How to Assess Digital Literacy

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Of late, the most common question is, “How to I assess student digital literacy?” How do I assess faculty digital literacy so I can teach them what they don’t know?” Why assess it? What to look for in assessment tools.

In 2019, What’s REALLY the Definition of a Teacher?

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First of all, let’s go to the core definitions and dispense with ideas of teacher intergalactic dominion, whether you use Jedi mind-control to herd cats and sit atop mountains dispensing the wisdom of the ages. Definition #1 – Causing to Know. Formative and summative assessments.

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How Are Educators Broadening Their Definitions of Evidence?


But if the success criteria was [whether] I would be able to assess social-emotional learning [such as greater social awareness], I’m not sure because I don’t have evidence.” Of the 69 educators who responded to the question, nearly half reported that they had not tried to measure success.

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Why investing in real-world feedback R&D could revolutionize assessments

The Christensen Institute

Fast forward to today, and a recently released report details the over 400 responses the foundations received from field experts and practitioners. As someone who writes for a living, I was especially interested in one of the suggestions for improving nonfiction writing learning and assessment: investing in programs that connect students with “authentic” audiences, like career professional or community residents, to read and offer feedback on their work.

Different Definitions of Personalized Learning Conflict, Cause Confusion


One teacher, many students: It’s basically the definition of school as we know it, going back to the earliest days of the Republic. Khan Academy has recently introduced more assessments, so that more of the exercises in their free library can be used in this way.

Can “playful assessments” tell us whether maker education works?

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Chris Berdik for The Hechinger Report. Bechtel could readily recite the definition of satire. Chris Berdik for The Hechinger Report. Chris Berdik for The Hechinger Report. Chris Berdik for The Hechinger Report. They were one of two assessment tools in the pilot.

Report explores 3 college, career readiness strategies

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Instead of wanting to assess students’ current knowledge, these stakeholders want to know more about students’ potential to achieve impactful and successful outcomes in the real world. Next page: Three readiness models in the report.

Preparing Students for Online Assessments with Digital Literacy Skills

Online assessments are becoming more common, and students who have strong digital literacy skills often score higher on them. Students who lack these skills may not be able to effectively demonstrate mastery of key concepts in math, reading or writing on online assessments.

Goodbye ABCs: How One State is Moving Beyond Grade Levels and Graded Assessments


The program—short for “no grades, no grades”—is hallmarked by the schools shifting to a more competency-based assessment structure and removal of grade levels. that of 'Grades,'” Earick writes in an upcoming report on the project. Those barriers include “(1) student assessments that don't accurately reflect students’ true understandings and skills and (2) methods for grouping students (by age) that often poorly align to their true needs as learners.”.

Research roundup: 4 new reports on what’s working for blended learning practitioners

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Even though we aren’t even half-way through 2018, there are already several insightful reports on blended and personalized learning from this year that are worth highlighting. These reports examined various tools and approaches to implement blended and personalized learning models, as well as the potential impact these models could have on students and teachers. While many people seek a definitive answer to whether blended learning works, the reality is much more complicated.

How to streamline assessment and spend less time grading

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The topic for our first productivity roundtable is streamlining the grading and assessment process. They’ve found more effective ways to monitor and assess student learning, and they’re going to share those strategies here with you today.

Defining the Skills for Success: New Report Signals the Difference Between Executive Function and Other Regulation-Related Skills

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Without clear definitions, it can be difficult to pinpoint which skills students are lacking — and to create and assess programs that build those skills. According to a new report from Jones, Rebecca Bailey, Sophie P. EF is typically assessed in emotionally-neutral contexts, usually in a lab environment, by using independent tasks that do not involve interactions with others.

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3 Tips for Developing and Assessing Soft Skills: First, Take Off Your Emotional Armor


Educators, I've learned, are experts in defining standards and benchmarks and then creating assessments to determine if students are on track; I’ve learned a tremendous amount about good learning and teaching just by watching them do this. What type of scope and sequence and assessment can we possibly employ to help define, develop, and measure these types of emotional and relational competencies?

Why We Need to Move Away from SMART Goals and Towards New Forms of Classroom Assessment


We have created common unit assessments, focusing on what we believe to be the most important standards, and we are required to meet and discuss assessment results to evaluate our teaching effectiveness. The reconfiguring and implementation of these two areas—curriculum and assessment—undoubtedly costs money and time. We can’t continue to restrict student assessments to a simplified, out-dated system and expect to prepare them for an ever-changing employment environment.

Employment Outcomes Data Is All Over The Place. This Report Suggests Ways To Standardize It.


At the school’s vocational nursing program in Corpus Christi, Texas, 75 percent of graduates were reported to land jobs as licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses—but that’s only according to the state’s definition of employment. Reporting requirements vary across educational accrediting agencies and government bodies, ranging from what is considered in-field placement, to how long a graduate must work, and some do not require employment data reporting at all.

SmartAsset Report Analyzes Best Places to Be a Teacher

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the median annual pay for elementary and kindergarten teachers was roughly 40.4% Author information Grace Smith | The post SmartAsset Report Analyzes Best Places to Be a Teacher appeared first on Education News.

Achieve Report Shows Honesty Gap in State, National Test Results

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A new report issued by the national education reform organization Achieve suggests that a gap present between results on state and national tests show that states are misinforming the public concerning student proficiency in language arts and math.

23 Gsuite Ideas to Excite Your Kids About Learning #iste19 #notatiste19

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You’d definitely want to check the transcript and show notes for all of these ideas. You’ll definitely want to go to Eric’s website Control Alt Achieve and his YouTube channel.

Four Reasons Why Students—and Teachers—Need SEL Embedded Into School All Day, Every Day


A 2017 report by the American Federation of Teachers says teachers are more stressed out more often than the general U.S. Teachers report that SEL contributes to their own feelings of happiness, and helps them be more organized and responsive.

Growth over Grades: How a Resubmit Policy Is Helping Us Build a Culture of Revision


At the same time, our middle school science department made the switch from traditional grading to standards-based assessment and overhauled our philosophy to focus on fostering revision practices. One of the significant changes we made was to offer an open resubmit policy, meaning any student could revise and resubmit any assessed work up until the end of the following unit for up to full credit. We’ve since fine-tuned our definition of mastery and it's more complex and open-ended.

Four Ways to Redefine Parent Teacher Conferences—With a Little Help from Ironman


These conferences are rarely original and are often a missed opportunity to truly connect with parents about something beyond the report card. I most definitely didn’t plan a project to have something like the superhero project culminate before every parent-teacher conference—that would feel forced. Find the right tools As report card season for the school year gets underway, I encourage educators to do their due diligence.

From “Data Driven” to “Evidence Driven”

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In my last post, “Common Assessments” vs “Common Understandings” , I was reminded of how powerful comments are on a blog, and why blogging is a hugely powerful tool for not only sharing your learning, but learning from others.

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How to Tame the ‘Interoperability Beast’ and Reduce Your Data Integration Burden


So it’s not just taking information from a student information system into Canvas, but also vice versa—definitely not the easiest thing to build. And they can report back much more quickly and effectively on the data. Kimono helps manage the data exchange between an LMS—in our case, Canvas—and a student information system, but it also allows a district to send that data to whatever reporting system it may have. Data integration baffles even the most edtech-savvy districts.

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100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033

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Teachers also receive feedback via reports on student and class performance, allowing them to analyze classroom trends and inform future teaching. Assess class performance. ” Khan Academy Kids is definitely worth a look for early childhood and primary educators as well as parents.

Prioritizing The Most Urgent Education Challenges

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More and more schools across the country are thinking beyond academic initiatives, working to broaden the definition of success to ensure all students are healthy, safe, and engaged in their learning. Which education challenges are schools and districts prioritizing?

Why Esports in Schools is a Good Thing

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Studies have definitely shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more successful in a number of ways. In 2018, the Pew Research Center reported that 97% of teen boys and 83% of teen girls played video games. Esports are here to stay.

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What does it really mean to be competency-based?

The Christensen Institute

The education field is regularly plagued by the need for common definitions as new practices emerge. By contrast, a common definition can pinpoint a “north star” that helps practitioners and policymakers focus efforts to implement a new approach. Cracking open the definition.

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Programmatic Best Practices for Healthy Academic Programs


Do we have a programmatic assessment plan? Properly supporting faculty with program guidelines, time definitions within their contracts, and stipends tailored to their time investment. Allowing the students to self-register for courses without staff reports or approvals.

How Behaviorism Can Turn Your Classroom Around

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The technical definition they provide is: “…scientific and objective methods of investigation concerned with observable stimulus-response behaviors; all behaviors are learned through interaction with the environment.”

Is Esports a Sport?

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As it turns out, there’s no one definitive answer. Choose one definition and esports qualifies as a sport. ” At first glance, this definition seems to back the assertion that esports is not a sport. Scorekeeping or other assessment to determine a winner. Quick.

Congress should prioritize innovation in higher ed. Here are three ways it can.

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Managers report that over a third of graduates have inadequate writing skills, public speaking skills, and data acumen. Accreditors have pursued their own definitions of quality, focusing on the processes, plans, and procedures that colleges follow; but this definition does little to protect students and taxpayers from waste, abuse, and poor outcomes. The HEA’s definition of “distance education” dates from 1992, well before the online education market reached maturity.

4 Models of blended learning to implement in the classroom


We can all agree that the phrase “blended learning” is well and truly a part of the modern-day discourse on education; so much so that academics have begun to curate a universal definition, as well as identify sub-themes and genres of the concept.

How school admins use the LMS to achieve their goals


A big bonus is that all the progress can be demonstrated with reports that you generate directly using the LMS. However, if you feel that some things could be communicated online rather than calling a meeting, the LMS is definitely your friend.

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Why Teacher Self-Care Matters and How to Practice Self-Care in Your School


The definition of self-care is any action that you use to improve your health and well-being. Over 40% of teachers report feeling high stress every day during the school year, which ties teaching with nursing as having the highest stress rate of any career.[13]

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State Testing Disruptions Likely Produced Dips and Gains in Student Scores, Study Says

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The disruptions in online assessments that roiled Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota in the spring of 2015 appear to have had both negative and positive effects on individual students’ test scores, according to a new analysis. While some students’ scores appeared to have been hurt by “logout” interruptions, evidence suggests others may have actually benefited from temporarily getting booted out of the system, a conclusion the authors of the report base on statistical modeling.