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Going on the Offensive: Cyber Security Strategies for Schools

Many schools still rely on the once-a-year cyber security seminar or focus on too narrowly on a specific issue, like not posting student info online. Education programs need to be more comprehensive and ongoing throughout the year. How do the vendors treat your data?

Expert Tips to Make Educational Travel Attainable for All Students

Setting up a structure for fundraising to support your students who want to travel is crucial regardless of their family income. The experts shared tips on planning for educational travel to make it accessible for all students.

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Generation next

Learning with 'e's

They will have no memories of the 20th century, which just happens to be the same century their lecturers were born and educated within. The class of 2020 may have expectations about learning which run counter to the ethos of the traditional university.

How Passion Projects and Community Partners Create Relevant Learning for Teens in School


But in the midst of this tragedy the residents began to see an opportunity to rethink how they would rebuild the core institutions of the town. “We’re wanted to be part of rebuilding the community. They were asked to report back on what they noticed about the experience.

Education Technology and the 'New' For-Profit Higher Education

Hack Education

On November 19, just eleven days after being elected President of the United States of America, real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump settled a class-action lawsuit, agreeing to pay $25 million to put to rest fraud allegations from his now-defunct for-profit education venture, Trump University. The President-Elect refused to accept any wrongdoing. I briefly mentioned the ongoing Trump University lawsuits in that article. How do we know?