169 Tech Tip #127: 12 Tips on Hard-to-teach Classes

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Category: Differentiation. Here are twelve ideas: Teach programming with Scratch, Alice, robotics, and Minecraft. In fact, any chance you have, differentiate instruction. Assess knowledge, but remember: Assessment isn’t static —nor is it ‘bad’.

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15 Tools for Self Paced Learning

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"Self-paced instruction or learning is any kind of instruction that proceeds based on learner response. Self-paced instruction is constructed in such a way that the learner proceeds from one topic or segment to the next at their own speed.

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30 Sites & Apps for Learning to Program or Code


Learn Coding, Robot Maintenance with Cozmo ] *This list is in alphabetical order. This is done by dragging and dropping code to make your robot dance. This is ideal for assessing students and differentiating instruction.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


Achieve3000 will apply its online differentiated instruction to the content, helping students to digest critical material so they can read, discuss, and debate core U.S. Bubble Bot features a bubble-blowing robot or a Fan of Fortune, a prediction game.

Lexia PowerUp Literacy Wins Tech & Learning“Best of Show”Award at ISTE 2018


Once again, the ISTE show floor was inundated with edtech—from the latest in coding, robotics and makerspace gear to sophisticated upgrades in interactive hardware offerings,” said Tech & Learning’sManaging Director of Content Kevin Hogan.

When Students Drive Learning, They Can Do So Much More


And a small cluster of boys needed extra space in their day to work on robotics and coding projects, on top of their computer science and physics work. To me, being able to provide 100 percent individualized instruction that was truly dynamic for student needs within our high school program, without any additional money, facilities or special hours seems like a natural evolution. At the completion of his first project I asked him to complete self-assessment and reflection.

40 Sites/Apps to Learn how to Program or Code

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This is done by dragging and dropping code to make your robot dance. Codecademy - A interactive site that helps students learn how to program in Javascript, PHP, Ruby, or Python by step by step instructions. This is ideal for assessing students and differentiating instruction.

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Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game Based Learning

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DimensionU - An amazing site for educational games 3D games for Math and Literacy aligned to Common Core Standards. ** Door 24 - A fantastic iPad that has students working different Math/Algebra problems to help a robot fix his circuits and uncover the mystery behind Door 24.