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5 Ways to Overcome Cognitive Overload

The CoolCatTeacher

Cognitive overload happens to students and teachers. Often looking like ADHD, cognitive overload can happen for a variety of reasons including challenges to your working memory. Todd Finley some ways to help your students and yourself when you struggle with cognitive overload. Go to and use the code COOL20 at checkout for 20% off any course. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. 5 Ways to Overcome Cognitive Overload.

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10 Ways to Use Screencasting for Formative Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

While I use it for my video tutorials, I also have my students make their own screencasts to help me assess their progress. In this blog post, I’ll share how I use screencasting to assess student work. Specifically, I’ll mention features of Screencastify , the tool I recommend for students to use for Google Chrome or Chromebooks. (If For their assessments this week in my class, my students are demonstrating the process they use to code their video games.

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Hyperdocs Literacy Task Boards and Flipgrid Reading Circles

The CoolCatTeacher

Learn more about how Laura’s classroom has become more modern and simplified with these valuable tools. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Link to show: Laura: Hyperdocs are basically links that we provide for children to access different websites and articles that we want them to read. See Hyperdocs: How To’s and Tips for Teachers. Okay, so how do literacy task boards work in hyperdocs?

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5 Essential Effective Blended Learning Best Practices

The CoolCatTeacher

Online and face-to-face spaces blend to create a today’s classroom. For purposes of this article, we’ll call these “the bricks.” We’ll also be hosting a free webinar where I give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I set up my Learning Management System on November 30 at 4:30 EST. Register here. In the final analysis, don’t think that blending doesn’t apply to your classroom. I use it to capture my iPhone and iPad and more.

How to Engage More Girls in Coding

EdNews Daily

When Sheena Vaidyanathan teaches computer science to middle school students, she draws upon her experience as an art teacher. Vaidyanathan has her students learn the basics of coding by creating clever art and animations—works that would be nearly impossible to create with a pencil and paper but can be done with just a few lines of code. Tapping into students’ creativity is one of the keys to engaging more girls in what continues to be a male-dominated discipline.

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How to Use Tech to Help Graduating Students Find Jobs

Ask a Tech Teacher

If they aren’t going to college, they’re job hunting. Sara Stringer, Ask a Tech Teacher guest blogger, has several ideas on how to make that more efficient: As a teacher, you’re fully aware of how much the world is advancing through technology. Undoubtedly, innovation has touched many aspects of how you teach. The Internet has made it easier to gather, evaluate, summarize and disseminate information. Best places to network for jobs online.

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iPads for Masterful Math: Randomizing Formative Math Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

Dr. Sean Nank’s research shows that the single biggest method for improving learning with iPads is to use online formative assessments. This intriguing research is a must listen for any school with access to technology. You do not need iPads to implement and learn from this research. Meet Next Generation Science Standards. Go to [link] today to get your Free Fire Forensics Kit. Enter the contest to win a copy of the book.

Mathivating Kids to Get Excited About Math

The CoolCatTeacher

She literally speaks math and has exciting things to do each day of the week for her students. She also has quite an interesting way to handle difficult behavior including profanity.). Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Mathivating Kids to Get Excited About Math. Link to show: Kim: Well, I “math-ivate” them, and I try to be the best fraction of their day. It’s time to get Mathlicious!”. Vicki: (laughs) How funny.

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7 Productivity Power Tools for the Busy Educator

The CoolCatTeacher

Meet Next Generation Science Standards. Go to [link] today to get your Free Fire Forensics Kit. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Link to show: Vicki: Today we’re talking to one of my dear friend, Dr. Frank Buck @DrFrankBuck. We’re going to talk about seven productivity power tools for the busy educator. That’s where everything that I have to do “lives.” I can add to it with my voice.

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EdSurge Article Recommends Edtech Efficacy Portfolios - Here's Ours

MIND Research Institute

Over the past several years, MIND Research Institute has been endeavoring to change the conversation around edtech evaluations. MIND’s Chief Data Science Officer Andrew Coulson has made the case time and time again that the “one good study” paradigm is insufficient for edtech practitioners to base decisions on, and that a model of repeatable results at scale is one that should be adopted across the education industry. Dietrich, 2004), to name a few.

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Building a Classroom Community by Having Parent Parties

The CoolCatTeacher

Parent parties are fun, exciting ways to help parents and improve relationships. Go to and use the code COOL20 at checkout for 20% off any course. Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. Link to show: Vicki: Today we’re talking to Dr. Tisha Shipley from Ashford University about building family relationships and having parent parties. So I liked to send out a postcard. I like to stop.

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This Is How It Feels To Meet Your Online Students In-Person

EdNews Daily

Have you ever wondered what it can feel like to meet some of your online students in-person? Educator Heather Pence, who teaches for 51Talk recently attended an event that brought her closer to the students who take classes with 51Talk. On August 15, 2017, 51Talk brought students from China to New York to compete in an English competition titled: The 51Talk Star Final. How long have you been working for 51Talk and what has it been like for you?

Meet Two Leaders Trying to Reinvent College


For most people, this is merely a thought exercise—how to keep the good from the best of traditional methods, and take into account all the tech and the changing workforce and student needs of today. But two recent guests on EdSurge Live, a monthly video-based discussion series, have surprisingly concrete answers to this question. She's also held the title of magician for an ideas festival in Portland, which is another story in our longer article on the school.)

How To Create An LLC For Your Educational Podcast


You are here wondering how to create an LLC for your educational podcast … that's great! Or, perhaps you are here looking to learn how to set up a small business and form an LLC … that's also great! Taking the steps needed to turn your ideas (or hobby's) into an official company is pretty darn awesome. In 2011, I created the TeacherCast Podcast and built a little website simply so I can have a place to put my audio recordings.

The K-12 Business Model: How to Innovate in an Ever-Changing Learning Environment

EdNews Daily

And with that type of model in mind, it leads us to wonder what effect annual student influx has on technology adoption in the classroom and the cultural effect on the ability to experiment and personalize. Meeting this year’s students “where they are” is going to look different than it did for last year’s class. And therein lies the challenge for both educators and EdTech leaders – how can we best serve an industry that’s constantly evolving every nine months?

How to Interest the Next Generation of Great Minds to Work in STEM Fields

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Sara Stringer, has a great article that will help demystify this topic: . Across the nation, STEM is of the greatest significance due to the function these particular topic areas perform along with the extraordinary influence they possess at many levels of society. . Scientific research thrives off the exploration of chemistry and biology, in addition to climatic initiatives such as sustainable and nuclear power.

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How to Succeed at Working From Home [3 Educator Tips]


So in hopes that I might be able to help some of the millions of teachers around the world now facing similar circumstances, I thought it might be valuable to share the routines, productivity hacks, and collaboration tools that have worked well for me. I’m lucky to have had a home office (or shared home office) most of this time, but when I haven’t, I set one up in the garage, so I could still close the door. After work hours, it’s important to still get plenty of exercise.

How to Build a Successful Instructional Coaching Program

Insight Education Group

Atul Gawande, an acclaimed surgeon and research scientist, wrote in a 2011 New Yorker article , “Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance.”. But before launching a coaching initiative as a principal, you need to have a thoughtful implementation plan in place. How to Build a Plan. An ILT can provide the process and quality control to ensure your coaching program succeeds. Article from Getting Smart).

Thriving SAT Scores: Meet Shaan Patel, Founder of Prep Expert and Shark Tank Winner

EdNews Daily

Have you ever wondered how to achieve higher SAT scores? I had the pleasure to interview Shaan Patel, founder of 2400 Expert SAT Prep (renamed Prep Expert this weekend) and winner on ABC’s Shark Tank. More graphs and charts to interpret. Students are given more time to answer questions. Please tell me a bit about your background: My parents immigrated to the United States from India in the mid-1980’s. SAT Scores: A New Number.

School Leaders: How to Achieve Instructional Breakthrough in Your Schools

Insight Education Group

If you’re like most district and school leaders, you started the school year with an excited staff of educators in place, a solid school improvement plan ready to be implemented, various professional development programs set up for the year, and maybe even new curricula that promised to deliver greater student achievement results. The strategies and techniques that used to work, even just a couple years ago, just aren’t working anymore. Three Levers Needed to Drive Change.

School Leaders: How to Achieve Instructional Breakthrough in Your Schools

Insight Education Group

The strategies and techniques that used to work, even just a couple years ago, just aren’t working anymore. As you look to the next year, there are two primary questions to consider now in order to avoid this scenario: What do I need to do differently to improve student achievement?

How to transition out of teaching and into your next career

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Daphne Williams is a former teacher who became a consultant working for a large educational company and currently works full time as an Instructional Designer. During her speaking engagements for the company at educational conferences, teachers often asked her how she got out of teaching. Listen to the interview in the podcast player or read the abbreviated transcript below. No time to read now? You do not have to sacrifice everything to be a good person.

TCEA 2018: Educators Meet in Austin to Discuss the Future of the Classroom

EdTech Magazine

TCEA 2018: Educators Meet in Austin to Discuss the Future of the Classroom. This annual event brings together educators, administrators and IT leaders to discuss innovative tips on everything from professional development and classroom tech to thought leadership on accessibility. 5-9, TCEA 2018 is expected to boast more than 8,000 attendees, 1,000 sessions and 450 exhibitors from a variety of tech companies. Article.

How to Fight Phishing in Your School District

Leadership Lounge

Fast-growing phishing scams — where perpetrators use social engineering tactics to trick people into giving up information — are targeting school districts and businesses alike. And these perpetrators are crafty; they research organizational charts and reporting structures from your district’s website to find enough information to start their scam. I am tied up in a meeting and there is urgent matter i need you to take care of.

How to Use Virtual Reality and Google Expeditions in the Classroom

Shake Up Learning

The post How to Use Virtual Reality and Google Expeditions in the Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Virtual Reality has the power to transform the future of learning. By giving students an interactive, three-dimensional learning environment, we have the potential to reach learners in ways previously never conceived. The article explores the growth of virtual reality and the implications in both K-12 and higher education. How to Get Google Certified!

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5 Ideas for Fantastic Professional Development

The CoolCatTeacher

FlexPath – only at Capella University – lets teachers work at their own pace to earn their MEd in a competency-based learning format. This subscription-based tuition model doesn’t limit the number of courses you can complete during each 12-week period, enrolling in up to two courses at once, for one flat tuition rate. Go to to get your free FlexPath guide and see if Capella’s FlexPath option is right for you. They’re reading to us.

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Corona Virus & Remote Learning


schools and districts are looking for ways to administer remote learning in an effort to keep their community safe. To that end, we at EdTechTeacher have compiled a brief list of resources below: General information : Resources for K-12 Schools and Childcare Programs from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). General EdTech: EdTech companies offering FREE support and/or access to schools affected by COVID19 closures. by Tom Daccord.

Free Guide to support Students' Social-Emotional Health

Educational Technology Guy

Social Emotional Learning and Well Being is very important to students and schools. Teachers and Administrators are starting to do more with this, but free resources are always nice. 29, 2018) — It takes a village to educate students. back to school social emotional

Staples and Katy Perry Impact 1072 classrooms and 98,609 students!

The CoolCatTeacher

A Big Thank You to Staples for their Support of Teachers and Students From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Almost one hundred thousand students (98,609 to be exact) were impacted by the $1 million donation that Staples made to this past June. As I blogged this past June, Staples partnered with Katy Perry to help classrooms across the country. It is my go-to store for Back to School.

End of Year Maintenance: Update Your Online Presence

Ask a Tech Teacher

19 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer. A note: The links won’t work until the articles publish! For most teachers I know, life zooms by, filled with lesson planning, meetings, classes, collaborations with their grade-level team, parent meetings, and thinking. There are few breaks to update/fix/maintain the tech tools that allow us to pursue our trade. But, that must happen or they deteriorate and no longer accomplish what we need them to do.

6 Things Every High School Senior Should Have Access To Before Graduation

EdNews Daily

In Gary Vaynerchuk’s recent video , My Reaction to the 2019 College Admissions Scandal , he states, “If a parent thinks a kid’s accomplishment is a reflection of them, now you have a disconnect. Parents, guardians, and teachers need to pay attention and listen to our young people, while providing the right type of guidance to help our newest generation thrive. workforce will be freelancers according to Nasdaq.

Post-Secondary Options That Will Let You Work From Home

EdNews Daily

With perks including no commute, working in comfy clothes all day, and, often, flexible hours, why are more people not choosing to work from home? . Some employers require showing up to the office for periodic meetings, but many companies hold meetings over Skype or similar channels.

Build A University Grounded In Intrapreneurship To Spur The Change You Seek

EdNews Daily

Guest article written by Dan Lauer, the founding executive director of UMSL Accelerate. Startups unleash a level of innovation that threatens to make the most established companies irrelevant. In our classes, we teach students to progress through rapid cycles of trial and error.

Seeking Integrity in EdTech Research – Again


Part technologist, part artist, part manager, part synthesizer she is passionate about the use of technology in higher education and the many differing facets of how technology impacts society and culture. Inside Higher Ed (IHE) recently issued their 2017 Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology and we were excited about the big initial finding that more faculty are teaching online and that more are finding that online learning can meet the same outcomes.

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4 Steps towards digital wellness for students


This is just one example of the many articles that warn us of the latest shocking discoveries about the dangers of technology. According to the Pew Research Center , “Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’”. This type of data can help educators, parents, or policy makers better understand how students interact with technology, particularly how to create a healthy relationship with it.