completed the PARCC and Smarter Balanced testing to measure student accomplishment of Common Core State Standards in the areas of mathematics and English/language arts. Tests were administered via digital devices (though there are options for paper-and-pencil).

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Support English Learners with Micro-credentials from Digital Promise

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Digital devices, be they iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, Macs, or PCs, give students access to endless amounts of web-based resources for research, inquiry, collaboration, sharing, and more. It has become increasingly possible to personalize learning–adapt resources and assessments to student skills and needs and differentiate lessons that are pushed out to individual students or small groups ( read: Shifting my Teacher Mindset with Micro-credentials ).

EdmodoCon 2013 Guest Post #4: D. Easterling

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Rounds - preparation is key (lesson template along with timing of lesson; gathering of resources) - student participation is key no matter how limited it may be - working technology is important Apparati - Edmodo - equipment (iPad, laptop, etc.) - classroom or other learning environment - apps or Web 2.0 connecting with students digital citizenship edmodo edmodocon flipclass flipped flipping

Fun Videos from BoomWriter That You’ll Relate to

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It is a free group writing website for teachers where their students can develop and enhance their writing, reading, vocabulary, and peer assessment skills through three collaborative tools. Now watch this one on laptop carts. 9 Best-in-Class Digital Storytelling Tools. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

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12 Websites for Digital Books Summer Reading

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At the beginning of the 21st century, the definition of digital equity revolved around the provision of a digital device to every student. Usually, that meant desktop computers, iPads, and laptops, either in small groups or 1:1. International Children’s Digital Library.

Why Game Based Learning Is the Right Choice for Remote Teaching

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Here’s how a game-based approach solves many of the issues they brought up: Start organized –map out daily or weekly learning with a digital gameboard (big thanks to Deb Norton at SimpleK12 and Slidesmania for this idea).

3 Apps That Energize Learning

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make access from digital devices easy and intuitive. Here are just a few ways to use it in your class: ask questions about reading material or the lesson plan as a formative assessment to measure student understanding of the topic. Offer a fun, unique approach to digital storytelling.

JotForm Smart PDF–Great for Today’s Teaching

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Forms are popular in schools for assessments, data collection, and a slew of other reasons. Users no longer have to print, fill out, scan back into their digital device, and then send. PCs, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops).

Subscriber Special: April

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A School License is a multi-user PDF of most books (or videos where available) we offer–textbooks, curricula, lesson plans, student workbooks, and more–that can be used on every digital device in your school–iPads, Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, iPods. provide access to full text PDF (or videos where relevant) from every digital device in your school, 24 hours a day. provide multiple authentic and organic formative and summative assessment.

Smartphones in the classroom

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In my summer digital citizenship classes, the biggest question I get is how to control student cell phone usage. Digital devices, especially smartphones and tablets, have become an appendage for schools. In a time where digital devices are ever-present, it is difficult for kids to not be influenced by them. Using a digital device for educational purposes should be encouraged. To do so, there are monitoring apps for digital devices.

21st Century School — How Technology Is Changing Education

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Tablets, laptops, educational gaming software, and smartphones allow schools to: Personalize the learning experience. Efficiently assess student progress as often as once a week, for more carefully tailored educational experiences. The physical appearance of primary and secondary school classrooms is changing as many schools trade individual student desks for large tables around which students may sit with their laptops and tablets.

169 Tips That Easily and Quickly Integrate Tech into Your Class

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Tips are organized alphabetically by category, with the number of tips in parentheses after the category: Assessment (7). PCs–includes Windows, laptops (31). Category: ASSESSMENTS. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

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CanaryFlow: Everything You Need to Manage Classroom Workflow

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ability to access and import over 53 different file types (such as MS Office, Google Docs, images, PDFs, and more) from the digital device’s camera, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud locations. basic lesson planning with new assignments, resources, and assessments that can be curated either on the class calendar and/or as current/future activities. Basic lesson planning is available with new assignments and assessments.

Gamechanger: Type to Learn is Now in the Cloud!

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With the push to move assessments online, students need good keyboarding skills. No more “runs only on desktops and laptops” Let me back up and describe Type to Learn Cloud. It does this through a process of review, demonstration, practice, and assessment. It operates in the cloud, works on most digital devices (including Chromebooks and iPads with an external keyboard), and plays well with all browsers.

What is the 21st Century Lesson Plan?

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Students are digital natives, already in the habit of learning via technology. Assessments aren’t about ‘getting everything right’ but about making progress toward the goal of preparing for life. Assessment might include a quiz or test, but it also judges the student’s transfer of knowledge from other classes, their tenacity in digging into the topic, their participation in classroom discussions, and more.

How teachers address cell phones in class

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Too often, school digital devices can’t connect, or can’t connect in the volume required to run a class. When students want to do quick research on a topic, look up a word, run a calculation, or review a concept, they can hop on a cell phone much faster than logging into a Chromebook or laptop. Fifth, students want to use digital tools. Finally, cell phones have become a small version of a computer be it a laptop, Chromebook, or iPad (especially an iPad).

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What parents should ask teachers about technology

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Here are fourteen question you can expect stakeholders to answer — in depth: Who teaches students to use class digital tools? Many teachers (too many) think students arrive at school as digital natives, with all necessary digital knowledge downloaded into their brains. So it’s a legitimate question: Who teaches students how to use the school’s digital devices and what training do they get to support that responsibility?

Need an LMS next year? Here are three to consider

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An LMS — Learning Management System — is a digital tool that tracks a wide variety of student-teacher interactions such as homework, grading, sharing of resources, parent communication, assessments, and more. Critical to a successful LMS is that it’s easy to learn, intuitive to use, dependable, contributes to the learning experience (rather than just another digital tool that must be juggled before learning happens), and it saves time.

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3 Whiteboard Apps for Teachers and Students

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While it isn’t collaborative, students can grab the IP address (a URL like ), paste it into their digital device’s browser, and see the whiteboard from their device. SyncSpace is a sharable, zoomable, collaborative whiteboard for iPads, mobile devices, laptops, and computers. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

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3 Creative Tech Tools to Teach Writing

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assess the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate the information while avoiding plagiarism. Not this : He sat and looked at the computer for a full ten minutes before he grasped it and experienced the icy weight of his first laptop. Rather: Laptop in hand, he wrote. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum.

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5 Image Apps for your Classroom

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Canva not only works on iPads, but desktops and laptops. Using the frame layout option, students can create a collage of photos for sequencing activities or digital portfolios. The only downside with this app is it’s not available on desktops and laptops. For those digital devices, students will need a different tool. Any child knows that a picture communicates differently than text. It’s not just quicker, it shares more detail more effectively.

Need a New Job? Here’s What You Do

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Digital portfolio sites. Rather than a two-page printed document that can be lost and serves only one user, a digital portfolio posts your resume online, in an easy-to-understand format. Here are suggestions for digital portfolio sites: Wix. A free site that lets you collect all the pieces of your experience into one nicely-formatted digital place. Set up a digital portfolio that includes the following categories: Teaching philosophy.

22 Digital Tools You Must Have in Your Classroom

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Every year, students face new iPads, apps, online grading systems, webtools, digital devices, LMSs, cloud-based homework, digital portfolios, and more. Here are the top 22 digital tools your colleagues are using in their classrooms: annotation tool. digital devices. digital note-taking. digital portfolios. Digital Devices. Digital devices include PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, and Surface Tablets. Digital Note-taking.

13 Websites That Provide Lots of Digital Books for Summer Reading

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At the beginning of the 21st century, the definition of digital equity revolved around the provision of a digital device to every student. Usually, that meant desktop computers, iPads, and laptops, either in small groups or 1:1. As digital equity discussions matured and hyperbole became reality, educators found that those loudly-touted digital devices often became paperweights. International Children’s Digital Library.

Technology Removes Obstructed Writers’ Barriers to Learning

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If we look at a standard day in any classroom, the activities and assessments are all channelled through writing. It enables me to capture everything, from my own speech, to recordings of a teacher’s presentation, to audiobook excerpts, directly onto my laptop as an audio file. When it comes to assessing students’ reading skills, it is important not to base this simply on their writing skills.

Nearpodize Your Classroom with Your iPhone – From Sabba Quidwai


When launching a presentation from your phone, you can navigate the presentation in much the same way as you would using your laptop. However, Nearpod encourages interaction and engagement through asking thoughtful questions that assess understanding, provoke discussion, stir controversy, and allow for reflection. Now that Nearpod lessons can be run from your phone, it’s one more way to model great digital citizenship and effective use of technology.

Your Essential Back to School EdTech Checklist

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Device tune-up : update/refresh/re-image your tablets, laptops, and desktops. Do your laptops/desktops need more memory? Did you buy new laptops or tablets? Find your digital cameras. Include something about digital citizenship and home screen behavior. Subscribe to Common Sense Media , which has a WEALTH of tools to help your students grow as digital citizens. – Fast and fun game-based formative assessment.

5 Great Holiday Websites

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Students can visit the site from desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. That’s fine–I need these opportunities to teach digital citizenship. This site is perfect for the holidays when you want to slow things down a bit, as well as during annual assessments when students need an injection of humor. Here are five great holiday websites that will put the seasonal spirit into your teaching.

A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers: Learning Models & Technology

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A description of a learning environment where there is one “screen” for each student (whether an iPad, laptop, etc.). Blended learning is a learning model that combines digital and face-to-face learning experiences. There is some thought that a certain percentage of instruction must be digital to qualify as “blended learning,” but there is no clear industry standard. Digital Citizenship. Learning through games (from physical to digital).