Technology Tidbits

Ozobot is a new robotic toy that is ideal for STEM and can be programmed. Right out of the box Ozobot is a synch to sync up by just placing the little robotic orb on the calibration card. Below is a brief demo video. programming robots


Technology Tidbits

Pixel is a new free mobile (iOS/Android) app for students learning how to program or code. Scratch) to make a robot preform functions such as speech and emotion. Below is a brief demo. This is ideal for educators looking to introduce STEM and is very user friendly.

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Bubble Bot walks students through creating a bubble-blowing robot and a Fan of Fortune. Compatibility: The pieces are perfectly sized for small vehicles, robots, figurines, or balls to navigate the maze. Compatibility: The app requires a tablet or smartphone running iOS 7+ or Android 4.3+

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Laurence’s College in Brisbane had just 50 minutes to write up a formative assessment on the representation of robots and artificial intelligence in the movies. Because Vivi works with any device or platform, Gunn’s students are free to use their Apple laptops, Chrome tablets or Android smartphones. Request a demo today. While the fate of humanity did not rest on her pulling it off, Australian English teacher Sarah Gunn faced a daunting task.

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Boxlight also gave demos of the new ProColor interactive touch table, featuring a 49” diagonal screen size to better facilitate collaborative work. Wonder Workshop ( www.makewonder.com ) previewed a middle school solution that brings coding and applied robotics into the classroom.

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Teachers' Essential Guide to Coding in the Classroom

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They include everything from operating systems, like iOS, Windows, or Android, to robust applications like Office or Photoshop, to web-based programs like Netflix or Instagram, to games like Minecraft or Candy Crush. In-class demos are a great way to spark student interest. What is coding? Why teach coding? Is coding relevant to non-STEM subjects? At what age can students learn coding? What do students need to know before taking coding? How do I get started teaching coding?