?Readers’ Roundup: EdSurge HigherEd’s Top 10 Articles of 2017


We’ve rounded up our 10 most popular articles from 2017, as picked by our readers. Microcredentials, and controversial moves and pivots by edtech companies hoping to disrupt the higher education landscape. A few weeks after EdSurge probed the company about the silence, Amazon opened up the resource library to the public. What Happened to Google's Effort to Scan Millions of University Library Books?

This Company is Using AI to Change the World

EdNews Daily

Each company has incredible resources, and each is synonymous with technological innovation. But none will be the company that will change the world with AI. THIS IS THE COMPANY. And it may all be possible, thanks to a little-known company with a rather innocuous-sounding name.

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Don’t Call Them Test Companies: How the College Board and ACT Have Shifted Focus


In a statement on its website in May, the ACT said that it is transforming itself from an “assessment company” into “an organization providing learning, measurement, and navigation support to learners.” Officials for The College Board declined requests to be interviewed for this article.

The Next Edtech IPO Might Be This London-Based Language Learning Company


Niesner claims the company is on track to hit $40 million in revenue in 2020. He says it broke even last year, has reached $14 million in gross bookings, and passed 100 million users at the start of the year with more than 200 corporate clients. The company has raised $4.4

Should Teachers Take Cash from Edtech Companies?


When she was in the classroom, Jenny Herrera remembers feeling resentful whenever the school principal would email teachers telling them they needed to stay after school to give feedback to edtech companies. The ethics of teachers advising and working with edtech companies received a lot of attention when the New York Times published a piece on the subject last fall. Unsurprisingly, the panelists brought up the article—and their thoughts on the controversy.

The Best E-Book Yet: 40Must-know Web 2.0 Edutools


Tools in Education Series created by our friend Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi , as we have been publishing articles about his different works for over a year. Edutools: A Quick Guide isn''t a list as much as it is an actual book. This e-book is available for free through Scribd. Web 2.0

2018 Boston Globe–Horn Book Award Winners Announced


BOSTON, MA, and New York, NY —May 31, 2018—Today The Horn Book, Inc., and The Boston Globeannounced the 2018 Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winners. A winner and two honor books were selected in three categories: Picture Book, Fiction and Poetry, and Nonfiction.

Physical Bookstores in The Digital Age

Ask a Tech Teacher

We probably went there with a specific book in mind, one required for school, but ended up taking our time exploring all the tomes available. Another supposed threat to the print book is torrenting and online downloads of materials. How Amazon Dominates Book Sales. More on books.

eBook 238

What Happened to Google's Effort to Scan Millions of University Library Books?


It was a crazy idea: Take the bulk of the world’s books, scan them, and create a monumental digital library for all to access. That’s what Google dreamed of doing when it embarked on its ambitious book-digitizing project in 2002. It got part of the way there, digitizing at least 25 million books from major university libraries. Earlier this year, an article in the Atlantic lamented the dismantling of what it called “the greatest humanistic project of our time.”

Internet Archive Hopes to Help Libraries Make Available Books Once Thought Trapped By Copyright


As libraries work to scan their collections, they tread carefully around books published after 1923 and likely to still be under copyright. But researchers at the Internet Archive and Tulane University say they’ve found a legal way to scan and make available many in-copyright works published between 1923 and 1941, which will come as welcome news to those who want to dive into a digital copy of a book like In Love With a T-Man , a 1937 pulp novel by Rob Eden.

Lightsail Partners With Washington Post, in Latest Latest Alliance of Literacy, Media Companies

Marketplace K-12

A company focused on improving K-12 literacy through ed tech has struck a deal with the Washington Post that will give the provider access to dozens of breaking news stories weekly, and hundreds of stories in the newspaper’s archives. LightSail , founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, says the partnership will allow the company to use its reading platform to deliver articles tailored to students’ with different skill levels.

How not to do: prominent cases of plagiarism in 2019


Cristiane Serruya, a Brazilian novelist, allegedly plagiarized most of her latest book. The problem is, as Roberts claims, that not only did Serruya plagiarize her book, but she created a patchwork of 93 books of 41 authors. This time it is Jill Abramson and involves her recent book Merchants of Truth. Multiple instances of plagiarism were found in articles of other authors that, apart from delivering the same idea, mimicked their syntax and sentence structure.

Reflections on Jim Collin's Latest Book- Great By Choice and How It Applies to Educational Leadership

Saving Socrates

I adore Jim Collin''s books. I have read that book both in paperback and listening to it via audio. It''s a book that has very much shaped my thinking on effective leadership. When I first came to Magen David, I asked my principal if we could purchase that book for all administrators. The premise of that book, Good to Great , was one in which I believe rings true to many organizations and people regardless of mission. He read the journal articles on it.

I Named My Cat After a Vampire: a post about reading instruction


I couldn''t believe the amazing company I was with. The one topic that really stuck with me was when we began discussing books. As soon as I found out that these girls loved the Twilight Series, I shared my obsession with these books. Now, I can''t put books down.

How not to do: prominent cases of plagiarism in 2019


Cristiane Serruya, a Brazilian novelist, allegedly plagiarized most of her latest book. The problem is, as Roberts claims, that not only did Serruya plagiarize her book, but she created a patchwork of 93 books of 41 authors. This time it is Jill Abramson and involves her recent book Merchants of Truth. Multiple instances of plagiarism were found in articles of other authors that, apart from delivering the same idea, mimicked their syntax and sentence structure.

Guardians of History: Britannica’s new choice-driven historical adventures


The audio company is composed of professional audio fiction podcast talent as well as the synthetic voices of Alexa and BRITT. During or after completing a mission, players receive codes to unlock mission files–subscription-based Britannica articles for three age levels.

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Creating Educational Scavenger Hunts Using Google Forms


After a little online research, I found a company offering some exciting scavenger hunts around the country. My esteemed colleague, Jill Fenn, was one step ahead of me and already created a scavenger hunt to assess her students’ reading comprehension of the fantastic book Freak the Mighty. Article #googleforms googleEDU gsuiteeduOver the summer, my son and I tried to find interesting things to do around Jerusalem.

Lesson Planning with the Classroom Chef Model

The CoolCatTeacher

Whether it is a conversation around his books ( The Classroom Chef , Table Talk Math ), his discussion-provoking website ( [link] ), or a number of other interests, John is always up to learn new ways we can support and encourage kids.

World’s largest K-12 reading survey identifies trends, highlights best practices

eSchool News

Tapping into data collected from nearly 10 million K-12 students who read 346 million books and nonfiction articles last school year, Renaissance® releases its ninth annual What Kids Are Reading report.

Survey 113

How to Use Tech to Help Graduating Students Find Jobs

Ask a Tech Teacher

Companies are just as likely to examine social media to learn about you.”. Here are a few to consider: LinkedIn is a place where thousands of the largest companies in the world post job listings. The site is best known for its articles.

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Understanding The Deep Fake: A Troubling Trend

The CoolCatTeacher

He is the author of several books on effectively using digital technologies to communicate and assess learning. His “ Mapping Media to the Curriculum ” book series and digital literacy framework focuses on helping students “show what they know” with media and create digital portfolios.

Trends 391

Education Startup Backed By Mark Zuckerberg Starts Global Expansion With Acquisition


The company is paying $120 million to acquire Osmo, a U.S. He says he first encountered Osmo when his five-year-old son started playing some of the company’s games last year. Original Article Source: [link].

A bold new direction for Global Prosperity

The Christensen Institute

In January, along with Clayton Christensen and Karen Dillon, I published The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty and soon after, began traveling across the globe to present the ideas in the book. 2019 was a milestone year for the Global Prosperity team.

Empatico: A Breakthrough Way to Promote Empathy (And It’s Free)

The CoolCatTeacher

In this article, I’ll give you a review of the product, give you some classroom examples, and help you get started. As I’ve shared in my books on global collaboration and in speeches around the world, children are the greatest textbook ever written for each other.

The Surprising Science of Life Changing Moments

The CoolCatTeacher

My next book is titled, The Power of Surprise: How Our Brain Secretly Changes Our Beliefs, (not yet published). You can see my recent TEDxSalem talk at [link] Blog: michaelrousell.com Articles: [link] [link] Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored podcast episode.”

May this Gobstopper (Now Called Curriculet) be Ever Lasting!

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

UPDATE AS OF 1/15/14: The company Gobstopper has changed its name to Curriculet, but this update hasn''t changed how I use Curriculet with my students. The stories and information in the below post still hold true despite the change in company name.

20 Ways to Have a Summer That Matters

The CoolCatTeacher

It is ok to savor time, with a long sip of coffee or reading a book in the park. If you prefer face-to-face groups, check your local library or coffee shop for book clubs and other hobby groups. Go to the Library (or Dance Class or the Pool) Go to the library and check out some books.

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Apax Digital Fund to Acquire Lexile Framework Creator MetaMetrics


In journalism, a general rule of thumb is to write articles at an eighth grade reading level. According to the company’s online analysis tool , this paragraph passed the test. based company and expects the deal to close sometime in September, pending regulatory approval.

23 Gsuite Ideas to Excite Your Kids About Learning #iste19 #notatiste19

The CoolCatTeacher

This resource has a curated list of Gsuite resources, books, and tips. they are a big time saver for students and teaches on long documents, for example, if you’re writing a book. Stand up in front of the class, do a book talk or talk about their explorer or their animal.

Innovation is More Than an Idea or Tool

A Principal's Reflections

From articles to blog posts to books, that subject has been covered in great detail. One can look at numerous companies and develop his or her conclusions. Below is a description of the device from the company: For some students, attending school isn’t possible.

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Does Child Privacy Even Matter?

EdNews Daily

Her company, PRIVO , works with companies like Disney, as well as school districts. All the big industrial companies from the 20th century have fallen in relative value. The most valuable commodity a company can now own is information. By Charles Sosnik.

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Cyberpatriot - national youth cyber education program

Educational Technology Guy

the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. CYBER EDUCATION LITERATURE SERIES The Cyber Education Literature series was launched in December 2017 with the publishing of its first book, Sarah the Cyber Hero.

14 Fabulous Finds - A Daringly Geeky Gift Guide

The Daring Librarian

Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal - Travel savvy with a case that looks like a leather bound book but hides all kinds of tech and accessories. Plus, I love sleeping on a plane and I''ve read a lot of articles about how they do NOT wash the airplane pillows & blankets.

5 EdTech Trends Educators Need To Watch In 2019


While textbooks remain the most used educational tool especially in developing countries, the integration of digital links in books like sounds and videos associated with the topic are becoming more widespread. An article by Yoss explains how today’s data-driven discovery methods can uncover hidden correlations , which can then be used to improve processes on a grand scale. Technology is fast reshaping the education landscape.

Trends 163

Thinking differently about dyslexia in the classroom: Part 1


However, with the emergence of the industrial revolution – and the rapid advances of the printing press – education became less about artisans and apprentices, and more about encoding information in books, and being able to scale it to industrial levels across hundreds of schools.