Could social media be the key to cracking chronic disease?

The Christensen Institute

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are the most pervasive examples of facilitated networks in the world today. Still, we recognize that social media can also contribute in negative ways to the state of healthcare.

Get Out and Vote!


The 2016 election is the culmination of more than 19 months of campaign promises and incessant media coverage of the United States presidential election. Regardless of its outcome, this election is one for the history books.

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Playing at Orientation: Interview with the Designers of “The Parasite” at University of Chicago


which introduced high school youth from the South Side of Chicago to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, digital media literacies, and the basics of serious game design. a book or article). Photo by Grace McLeod, used with permission.

Open or shut?

Learning with 'e's

There are clear advantages to publishing your work by open access (see this article on open scholarship ) as this article by Melanie Fullick highlights: ".for Additionally, the potential of social media to amplify content and expand reach exponentially should also be acknowledged.

Nurturing a media literate next generation


Good schools have always placed importance on personal, social and health education (PSHE). Education professionals are often spending valuable time, solving issues which have arisen from social media, online behavior and misunderstandings from digital communication.

Why Connect?

A Principal's Reflections

You can read the article HERE. I got on Twitter in 2009, which was an accomplishment in itself as I had previously convinced myself that I would never use social media as I didn’t have the time nor saw any value in it. The beauty of social media is that it is all about YOU!

Helping Learners to be Kind Online and Offline

Teacher Reboot Camp

Many children play social games, such as Roblox and Fortnite, and experience cyberbullying much more than we did in the past. Students have to choose what they will do for a character facing the situation then see the outcome of these choices.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Principal's Reflections

My experiences in this social space forced me to take a critical lens to my professional practice as well as that of my staff in my school. Over time my primary use of social media shifted from communicator to learner.

At These Colleges, Students Begin Serious Research Their First Year

Digital Promise

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. Social media to predict acts of terrorism. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Course 156

How to S.T.E.A.M. up distance learning


units are generally interdisciplinary, so several instructors should be part of creating the initial blueprint to formulate objectives and expected outcomes. This article by Karen Cornelius offers fifteen different options for digital reflection tools.

How To 345

Why Esports in Schools is a Good Thing

ViewSonic Education

We explore these controversies in our article Is Esports a Sport? When students can join a school esports team, it becomes a social experience. Without a school esports club, passionate gamers often feel left out of mainstream school social life. Social skills.

STEM 409

Are You a Critical Consumer?

A Principal's Reflections

The exponential evolution if the Internet and social media tools have allowed for the quick sharing of knowledge, ideas, images, videos, and opinions. It also extends well beyond social media to articles, books, keynotes, workshops, and presentations.

BYOD 214

Using news and entertainment media in the classroom


Media” is a funny word these days, it refers to both the medium of communication (digital media, print media etc.) as well as the content (news media etc.). Comparative media studies. Media can assist in a wide range of lessons and learning outcomes.

12 apps to help students improve their self-control

eSchool News

Building social and emotional learning (SEL) skills such as self-control requires face-to-face interaction, meaningful discussion, and reflection. Teach a lesson that helps students think about possible outcomes before posting on social media.

10 Data-Science terms and their applications

Playware Studios

From conventional systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Accounting Information Systems (AIS) to new sources such as Social Media, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).

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How Games Can Hook Students With Short Attention Spans

Digital Promise

This article originally appeared on The Conversation. Read the original article. Traditionally, the course is delivered to students through social media platforms. This article originally appeared on The Conversation. Read the original article.

The Blueprint for a Great Story

A Principal's Reflections

Social media and a variety of other technologies allow for the mash-up of text, hyperlinks, audio, images, and video to craft compelling narratives that showcase all that is great in education. In other cases, many stories in education just share a positive outcome or point.

Why Flipped and Blended Learning are Making Waves in education

Ask a Tech Teacher

An article published in the Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences indicates an increasing tendency to implement blended learning as a favored pedagogical approach due to the evident benefits it holds. social media or school intranet portal, etc. Enhanced assessment outcomes and detailed statistical data that can be obtained based on the participant’s performance. She focuses on articles about online learning and educational technology.

Unlocking Research to Improve Learning

Digital Promise

Often, scholarly research articles are expensive to purchase; for example, a single article from a top education journal on Google Scholar costs an average of $30. Aubrey is the Research Director at Digital Promise and Sandra is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at Stanford University.

How to Help Your Students Navigate the News in a Presidential Election Year


For social studies educators, a presidential election year is a big deal. I’ve always relished these times because they’re part of what makes social studies special. Social studies teachers must support their students as they encounter: Major attacks on journalism.

Learning to Read to Learn

Digital Promise

This article originally appeared on Usable Knowledge from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. But in a digital world, there are countless ways — books, newspapers, social media, blogs, online forums — to read information. And while each project had its own model of building teenagers’ comprehension, all were successful in improving student outcomes. Reading involves various forms of social support.

Last Chance for this Online College-credit Classes–DigCit and Tech Tools for Writin

Ask a Tech Teacher

social media. Resources include a blend of videos, pedagogic articles, lesson plans, projects, and virtual face-to-face meetings to share suggestions with classmates in a collaborative environment. update. MTI 557: Building Digital Citizens. Starts Monday, May 11, 2020.

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An innovative class on teaching the future

Bryan Alexander

” One part of student work combines futures practice with social media: Students then begin a semester-long “scanning blog” to help track developments and trends, and generally bridge — to the extent possible — the evidence gap they have in predicting the future of that topic. Students are asked to identify their preferred outcomes, as well as one unexpected “black swan” scenario with a disproportionate effect on the topic.

8 Wonderful Websites for Easy Coding Activities for Any Age or Level!

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This article, Why Kids Should Learn To Code (And How To Get Them Started) , provides some useful information to get you started. First in the series, Hour of Code Ideas !

Learning Transformed Course

A Principal's Reflections

Below you will see how the course is structured as well as learner outcomes. The reaction to Learning Transformed has been truly humbling. Tom Murray and I have watched many book studies and Twitter chats unfold since the release of the book in June of 2017.

Course 243

The Meaning of Words

A Principal's Reflections

Whether it is in person at events and workshops or in social media spaces, I routinely see conversations play out where educators take a certain stance on the meaning of specific words. Jargon in education is nothing new.

College Credit Classes in Blended Learning

Ask a Tech Teacher

social media. Resources include a blend of videos, pedagogic articles, lesson plans, projects, and virtual face-to-face meetings to share suggestions with classmates in a collaborative environment.

Using the Tools Appropriately: Unpacking ISTE Standard #2

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As a four year Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship educator I start teaching grade-level appropriate digital citizenship in kindergarten to talk about the importance of wise choices and the impact it can have on you. Common Sense Media also has several unplugged options to choose from.

Online Learning Book Recommendations: And Why I Read so Few Books on the Topic


Pacansky-Brock emphasizes that taking an online course is the “…best way to gain empathy for students and an outcome no book can provide.” In fact, he welcomes us to share what we are learning by using the class hashtag across a variety of social media.

Toward Renewable Assessments

Iterating Toward Openness

Our collective goals were to bring a selection of articles on Latin American literature to featured article status (or as near as possible). By project’s end, we had contributed three featured articles and eight good articles.

Managing Smartphone Distractions in the Classroom

Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and even cell phones are providing students with opportunities to access the internet for researching, communicating and social learning. This article was modified and published by EdScoop.

What are Good Tech Goals for Students?

Ask a Tech Teacher

And eighth graders understand the nuances of their digital footprint, online purchases, and social media. For more on the future of educational assessment , read this excellent article by Dr. David Hawley.

Equity in Education, Even During the Pandemic

He then explained specific techniques that educators can use now to improve outcomes for students who are at disadvantages due to factors such as race, economic class, and language proficiency. This article was modified and published by eSchool News. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

Making a Global Impact in Education: An Interview with Karl Mehta, CEO of EdCast

EdNews Daily

EdCast is a social knowledge network built in an effort to enhance our ability to collaborate and learn. These employment changes require access to ongoing education in order to grow and sustain the economic and social health of our nation as well as the world. Robyn Shulman.

My manifesto for the coming school year: flexible resilience & finding what’s best for teachers and kids

The Cornerstone for Teachers

You know up until this point, if you’re subscribed to my email list or if you follow me on social media, that I’ve been advocating for teachers to use this first part of your summer break to rest and recuperate. Additional resources are included at the bottom of this article.