Impero Software Announces Philip Walters as its New Chairman


These are important tasks and I look forward to working with the company as we move forward with this work both in the UK, and the U.S.” It also released an Online Safety Handbook in 2017 which provides resources and best practices for schools that are using Impero Education Pro.

Benchmark Education announces new early learning literacy intervention program

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Literacy publisher Benchmark Education Company (BEC) announced a new literacy intervention program for grades K–2 in print format with online support. Additional components to help accelerate student growth in literacy include a Progress Monitoring Handbook, an Oral Reading Records Handbook, more than 60 Take-Home Books in downloadable PDF-format to extend students’ learning and support family engagement, 100 Picture Cards, and 26 Letter Cards per grade.

LinkedIn: an underused K12 search tool?


Assessing the credentials of an author. Rather than Googling a living author to assess his or her credentials or expertise in an area of knowledge, check to see if they have a LinkedIn profile. Beyond learning about people, LinkedIn offers information on companies, schools, and organizations. For a variety of reasons, filters included, social search tools are underused in schools.

Truth, truthiness, triangulation and the librarian way: A news literacy toolkit for a “post-truth” world


The Verification Handbooks are a wonderful lens into this complicated process.). A recent Stanford Graduate School of Education report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Literacy assessed of the news literacy of students from middle school through college.

Learning Analytics 2018 – An updated perspective

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Taking action is a matter of leadership and culture : Leadership because analytics triggered actions need to be fully supported by the leadership team of your institution, school, company, etc. Learning analytics has been a hot topic for a while in the education industry.

The Consensus Around “Open”

Iterating Toward Openness

The Open Data Handbook defines open data as: Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and sharealike. Members of the open community immediately recognize such behavior and call it out as openwashing : “to spin a product or company as open, although it is not.”

OER 95

The Histories of Personalized Learning

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That is, through monitoring and feedback, through automated assessment, and through the programmatic presentation of new or next materials to study. I delivered this talk today at the OEB MidSummit conference in Reykjavik, Iceland.

May 31 - Interview with James Bosco on Digital Media and Participatory Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Congressional Office of Technology Assessment called Future Visions. He wrote the article in the last edition (1996) of the Handbook of Research on Teacher Education dealing with “Alternatives to Public Education.”

A traditional model of organizational knowledge creation

Connecting 2 the World

Unlike formal schooling, individual content knowledge is not necessarily assessed through testing (Diaz, et al, 1999). For example, a graduate with an associate’s degree in accounting may be competent for recording inventory, but not creating a company’s tax return. Assessing group and shared understanding in technology mediated interaction. Assessing group and shared understanding in technology mediated interaction.