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According to an article at washingtonpost.com , its actually not that uncommon - "70,000 school-age children wake up each morning for class and walk as far as the nearest Web-enabled gadget…" which is sometimes sitting at the side of their bed in the form of a laptop or tablet. Classroom Management Software Course management systems (CMS) are designed to provide a platform for teachers to reach thousands of students all at one time in one course.

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Friday 5 — 11.27.2015

Perry Hewitt

This article includes some helpful context setting, and a mindblowing average revenue per user number for WeChat. Friday Five app cms culture Friday5 messaging open source research trends WordPressIt’s been an odd, three-day work week on the interwebs. We had the #SlackDown maelstrom with an impressive social media save, fake Don DeLillo joined Twitter to announce a fake death, and then a real Jeff Bezos joined Twitter to announce a real disposable rocket launch.

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Whatever Happened to Course Management Systems?


Back in 2012, Jason Blanchard wrote an article for Edudemic about the problems with Course management systems (CMSs), such as Blackboard and Moodle. CMS tools often offered: a way for professors to upload content, like lectures, notes, […]. Articles Featured classroom tools course management featured learning better Learning management system LMS Web 2.0

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


The twenty assessments include: Evaluating Wikipedia : Students evaluate the trustworthiness of an article on Wikipedia, assessing whether they can reason about the specific features that make a Wikipedia article more or less reliable. Comparing Articles : Students determine whether a news story or a sponsored post is more reliable. News Search : Students distinguish between a news article and an opinion column.

Breaking the Link of Education Inequity Requires Courageous Conversations


The equity initiative for CMS is based on their report, Breaking the Link. In a survey, 97% of the CMS teachers who responded said they thought they were teaching to the North Carolina education standards. This article was modified and published by eSchool News. By Stacey Pusey.

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EdTech Acronyms Explained


CMS – Content Management System (a tool to build websites and apps). SAMR – Subsitution, Augmentation, Modification, Reinvention ( click for my article ). The amount of new acronyms in the educational technology world is staggering… and often overwhelming for educators. In fact, this list will be up to date for a few hours and then more acronyms and terms will come along!

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Personalizing Path & Pace Through Mastery Learning


In this article, iNACOL makes that case that personalized learning environments that tailor the path and pace at which students progress must be grounded in competency-based learning. Learn more about CMS’s personalized learning work here: [link]. For those taking a deeper dive into mastery learning and competency-based education, check out the high quality courses, toolkits, articles and whitepapers below. by Tom Driscoll.

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Some ideas for Course Management Systems and Apps

Educational Technology Guy

Here is my old classroom site and Physics blog as an example: https://sites.google.com/site/dandradeedusite/Home [link] I also know some teachers who use Google+ as their CMS using Circles and posting resources and announcements there and most teachers are now using Google Drive in some way to host files and share them. Feel free to share summaries and links to these articles, but do not copy and repost entire article.

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Need an LMS next year? Here are three to consider

Ask a Tech Teacher

The term ‘LMS’ is often conflated with ‘SMS’ (student management system) and ‘CMS’ (course management system) because their purposes and tools are so similar. In this article, we’ll treat all as LMSs. An LMS — Learning Management System — is a digital tool that tracks a wide variety of student-teacher interactions such as homework, grading, sharing of resources, parent communication, assessments, and more.

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Exploring Learner Profiles: Resources, Examples, and Questions to Consider


In this EdWeek article, the author provides specific examples from schools around the country regarding ways that educators are gaining valuable insights about students’ skills, backgrounds, and interests through learner profiles. CMS Learns (Visual). While next-generation assessments and instructional data can help educators gain a deeper understanding of students, the sheer amount of information available can prove challenging.

The Midas Touch shatters Theranos’ dream of disruption

The Christensen Institute

Early last week, reports surfaced that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had threatened to sanction Theranos Inc., Allegations started just six months ago when a Wall Street Journal article raised questions regarding the validity of Theranos’ proprietary technology. an early-stage diagnostics company, by banning founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes from participating in any laboratory business for at least two years.

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Classroom centers to support learning

Kathy Schrock

This article originally appeared in the Discovery Education blog " Kathy Schrock's Katch of the Month " in and is re-posted here with permission. _ Teacher Vision: The basics of learning centers This article breaks down learning centers, which are defined as a space set aside in the classroom that allows easy access to a variety of learning materials in an interesting and productive manner.

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Books Beyond Borders & Wazzup Wattpad?

The Daring Librarian

7th graders G+ Hangout abt fav books w/ @librarian_tiff & students at CMS in B. Or as Wikipedia says it''s "a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, and poems about anything either online or through the Wattpad app. We love connecting with other kiddos in schools in other cities and states. Our sister library is Central Middle School of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we had a great time the other day chatting with them about books!

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Teachers' Essential Guide to Google Classroom

Graphite Blog

Google Classroom is not a stand-alone learning management system (LMS), course management system (CMS), or student information system (SIS). Or, if you're looking for other learning content online, there are integrations with publishers like Newsela , Khan Academy , and BrainPop , among others -- you'll find all kinds of articles, videos, and other educational content to share with your students. What is Google Classroom? Is Google Classroom an LMS?

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Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - Reinventing the Classroom - Library 2.014 - The Real 1:1 - Reclaim Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Christopher Pappas shares this article on avoiding the pitfalls of poor instructional design, i.e. using an LMS/CMS as a document repository with a built-in discussion forum. The article outlines important questions that you should answer before jumping into the design process, and then gives you examples of how to map course activities onto your proposed learning objectives.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

This is an old article on Medium but it’s worth reposting in light of this story: “The Dirty Little Secrets About The Worst Coding Bootcamps Out There. Inside Higher Ed has the story – and the censored article. Edlio , which makes an education-focused CMS, has raised $40 million from L Squared Capital Partners. ” A few of the articles: “ ‘Red Flags’ to Look for When Evaluating Personalized Learning Products.”