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Epic Guide To Game Based Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

100+ Game Based Learning Resources to Get Started in Your Classroom From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. We can use them to teach. Not only do they battle the monsters of ignorance in quiz battle-games but when they type faster, they earn gold coins to buy awesome outfits for their avatar. And despite what some may think, the game is not required to motivate great behavior because I don’t even try to reward everything.

Free STEM Curriculum Distance Learning Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Distance learning is a crazy time for many, but we can celebrate the way various companies are offering very cool and engaging tools, resources, and activities for free. Below are some free resources to inspire students to enhance their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills and also for Social and Emotional Learning. Learn how to use the amazing Immersive Reader that makes learning accessible to all.

STEM 183

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Trade Shows: When to Go and What to Do When You Get There

Attending trade shows seems like an absolute must for educational publishers; the cost, personnel, and logistics can be obstacles for even the larger companies. First, since no company can attend every event, staff should meet to discuss event strategy every year ahead of trade show season.


Kathy Schrock

I was asked to review a new book coming out and write a blurb for the back cover. Everyone knows that teachers, especially, are resistant to change.” And who is “everyone” and why are teachers more resistant to change than anyone in a different profession? I re-wrote the sentence to be less insulting. The assessments were used to inform instruction but did not gauge student acquisition of content knowledge at all. I sent my thoughts along to them.

Misplaced Faith in Value-Added Measures for Teacher Evaluations

The 21st Century Principal

Due to Race to the Top and the No Child Left Behind waivers, 41 states have now elected to use Value-Added Measures or VAMs as a part of teacher evaluations. This is done, without regard to the limitations these statistical models have and without any supporting research that says doing so will increase student achievement. I recently uncovered a journal article entitled "Sentinels Guarding the Grail: Value-Added Measurement and the Quest for Education Reform."


techlearning ) Alma Technologies has announced it is allowing any SQL-based business intelligence tool, such as Tableau and Jaspersoft, to access data from its modern, student information system and learning management system. In addition, Alma will continue to provide its own set of robust reporting tools to meet many needs and budgets. This follows the company’s recent integrations with Canvas and Schoology and its OneRoster alignment.

Announcing Speakers Plus Bonus Downloads for "Libraries of the Future" Online Mini-Conference

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Register now for our free Library 2.016 online mini-conference, " Libraries of the Future " on October 6th, and we'll send you the information on how to either attend the live sessions or watch the recordings afterwards. PLUS we'll immediately send you our curated resource conference reading packet: 10 websites, 11 downloadable reports and tool-kits, 18 articles, and a YouTube video playlist --all focused on key ideas and trends for libraries of the future.

OER 48

Tips for Using Social Media with Educators

Educators Love Social Media,” several education marketing insiders offered their perspectives on how to take advantage of this unique marketing tool. First, because educators are continuing to flock to social media, it should be a part of every marketing plan along with email and media relations. The key is to know when social media should be the prime channel and when it’s going to support other efforts.