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20 Ways to Have a Summer That Matters

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You can take courses on helpful topics like social-emotional learning, classroom management, teacher wellness, special education classes and more. If you delete the apps for social media, you’re not deleting the social media service. In the article “ Quantifying and Valuing the Well-Being Impacts of Culture and Sport ,” Fujiwara and his coauthors found that “a significant association was found between frequent library use and reporting well being.

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Get Social with Digital Reading

The first step to effectively using digital reading is for teachers to embrace social reading. Social media interactions: Many authors regularly hold Q&As and talk to their readers through Twitter and Facebook. Biblionasium : This is a social reading network for kids 6-13.

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11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

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Understand Where Textbooks Are Going: Test eBook “Mashup” Software to See How It Works. This is important because you probably don’t want to share all of those pictures and videos on social media. And not all parents are on social media. Set Up Social Media. See See 10 Cool Ways Teachers Use Social media to Enhance Learning ). Back to School EdTech Action Step #8: Select your social media accounts.

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The End of the Promise of Personalized Learning?

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The worrisome sections are (highlighted for illustrating points in this article): “(A) PROHIBITION.—Except Publisher’s seeking to sell new applications teaching math of any kind should be allowed to advertise in a student’s social feed based on an anonymized profile showing student(s) getting low grades or indicating they are struggling with math.

How to transition out of teaching and into your next career

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Daphne Williams is a former teacher who became a consultant working for a large educational company and currently works full time as an Instructional Designer. During her speaking engagements for the company at educational conferences, teachers often asked her how she got out of teaching. I eventually left for a job as an educational consultant for a large technology company, and luckily all of my coworkers were really kind about my decision.

Trends to watch in 2016: technologies

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Humans find their own uses for technology, too, which can send trends sideways. There’s also the problem of long-term trends, with our tendency to underestimate long-term effects, and the way some developments can take a long, long time to arrive (cf ebooks). Making content, including news articles and headlines. Social media Obviously social media continue to grow into a world-straddling colossus in 2015.

Hack Education Weekly News

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I’ve never seen an education story receive quite as much attention from non-educators on social media. And this prompted me to update my list of education / technology companies that are ALEC members.). Via the Arizona Capitol Times : “ Arizona bill to ban school ‘ social justice ’ courses dies quickly.” His rather disastrous business history in ed-tech includes SoftKey and The Learning Company. The company has raised $14.75

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” For those keeping track of how great social media is for the future of education and knowledge and civics and such: “Last Year, Social Media Was Used to Influence Elections in at Least 18 Countries ,” says the MIT Technology Review. Perhaps I need to start a new section in this article where I look at these sorts of b t predictions and proclamations and cliches. Testing, Testing… Via Chalkbeat : “Fired testing company seeks $25.3