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5 Ed-Tech Ideas Face The Chronicle’s Version of ‘Shark Tank’

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In the TV series Shark Tank, entrepreneurs with budding companies pitch their ideas to a panel of investors who ask probing questions and then decide whether to back the proposals. Our sharks were Goldie Blumenstyk, a senior writer at The Chronicle; Jason Jones, a co-editor of the ProfHacker blog and director of educational technology at Trinity College, in Connecticut; and Paul Freedman, founder of Entangled Ventures, an education-technology company.

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Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). Gotta keep that MOOC hype alive. “ MOOCs Find a New Audience with On-Campus Students,” Edsurge claims. ” Via the ACT press release : “ ACT to Deliver Assessment for the Moral Education Program to Students in the UAE.” “ Is Running a Company Like Leading a Classroom? ” A data breach at Chegg – more details in the data and surveillance section below.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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Without revenue the company will go away. Or the company will have to start charging for the software. Or it will raise a bunch of venture capital to support its “free” offering for a while, and then the company will get acquired and the product will go away. (It’s

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Assessing Betsy DeVos ’ Rollback on Disability Rights ” by Pacific Standard’s David Perry. Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOCMOOCs. “Learning Creative Learning: It’s not a MOOC , it’s a community,” says the MIT Media Lab. “A Proposal to Put the ‘M’ Back in MOOCs ” – an op-ed by Class Central ’s Dhawal Shah in Edsurge. (National) Education Politics.