Weekend Reading: Fourth of July Edition


According to an article in Vanity Fair , technology isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: “ How iPhones Ruined Summer Camp.” If you want to turn off the automatic renewal feature , read this article from the Wall Street Journal.

Technology Integration in a 21st Century Science Classroom


Several companies, including Vernier and Pasco to name just a couple, have modified their probes to be compatible with Chromebooks as well. The interface connects to a computer, Chromebook, iPad/iPhone and Android devices. The company offers kits for classes that are far cheaper than purchasing all of the individual probes that would record the same data. Article Pedagogy Science scichatImagine this classroom scenario.

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Friday 5 — 10.21.2016

Perry Hewitt

The Harvard Business Review launched a Slack bot to deliver insights from more than 200 best-practice articles, neatly chunked into do's and don'ts (an editorial feat I don't envy.) The bot will send you daily articles, and serves up related case and article links.

5 Essential Effective Blended Learning Best Practices

The CoolCatTeacher

For purposes of this article, we’ll call these “the bricks.” I use it to capture my iPhone and iPad and more. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to edit and post it.

My thoughts on the iPad2 after using it for a while

Educational Technology Guy

I''ve used many an iPhone and iPad in the past and been underwhelmed. I also used a PDA and smart phone long before the iPhone came out, so it wasn''t as big a thing to me. Many people asked me if I owned an iPhone or iPad and I had not.

3 Apps That Encourage Students to Read

Ask a Tech Teacher

Teachers and parents know all this and still, the Literacy Company reports that most teachers in classes of twenty+ students spend only five minutes a day reading, and 46% of American adults cannot understand the label on their prescription medicine.

How to Soft Launch Virtual Reality in Schools

Leadership Lounge

Let others be the company’s beta testers. Using a couple of free VR applications on my iPhone, I recently spent some time exploring the classroom possibilities for VR. There are a number of good articles to get one exposed to VR’s educational possibilities.

How To 101

ClassDojo - free classroom behavior system - announces iOS apps.

Educational Technology Guy

The iOS app designed for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices is an extension of the ClassDojo platform that leverages innovative and easy-to-adopt tools for teachers to create a comprehensive learning environment and reinforce character strengths – the same strengths that have been shown to be the best predictors of future success, happiness and health. ClassDojo is free for teachers, and the company is dedicated to keeping it that way.

System 164

How to use Sphero the Robot in STEM and Beyond – From Courtney Pepe


However, this past year my school received a robot grant that provided ten robots for us from the company Sphero. Sphero is a robotic ball that can pair with an iPad, tablet, iPhone, or smartphone through Bluetooth, and getting started is relatively easy.

I Like Computers?

Adam Welcome

Very recently I was around some teachers and I could hear their chatter about technology, iPads, their iPhones etc. Spoiler alert #3 - computers aren't just in technology companies! John Deere the tractor company is currently hiring a Senior Software Engineer right now.

11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

The CoolCatTeacher

iPhone and iPad – Press the front button and power button to take a picture of your iPhone or iPad. Quicktime has tools built in for capturing iPhones and iPads or you can pay for a tool like Screenflow. See the article here.).

EdTech 307

AI and Personalized Learning That Goes Beyond Tech: The Latest Camelback Ventures Cohort


The company, which is based in Oakland, counts LinkedIn and PathSource among its competitors. Quartolio Many scientific articles go unread, and many are never analyzed across disciplines, said Nicole Bishop, the CEO and founder of Quartolio. They are a collection of all the documents the company has compiled on a single scientific concept. Forefront offers in-person trainings, ranging from teaching companies about implicit bias to helping them recruit better.

Epic Guide To Game Based Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Author Alexandria Neason writes an article about what is happening at Quest to Learn. Appolicious – This site pretty much evaluations iPhone/iPad games but has lots of them in the index.

Classroom prizes and grants available!

Educational Technology Guy

My students since then have created iPhone cases, key chains, tie clips and more. The online survey is facilitated by Project Tomorrow and supported by many of our nation’s most innovative companies, foundations and nonprofit organizations including Blackboard, Inc., Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article.

Survey 127

Output or compliance?

The Principal of Change

This article from the New York Times, “ I’m Not Texting, I’m Taking Notes “, is pretty interesting. He refers to himself as a “digital native”, and acknowledges this is a norm for him and his friends, while not perhaps the norm for others in the company.

How to Fight Phishing in Your School District

Leadership Lounge

Sent from my iPhone. The superintendent also doesn’t have an iPhone. These principles apply to any email system, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll use examples from Google because many school districts are using Google Apps for Education.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

Hack Education

The stories that I write about the “Top Ed-Tech Trends” are the antithesis of most articles you’ll see about education technology that invoke “top” and “trends.” ” Less than three months later, Apple introduced the iPhone.

Trends 111

Celly Launches New Service and Android App for Building Mobile Social Networks

Educational Technology Guy

The company also announced today availability of the Celly Android App for free download on Google Play. “We iPhone App, Developer API, and premium plans for organizations and advanced users are coming soon. Celly is a free service that offers group text messaging and polling.

Running Away with Running Apps (or NOT!)

WJU EdTech

The music from my iPhone is built into the app so that was a nice feature. After much research and viewing blog posts about the app not keeping up with updates, I decided that this company may not be keeping up with the current iOS. I have never been a runner.

At Your Wits’ End With A Screen-Obsessed Kid? Read This


’ ” This misconception comes in part from the media, she says, and from companies — Apple, Google, Amazon — that advertise parental controls and settings as a magic solution. ” Abby’s mom has sent her articles about research linking teen depression and suicide to screen use. A 2017 article in The Atlantic magazine — “ Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? This story is based on an episode of NPR’s Life Kit.

Why History Matters

Hack Education

And I probably should have recommended you read that article as I don’t want to get too side-tracked here.) Some of this is a matter of confusing upgrades for breakthroughs – Google updating Docs more regularly than Microsoft updates Office or Apple releasing a new iPhone every year might not be the best rationale for insisting we are experiencing rapid technological change.

The TeacherCast Ultimate Guide To Podcasting


The information in each of these sections is intended to give the reader a taste of what is possible while also providing links to full articles or podcasts on the topic. In this article, you will learn about: Planning Your Podcast.

B. F. Skinner: The Most Important Theorist of the 21st Century

Hack Education

And I worry sometimes about the essays and letters and Very Official Documents that perhaps I should have saved as an adult – not just the papers, but the digital files that are now (or perhaps soon to be) inaccessible because a file format has changed or because a disk became corrupted or because the Internet company that I used to store the stuff has gone out of business.

Data 75

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 13 Edition)

Doug Levin

The Hechinger Report → In three years, no one will be able to explain why it was that colleges and universities continued to hand more than half of their tuition to companies marketing and supporting their online programs – the online program managers.

EdTech 195

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 13 Edition)

Doug Levin

The Hechinger Report → In three years, no one will be able to explain why it was that colleges and universities continued to hand more than half of their tuition to companies marketing and supporting their online programs – the online program managers.

EdTech 195

Revisiting #ALATTT: Trend #1: AR/VR/MR and a touch of AI


Companies are investing in immersive technologies. AI extra: I couldn’t help spilling this trend over into artificial intelligence (AI) by sharing some of my favorite examples of useful applications: JSTOR Labs Text Analyzer Upload an article, your own paper, an illustration.

14 Fabulous Finds - A Daringly Geeky Gift Guide

The Daring Librarian

Plus, I love sleeping on a plane and I''ve read a lot of articles about how they do NOT wash the airplane pillows & blankets. Bonus: This company has some of the BEST customer service I''ve ever dealt with. I also enjoyed this feature when I set up my iPhone 6+!

Memory Machines: Learning, Knowing, and Technological Change

Hack Education

This graph comes from an article in the online publication Vox that includes a couple of those darling made-to-go-viral videos of young children using “old” technology like rotary phones and portable cassette players – highly clickable, highly sharable stuff.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Mostly tutoring companies.). “ ICE officials have invited tech companies, including Microsoft , to develop algorithms that will track visa holders’ social media activity ,” ProPublica reports. This isn’t a “meanwhile on campus story,” but I’m not sure where else to put articles about sexual harassment and sexual assault. Badges , patents, and the world’s ‘least popular’ education company” by Doug Belshaw.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” The phone was not a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which have been recalled because of battery explosions, but an iPhone 6 Plus. It’s always fascinating to look at ed-tech companies’ job postings – this one is from Khan Academy. ” From the article: Zuckerberg revealed that he wants to ensure that education has a chance to flourish in VR. US Presidential Campaign Politics. There was a Vice Presidential debate this week.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. Via Forbes : “This Company Could Be Your Next Teacher: Coursera Plots A Massive Future For Online Education.” Here’s the Boing Boing headline on a new journal article about the Manne seminars at George Mason University : “A data-driven look at the devastating efficacy of a far-right judge-education program.”

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - ISTE Unplugged - Homework - Emperor's New Clothes

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Over the last two months we worked with an email list company in an attempt to avoid this duplication, but unfortunately, we were reported as a spammer (ugh!) After the unconference is our now-annual evening social/party, which will feature Kevin Honeycutt and the iPhone band. Week after week, articles on the value of homework circulate in popular education networks. Check out the article here.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. awards debt collection contract to company with ties to DeVos.” ” Via Buzzfeed : “Here’s How A Student Loan Debt Relief Company Preyed On Its Customers.” ” The company: the Student Loan Assistance Center. Blackboard’s Chief Financial Officer, Lisa Mayr, is also leaving the company.

Education Technology and the 'New Economy'

Hack Education

I’d hardly know where to begin in writing one, but I want to open this particular article – one that focuses, in part, on the whole “everyone should learn to code” craze – recognizing his great contribution to educational computing as well as his loss. I first read an article by Seymour Papert in a Women’s Studies class in the mid 1990s – “ Epistemological Pluralism ,” which he co-wrote with Sherry Turkle.

Not all towns are created equal, digitally

The Hechinger Report

The students live in homes with multiple laptops, iPads, tablets, iPhones – iEverything. When local companies buy new desktop computers, leave the county, or relocate offices, school officials are quick to knock on their doors, asking for any discarded technology.