20 Back-to-School Articles

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On everything from get-to-know-you activities to getting yourself ready: 11+ Back-to-School Night Tips. 11 Back-to-school Activities for the First Month of School. Great Back to School Classroom Activities. Back to School Bundle of Lesson Plans at a Great Price. Plan a Memorable Back to School Night. 5 Top Ways to Integrate Technology into the New School Year. 5 Ways to Involve Parents in Your Class. 5 Tools To Shake up the New Year.

Epic Sketchnoting Resources: How to Get Started Teaching Sketchnoting

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Useful Pedagogies and Tools for Educators Sketchnoting is not just an attractive way to take notes, it can improve retention and learning. These sketchnoting resources will get you started with your students. You don’t have to have a ton of talent, just a little know-how. I’ll update these sketchnoting resources, so tweet me or leave a comment to add your favorites. Smashing Magazine’s Article on Sketchnoting.

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Top Fourteen Articles for Back to School

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To help you adjust, here are the Top Ten articles on putting technology into your back-to-school plans: How to Prepare Students for PARCC Tests. 8 Tech Tools to Get to Know Your Students for Back to School. 5 Tools To Shake up the New Year. 3 Apps to Help Brainstorm Next Year’s Lessons. How to Build Your PLN. Back to School–Tech Makes it Easy to Stay On Top of Everything.

How to Use Diigo’s New Outlining Tool: Social Bookmarking Made Easy

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But how? Before students write, have them turn in their outlines to you. I teach how to get a private link for the outline. If you still want it in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, I even show you how to export your outline! Then, why do we have students printing a fifty page Wikipedia article or a 10-page document to verify one quotation? You can even link Diigo to other services like Evernote using IFTTT.com. But how?

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How to S.T.E.A.M. up distance learning


For schools where traditional learning has been the norm, the transfer from the classroom to emergency remote learning has presented many practical challenges. Many of these have to do with access, such as connecting students to devices and the internet and finding resources that will work in digital form. How does one transform a curriculum that is significantly reliant on hands-on, collaborative activities into one that can be meaningfully experienced at home?

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How to Turn off Blue Light on Your iPhone/ Ipad at Night

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You might need to turn off blue light on your phone. ” We’ve known this since 2006 , This Psychology Today article can help explain why your teenager may be awake ALL NIGHT. I recorded a quick video and am telling everyone I know to make sure they set their iPhones and iPads up this way — especially for kids. I turn off blue light in the evening until the morning so that if I have to look at my phone, it won’t wake me up so much. How to Guides.

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10 Digital Citizenship Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

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Here are ten of the top digital citizenship resources according to Ask a Tech Teacher readers: 19 Topics to Teach in Digital Citizenship–and How. How to Teach 3rd Graders About Digital Citizenship. How the Internet Neighborhood is Like Any Other Community. How to Thrive as a Digital Citizen. You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

How to Eteach in a Covid-19 Pandemic

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If your teaching has been moved online in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, learn which webtools make online learning exciting for kids and easy for you in this class–starts March 23rd! Click to sign up. The 21st century lesson blends technology with teaching to build a collaborative, differentiated, and shared learning environment. To enroll, click the link above and sign up. tech ed eBooks and articles. Know what to do, but have questions.

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10 Articles on Using Tech to Teach Math

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Here are ten of the top Math-and-tech tips according to Ask a Tech Teacher readers: C-STEM Studio — A Great Way to Blend Math and Robotics. How to Interest the Next Generation of Great Minds to Work in STEM Fields. 32 Websites to Support Math Automaticity in K-5. 3 Websites to Gamify Your Math Class. How to Teach Students to Solve Problems. Lesson plans about math and tech: How to Achieve Common Core with Tech: the Math Strand.

Here’s How to Get Started with Ask a Tech Teacher

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Ask a Tech Teacher is a group of tech ed professionals who work together to offer you tech tips, advice, pedagogic discussion, lesson plans, and anything else we can think of to help you integrate tech into your classroom. Our primary focus is to provide technology-in-education-related information for educators–teachers, administrators, homeschoolers, and parents. Here’s how to get started on our blog : Read our varied columns. Teacher resources

How to Build Your PLN

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’ You might even understand the purpose of a PLN–to provide educators with a collaborative learning environment–but think you don’t need one, or staff development provided by your school is all you can handle. According to D. Johnson (2013), a PLN is: “a self-created set of experts, colleagues, and resources…that meet one’s daily learning needs.”. If they don’t know how, they’ll have a friend who does. How to build a PLN.

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How to Crowdfund Your Classroom


In fact, this Forbes article explains that teachers spend an average of $513 each year on classroom supplies, books, and their own professional development. The post How to Crowdfund Your Classroom appeared first on Edudemic. Articles Featured How To crowdsource featured finance online resources If you’re like most teachers, you spend a crazy amount of your own money on your classroom.

Resources You Need During Covid-19

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My inbox–probably yours, too–is flooded with suggestions, how-tos, and don’t-do’s, on teaching online as a strategy for dealing with Covid-19. As I received the onslaught of teach-online resources, I collected those that made the most sense. Tools to prepare for school closures –suggested by Common Sense. Navigating Uncertain Times: How Schools Can Cope With Corona virus –from EdSurge. 7 Ways to Keep Teaching.

How to Start a School Design Project

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This article originally appeared on Usable Knowledge from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Schools and teachers often use summer as a time to rethink classrooms and learning spaces. The challenge — whether it’s rearranging the furniture or planning a complete school renovation — is to make these changes in a way that goes beyond aesthetics and actually results in an environment that sparks curiosity. Here’s what to know. Access to materials or people?

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How to Use Metaverse: Awesome Augmented Reality and New Features

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In this blog post, I’ll share the vocabulary I use for teaching programming, how I teach with Metaverse, and some new features that help us manage our classroom as students program in AR and share with each other. This is because Metaverse is simple and easy to use. Getting Started in Metaverse: Use this Metaverse Studio tour video to get started whenever you’re ready. The Metaverse YouTube channel is full of tutorials that you can send your students to get them started.

How to Create an Engaging Virtual Classroom


In fact, with all that is going on in education as a response to the pandemic, we could give these emotions more honest monikers like anxiety, worry, trepidation, fear, and discomfort. This is usually something that, as we gain in experience, we are able to do with greater fluidity.

How to Use Google Apps

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Here’s a collection of Ask a Tech Teacher articles addressing individual Google Apps: Google Docs. This isn’t meant to be comprehensive. If your favorite Google App isn’t listed and you’d like me to review it, fill out the form below: Loading… More articles on Google Apps: How do I teach Google Drive to K/1? You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

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Free toolkit "How to Identify Effective STEM Activities for Children”

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Baylor University recently published the toolkit "How to Identify Effective STEM Activities for Children” that helps parents and teachers know what to look for in a STEM lesson and offers 9 examples of quality online resources.

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Free STEM Curriculum Distance Learning Resources

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Distance learning is a crazy time for many, but we can celebrate the way various companies are offering very cool and engaging tools, resources, and activities for free. Below are some free resources to inspire students to enhance their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills and also for Social and Emotional Learning. Free Distance Learning Resources. Learn how to use the amazing Immersive Reader that makes learning accessible to all.

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How to Use Padlet: A Fantastic Tool for Teaching

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Useful Tools for Teachers Padlet is a versatile, easy to use tool for every teacher’s toolkit. At the bottom of this post, I have a Padlet that is temporarily open for you to post and share your favorite edtech tools. I’ve got some notes in this article that he mentioned in the workshop to give him due credit. The flexibility of this tool means you could have one class padlet for the year and share resources and links throughout the year.

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How to go Paperless in Your Classroom

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There are benefits to adopting web-based alternatives to paper: it’s easy to collaborate when everything’s online. teachers can provide feedback on projects that students respond to and resubmit. student work is simple to copy, back up, and share as needed. To kickstart your paperless digital classroom requires a modicum of preparation. If the school’s WiFi network constantly goes down, teachers will learn not to depend upon it.

5 Ways to Teach Digital Citizenship (and the 9 Key P’s of Digital Citizenship)

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What are the essential things we need to teach students about digital citizenship? How can we simply help them understand using examples and research (because we know lecture doesn’t work so well on this topic.) All of the nine topics that I like to teach begin with P: passwords, property, photographs, permissions, privacy, professionalism, permanence, and protection. I wrote about these in Reinventing Writing and in other articles. Resources.

How to Find the Best Learning Resources on GoConqr


Many students and teachers join GoConqr so that they can start creating their own learning resources and use our online tools to bring the concept of active learning to life. But there’s so much more to do. In this week’s blog, we’re going to focus on how you can easily access valuable user-generated study material for any subject or exam level. This library currently holds over 4 million user-generated learning resources. Related Resources.

America’s Education is Under Threat, Canon USA - How to be Cyberstrong (Free tips and resources)

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Long imagined to target banks or high-tech facilities, cyberattacks are beginning to now focus on schools and education centers. In order to combat this, Canon U.S.A. Go in with your eyes wide open and you will be able to better see where strategies can be defined.

Top Tips, Tools and Techniques for Easy Formative Assessment

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A secret to great teaching is to understand what students know. I’ve had times when one or two students begged me to move on because what I was teaching was “so easy” or they were “bored. We all struggle to know what students know “in the moment” so we can adjust our teaching. We need them to master the material. We need to teach it. Formative assessment gives us the ability to quiz every single student in the class.

Your Guide to Preventing and Responding to School Bullies


October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a campaign founded by PACER to eradicate bullying across the country. According to school bullying statistics, 37% of children report having been bullied before, but only 31% of this number reported it to an adult.[5] 5] This means that although nearly two-fifths of all children will be bullied at some point, you may not hear about it unless you’re aware and make an effort to stop it. Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying.

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How to Empower Students With Timely Knowledge Using “The Week”

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The Week is a valuable current events resource with timely information that helps students build their knowledge of current events. As I’ve reviewed The Week, I believe this is a valuable resource for teachers to use because the week surveys a variety of news sources that students can access and read. Each week comes with a lesson guide to help you plan and select appropriate topics of conversation.

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8 Ways to Help New Teachers Thrive (and Veteran Teachers Too!)

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From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Immediately, we can start to help new teachers and help each other in the process. The research gives us some insight into how each of us can help other teachers thrive. We have to do better. We have to help and encourage each other. The Research About Keeping Teachers First, let’s dive into some research about how to help teachers thrive (and not quit teaching.)

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How to Wrap up Tech for the School Year

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If you have a personal device, assigned by the school but yours to take home, the steps will be more numerous but really, not more complicated. Skip those that don’t apply to you and complete those that do. I won’t take time in this article for a how-to on each activity so if you don’t know how to complete one, check with your IT folks or Google it: Read more on TeachHUB. You can find her resources at Structured Learning.

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How to Prepare for the SAT

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For many, it represents a last desperate attempt to qualify for the college of their dreams. In an earlier article , I focused on preparation for the essay portion of the SAT. I’ve based my selections on the following criteria: ease of use — accounts are easy to set up with access to both the site and materials quick and intuitive. cost vs. value — free is nice but if students get good value for fee-based resources, that’s just as important.

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How to Teach Social Media Safety

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These days, teachers should introduce students to the world of social media so they can begin to develop the skills they need to live a safe digital life. How can these skills be taught? Kids often feel freer to taunt or bully someone online because they feel protected behind the computer or smartphone screen. Before posting anything online, think how your grandmother would feel about you saying it. More on social media: 10 Ways to Use Twitter in Class.

Here’s How to Get Started with Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher is a group of tech ed professionals who work together to offer you tech tips, advice, pedagogic discussion, lesson plans, and anything else we can think of to help you integrate tech into your classroom. Our primary focus is to provide technology-in-education-related information for educators–teachers, administrators, homeschoolers, and parents. Here’s how to get started on our blog : Read our varied columns. Teacher resources

5 Ways to Overcome Cognitive Overload

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Cognitive overload happens to students and teachers. Often looking like ADHD, cognitive overload can happen for a variety of reasons including challenges to your working memory. Todd Finley some ways to help your students and yourself when you struggle with cognitive overload. Go to advancementcourses.com/coolcat and use the code COOL20 at checkout for 20% off any course. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. 5 Ways to Overcome Cognitive Overload.

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How to Prepare for the SAT Essay

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Driven in part by the educational imperative to minimize student testing, what better solution than a test already heavily vetted as being inclusive and cross-cultural that many students are familiar with. In this article, I’ll focus on preparation for the SAT essay portion. Here are three different approaches to preparing for the essay portion: Khan Academy — work on the students’ unique writing problems experienced in their PSAT or earlier SATs.

Tech ed Resources–Online Classes

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Minimum enrollment of 5; delivered digitally to your school or District. The 21 st Century lesson blends technology with teaching to build a collaborative, differentiated, and shared learning environment. In this course, you will use a suite of digital tools to make that possible while addressing overarching concepts like digital citizenship, internet search and research, authentic assessment, digital publishing, and immersive keyboarding. Delivered digitally to you.