10 Common Core Tech Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

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Here are ten of the top Common Core tips according to Ask a Tech Teacher readers: 13 Ways Blogs Teach Common Core. Common Core Breathes Life into Keyboarding. Common Core requires publishing. 7 Ways Common Core Will Change Your Classroom.

Free Common Core Professional Development from @TenMarks


Presenters will also introduce participants to new resources and collaboration tools to help demystify the Common Core State Standards. The second webinar in this series is scheduled on October 17th at 4pm EST and will focus on assessments with the CCSS.

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Dropbox + Pinterest + SMART Exchange for Teachers + Common Core = ClassConnect


Flip your Classroom, Just Store your Favorites , Find Common Core Content, and Share your Lessons “ ClassConnect saves me time building lessons so I can focus on engaging & inspiring my students. Then, start searching for content you can use by the Common Core!

Common Core Connections: Using Multimedia to Present Knowledge & Ideas

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Technology can be a powerful tool to help us meet the Common Core Standards and move our students forward to prepare them for success in school and beyond. In general, t he Common Core calls for the seamless integration of technology into the curriculum.

Don’t forget AV needs for Common Core assessments

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Devices debuted at TCEA feature multipurpose design ideal for Common Core and state assessments. School leaders are aware that Common Core assessments will come with some new requirements, and AV equipment needs should not be overlooked.

How NOT to Assess Student Writing

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In my school, every teacher assesses writing. Gather relevant information, assess the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate the information while avoiding plagiarism. You want to only assess how well they communicate ideas.

Visual Instructional Tools Are Essential When Teaching Common Core Standards


When I first saw the long list of my classes’ ELA Common Core Standards, I remember feeling overwhelmed and worrying about how I was going to cover all of them in a single school year. What I imagined was to take each standard, deconstruct it visually and place its core elements into a graphic organizer, and use it as a teaching tool for my students. Education Technology Common Core Policy

Does Common Core Ask Too Much of Kindergarten Readers?


For states adopting Common Core, the standards apply to kindergarten, laying out what students should be able to do by the end of the grade.* But they struggle when kids still don’t meet Developmental Reading Assessment benchmarks.

Colorado Releases Results of Second Year of Common Core Tests

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(Photo: Pixabay, Creative Commons). Seventy-three percent of 9th-graders were present for testing, up from 70% and 88.3% Author information Grace Smith | The post Colorado Releases Results of Second Year of Common Core Tests appeared first on Education News.

More than five years after adopting Common Core, Kentucky’s black-white achievement gap is widening

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It’s been over five years since Kentucky adopted the Common Core, guidelines for what students need to know in math and the English language arts in each grade. Related: Common Core ignores underprivileged students — and testing will lead to more achievement gaps.

6 Ways to Increase Student Assessment Scores


Every teacher wants their students to succeed, and assessments are a great way to measure success. And with the new year in full swing, the time to start preparing students for their assessments is now. . Build Your Own Assessments.

Common Core and Service Learning PBL Professional Development


Yesterday I had the privilege of facilitating a Common Core and Project Based Learning professional development class for 7th-12th grade teachers. Prior to my training, they had two days of ELA Common Core and one day of deconstructing performance assessments for ELA Common Core.

How To Effectively Use Educational Assessment Tools

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Quick Take: Overview of educational assessment tools focusing on Summative assessment and Formative assessment. A comparison of summative assessment and formative assessment. The main components of being an educator are preparation, teaching, and assessment.

XplorLabs Fire Forensics: A Free STEM Module for Middle School Science

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Supplies and summaries of labs, including outcomes and assessment tips. Common Core State Standards (See more on the Fire Forensics Site ). Assessment Chromebooks Common Core Education Game Based Learning How to Guides.

STEM 251

English + Common Core + Mobile = Success in Learning Poster Session at ISTE 2014

Education with Technology

In my ISTE Sunday 8-10 am poster session, I demonstrate many diverse mobile activities to help students achieve the English Language Arts Common Core Anchor Statements through mobile devices. The mobile activities focus on free common tool apps that are available on both the Android and the iPad. Teachers can give their students quick conventions formative assessment QR codes that link to an online survey/quiz such as in Google Forms.

169 Tech Tips #160–14 Assessment Strategies

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Today’s tip: #160–14 Assessment Strategies. Category: ASSESSMENTS. These fourteen strategies are well-suited to formative assessment: Does student use prior tech skills to complete current lesson? Does student use core knowledge (i.e.,

MC Assessment = Meta Cognitive Assessment

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Despite criticism, a traditional well-written multiple choice assessment can be a valid assessment tool ( I''m bracing for rebuttals ). The techniques outlined below can be used for formative and summative assessments. What is that type of question really assessing?

@MasteryConnect Partners With Solution Tree


The team at Mastery Connect was also very honored to present at Solution Tree''s "Professional Learning Communities at Work" institutes this past summer.

6 Tech Activities for Your Summer School Program

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This is an exercise as much for presenters as audience, and is graded on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Debates help students grasp critical thinking and presentation skills, including: abstract thinking. –click for more detail and assessment rubrics.

Why you should stop testing and start assessing

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Don’t get me wrong, I still assess learning. I just do it in a way in which students often don’t realize that they are being assessed. For ongoing, formative assessment, I ask my students to design, discuss, build, create, present, reflect, and share.

17 Ways to Add Tech to your Lessons Without Adding Time to Your Day

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Luckily, Common Core–and many State standards–provide an excellent starter list of seven ways to blend technology into your everyday teaching: have digital ebooks included in your class library. Classroom management Education reform Teacher resources common core

How I Took the Dread Out of Grading—and Replaced It With Fun


The one change that I didn’t see coming was a shift in my curiosity about assessment. Today, a typical graduating student has presented his or her project work more than 100 times, many of them in front of community members, business professionals, and civic leaders. Today, a typical graduating student has presented his or her project work more than 100 times, many of those being in front of community members, business professionals, and civic leaders.

Inside Tips for Successfully Implementing Online Assessments


Whether schools are 1:1 or still relying on computer carts, the move to online assessments creates new needs from devices to professional development to data privacy policies. Have an instructional framework centered around curriculum design before talking about assessment.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Using everyday digital content, the COR paper and online assessments directly connect to the questions posed in SHEG’s study and engage learners in credibility decision-making around three COR Competencies: Who’s behind the information? Beyond the Bubble History Assessments.

Merit Prep Sets Student Goals One Playlist at a Time


A formal assessment on key terms then closed the loop, but Onyemaobi’s presentation could now become part of the playlists her teacher puts together for future students. “If Initially developed in-house to consolidate student data from a broad range of assessments and other sources, Spark has been expanded by Matchbook’s technology team to provide both teachers and students personalized views of their progress.

PD for Writing Teachers: STEM Workshops, Rockstar Camps, Twitter and More!


I attended my first one, a three-day workshop in Manhattan Beach, in 2014, and now I both present at and attend them in northern and southern California. Formative assessment tools like Padlet , Socrative , Quizizz , and Kahoot! If I’m presenting, I guarantee to include gold nuggets for English teachers in my session.) We began examining the details of the Common Core State Standards years before their rollout in school districts.

Four Ways to Redefine Parent Teacher Conferences—With a Little Help from Ironman


My students dominated the family conferences after the superhero unit, presenting their work to parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, other teachers—literally anyone who would listen. Education Technology Assessments Technology in School Data and Research Common Core State Standards Student Engagement Student Achievement Student Achievement Data EdTech Lexicon Assessment Driven Curriculum Competency-Based Learning

?How Game-Based Learning Encourages Growth Mindset


What’s more, game-based learning (GBL) can address some of the most common roadblocks encountered by math teachers and students alike. Math games activate prior knowledge before presenting the learning objective. Grading student work by hand takes time and there is always a lag between students’ assessment and the resulting feedback. What’s more, traditional math feedback—presented to students as a letter grade or percent correct—signals the end of learning.

Write, Review, Repeat with the Tsunami Writing Challenge


Getting students to write, present their work, or even read can be hard work. Over the past few years, I have tackled different approaches to get students to present in my World Language and Computer Science classroom, including Iron Chef lesson design and Pecha Kucha.

Adobe 90

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll End Up Somewhere Else

A Principal's Reflections

In my desperation, I remembered a session I wandered into at AMLE the year before, where Catherine Garrison of Measured Progress gave a talk on formative assessment and learning targets coupled with the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS).

How to Create a PBL, Performance-Driven School


"Transforming Schools" presents a proven school model built on project based learning and performance assessment, with advice from three leaders of Envision Schools on how to reinvent systems, reshape school culture, and navigate the inevitable challenges.

Preparing Students for Online Assessments with Digital Literacy Skills


Online assessments are becoming more common, and students who have strong digital literacy skills often score higher on them. Students who lack these skills may not be able to effectively demonstrate mastery of key concepts in math, reading or writing on online assessments.

In the Teacher's Lounge: Using Edmodo to Teach Digital Literacy

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I had the pleasure on Tuesday last week to give a webinar on how I use Edmodo to teach my students digital literacy skills and help prepare them for digital assessments. My students piloted the PARCC last Spring and it became clear that knowing how to effectively navigate through a website will impact student scores on the Common Core assessment. Here is a copy of my Google Slides so that you can access the resources linked in the presentation.

Math Problems: Knowing, Doing, and Explaining Your Answer

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At a middle school in California, the state testing in math was underway via the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) exam. And how can teachers assess it? 241) Here in post-Common Core America, this inability has morphed into an unprecedented liability.

Student Learners become Leaders of Learning – a LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Follow-up


While these students had worked for an entire school year with positive improvement in reading, writing, and math skills, the knowledge was not transferring to the technology-based state assessments.