Study analyzes NAEP, Common Core math alignment

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The panel found that 79 percent of NAEP items in 4th grade math assessed content included in the CCSS at grade 4 or below. In the 8th grade, 87 percent of NAEP items assessed math included in the CCSS at grade 8 or below—a degree of alignment the report described as “strong.”

Shifts and Issues Associated With The Common Core

A Principal's Reflections

I attended another session on the Common Core State Standards today at the 2012 ASCD Annual Conference entitled Educator Readiness for the Common Core: ASCD Findings from Select States. Their number one concern is the technological capacity to teach and assess students.

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Pearson CEO Fallon Talks Common Core, Rise of ‘Open’ Resources

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He also talked about how he thinks policy shifts like the implementation of the common-core standards and the adoption of “open” educational resources are likely to affect the K-12 market, and his company’s work. Marketplace K-12 Common Core curriculum Ed-tech Pearson

Can Common Core reading tests ever be fair?

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In last year’s statewide Common Core-related PARCC test, just 24 percent of the students at Esteves’ school met grade-level expectations in reading and writing, a category called English language arts and literacy. Related: Two studies find Common Core tests make the grade.

Common Core-Based Tests Causing Scramble for Computer Literacy

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This spring, elementary and high school students nationwide will be taking Common Core-related tests, which frequently are taken on computers and require accurate and quick typing skills. K-12 Schools Common Core GED Testing

A Timeline of Social Studies Education in America


Education Technology Policy & Government Assessments Arts and Humanities Practice and Implementation Strategies Diversity and Equity Common Core Teaching & LearningDesign credit: Erin Horlacher. Full sized image here.

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Does Common Core Ask Too Much of Kindergarten Readers?


For states adopting Common Core, the standards apply to kindergarten, laying out what students should be able to do by the end of the grade.* But they struggle when kids still don’t meet Developmental Reading Assessment benchmarks.

Colorado Releases Results of Second Year of Common Core Tests

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(Photo: Pixabay, Creative Commons). Sophomores took the pre-Scholastic Assessment Test (pre-SAT) but did not take the language arts and math tests for 10th- and 11th-grade students, says Monte Whaley of The Denver Post. K-12 Schools Colorado Education Common Core PARCC Testing

More than five years after adopting Common Core, Kentucky’s black-white achievement gap is widening

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It’s been over five years since Kentucky adopted the Common Core, guidelines for what students need to know in math and the English language arts in each grade. Related: Common Core ignores underprivileged students — and testing will lead to more achievement gaps.

How one innovative school district has closed gaps on harder Common Core tests

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What we were doing was attached to the old standards, but the thinking and the logic was very Common Core, very focused on conceptual understanding,” said Johnstone. Related: Common Core tests will widen achievement gap — at first. Read more about Common Core.

Nevada to Recoup $1.8M From Common-Core Group Over Testing Mishaps

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Nevada officials announced Tuesday that a common-core assessment consortium will credit the state $1.8 million as compensation for problems that derailed a spate of its assessments last year. The state’s attorney general, Adam Paul Laxalt, said the accord is part of a pre-litigation settlement with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, which Nevada joined in 2010 to work together on developing tests. Marketplace K-12 Assessment Common Core vendors

How To Effectively Use Educational Assessment Tools

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Quick Take: Overview of educational assessment tools focusing on Summative assessment and Formative assessment. A comparison of summative assessment and formative assessment. The main components of being an educator are preparation, teaching, and assessment.

Closing gap for immigrant students under Common Core in Kentucky is a moving target

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Strong language skills are key as part of the state’s Common Core standards. … There’s another camp that says English language learners are going to be inherently disadvantaged because of the additional language demands built into Common Core.”

4 Reasons to Use Kids Discover Online for Inquiry-Based Learning

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Let’s say that you’re studying the 1963 March on Washington. After students read, they can take a quick assessment about the topic. Students can take an assessment just after reading.

New Test Pitched As Alternative to Common Core-Focused High School Exams

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A new test is positioning itself as a non-common-core alternative to the SAT and ACT. Word about the Vector Assessment of Readiness for College, or Vector A.R.C., has been making its way through the conservative blogosphere, which is pitching it as a tool for families who don’t want their children taking college admissions tests that reflect the Common Core State Standards. ” The assessment is in beta-testing mode. By Catherine Gewertz.

What Parents Need To Know About the Common Core (technology tips included)

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What Parents Need to Know About the Common Core and How They Can Help Their Children The Common Core is an attempt to nationalize the curriculum creating common core standards in grades K-12. In addition, they have ensured that these standards will be measured by creating tests (albeit not necessarily a national test) to test the acquisition of this core knowledge.

BoomWriter Delivers a Free Common Core Aligned Personalized Literacy Tool

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BoomWriter’s interactive collaborative writing platform lets teachers deliver a fun and engaging personalized learning experience, while elementary, middle, and high school age students work online to develop their reading, writing, and peer assessment skills. The first is an interactive vocabulary application called “WordWriter” that will deliver an interactive vocabulary experience allowing students to apply, share, and assess newly learned words in original content.

MC Assessment = Meta Cognitive Assessment

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Despite criticism, a traditional well-written multiple choice assessment can be a valid assessment tool ( I''m bracing for rebuttals ). The techniques outlined below can be used for formative and summative assessments. What is that type of question really assessing?

6 Tech Activities for Your Summer School Program

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As they work, students “…construct viable arguments and critique reasoning of others…” More specifically (Common Core Appendix C): introduce claim. –click for more detail and assessment rubrics. –click for a full lesson plan and assessment options.

This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


As principal at Chula Vista School District’s Salt Creek Elementary, Lalaine Perez saw the need to better support a growth mindset around math in the years following the transition to California’s new Common Core standards. Pilot Study Brief from Digital Promise.

This Math Program Helped Students Blow State Test Scores Out of the Water


As principal at Chula Vista School District’s Salt Creek Elementary, Lalaine Perez saw attitudes toward math bottom out in the years following the transition to California’s new Common Core standards. Students also needed support when it came to the end of year state assessments. “We

Making Math Meaningful with Virtual Math Manipulatives

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To simplify the process for teachers, they’ve aligned their virtual math manipulatives to Common Core and State Standards. In summary, Matific lets you use math manipulatives without the work of finding just the right one for your unit of study.

17 Ways to Add Tech to your Lessons Without Adding Time to Your Day

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Luckily, Common Core–and many State standards–provide an excellent starter list of seven ways to blend technology into your everyday teaching: have digital ebooks included in your class library. Classroom management Education reform Teacher resources common core

A new resource guide from Kiddom: Standards-based Grading for ELA and Social Studies

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English Language Arts and social studies standards are often tangled webs of both skills and content, not so easily separated. This guide clears common misconception and offers best practices. Click here for free download of Standards-Based Grading for ELA and Social Studies.

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This Toolkit Helps Take the Stress Out of State Testing


Assessment For Learning. We walk you through the process of distinguishing between various assessment types, building goals, identifying best practices around your assessments and analyzing your data to make lasting instructional decisions throughout the year. Ace the Test with Study Island. In this on-demand webinar, we outline five simple steps to prepare students for testing with Edmentum’s Study Island. Study Island New Game-Based Group Sessions.

Using Tech to Support Literacy Across 13.8 Billion Years of History


BHP, dubbed a “social studies course that runs on jet fuel”, covers nearly 14 billion years of history for middle and high school students. Freddy has been studying how kids learn to read for four decades and has written more than 100 peer reviewed articles on the subject. BHP’s writing rubric is aligned with the Common Core and the writing approach is aligned to the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards dimensions of inquiry.

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Not Just for Reading Class Anymore: 5 Tips for Teaching Literacy Across Multiple Subjects


This was,” Elizalde explains, “the initial assessment for a framework called the Learning Record. Students created a computer program using free online coding platform Scratch to show their progress on a particular Common Core narrative writing standard. Social Studies / Current Events. Education Technology 21st Century Skills Technology in School STEM Education ELL Video Instruction Common Core State Standards Common Core Aligned

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Using everyday digital content, the COR paper and online assessments directly connect to the questions posed in SHEG’s study and engage learners in credibility decision-making around three COR Competencies: Who’s behind the information?

Merit Prep Sets Student Goals One Playlist at a Time


A formal assessment on key terms then closed the loop, but Onyemaobi’s presentation could now become part of the playlists her teacher puts together for future students. “If Initially developed in-house to consolidate student data from a broad range of assessments and other sources, Spark has been expanded by Matchbook’s technology team to provide both teachers and students personalized views of their progress.

Difference in Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Project

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Westbrook and Mrs. Morel continue their collaboration to address the Common Core literacy standards within our fine arts program, with the goal of increasing the rigor of the writing assignments across the curriculum.

Challenge Kids to Explore Probability and Statistics


Jerry Burkhart's explorations challenge accelerated students with Common Core based math study while engaging other students with creative, and differentiated, problems to solve.

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Sparking Inquiry with EL’s Open Source Curriculum


Articles Inquiry Learning 4 T''s anchor texts Cheryl Dobbertin Common Core ELA curriculum development E/LA Expeditionary Learning formative assessment learning targets open source curriculum science social studies Expeditionary Learning''s free open-source curriculum is framed by Topics, Targets, Texts & Tasks.

Ohio drops PARCC, calling it a ‘damaged’ brand

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That’s about one-third as long as Ohio and its schools had to prepare for PARCC (the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). Assessments McClatchy Preparing for Common Core Assessments Top News

Less Is More: 4 Strategies To Streamline Your Curriculum

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Educators often wonder how they are going to meet all the demands of Common Core. This is just one example of how the Common Core requires teachers and students to spend extended amounts of time on one topic. Combine Assessment Prep Into Daily Learning.

?How Game-Based Learning Encourages Growth Mindset


What’s more, game-based learning (GBL) can address some of the most common roadblocks encountered by math teachers and students alike. Given that most older children and teens play digital games outside of school— according to one study , 99% of boys and 94% of girls aged 12 - 17 play at least 7-10 hours per week—it’s no surprise that game-based learning is proving to be an effective classroom tool.