DIY Video Lesson to Illustrate Process Analysis

Teacher Reboot Camp

Creating video tutorials is the first mission in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions. First, we analyze the four basics of good process analysis and the organization details from the book, Real Essays Interactive, by Susan Anker.

Tech Access in Schools: Making Edtech Accessible to All

Digital Promise

Once an educational technology (edtech) tool is in a school, the hard work is just beginning due to a number of potential hurdles and challenges that leadership and educators need to overcome. Evaluating Edtech Quality and Use Matters.

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Challenges Facing Edtech Procurement and Possible Solutions: Part 2

Digital Promise

Despite the challenges educators face when trying to purchase edtech tools, new procurement tools have emerged that support evidence-based decision making when choosing and buying edtech products. Start with a Needs Assessment to Prioritize Students when Purchasing Edtech.

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Your Educational Digital DNA - Get Ready for EdTech Innovation

ViewSonic Education

Quick Take: Getting an accurate view of where your school is in terms of readiness for EdTech innovation is important. Is your school ready for the EdTech revolution? Edtech promises to bring learning from chalkboards to slick computer screens and more.

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Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?


Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)? In this context it may be hard to imagine that EdTech can add to or even improve SEL teaching — as it seems to be a wholly “human-human” interaction. The post Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

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14 Awesome examples of Critical Thinking EdTech


14 Awesome examples of Critical Thinking EdTech. I try and separate the wheat from the chaff, in what I hope is a quality selection of Critical Thinking EdTech. The post 14 Awesome examples of Critical Thinking EdTech appeared first on NEO BLOG.



Most high-school sophomores hope to score a job at Starbucks or the movie theatre. Techlearning Resources

Students Talk Back – A Pathway to Student Voice & Critical Analysis Using @Flipgrid #edtech #edtechchat


She recently used Flipgrid as a way to mix up literary analysis by empowering students to exercise critical thinking (and concision) as they “talk back” to characters after pivotal plot points in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Students Talk Back – A Pathway to Student Voice & Critical Analysis Using Flipgrid. I wanted to feature a guest blog post written by my colleague, Kerry Hosmer.

Education Research Meta Analysis from Hattie and Yates


Edtech Blended Learning Hattie Edtech UpdateThe Hapara team is reading Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn by John Hattie and Gregory Yates. The book is an easy to read distillation of Hattie’s work synthesizing the results from education research around the world.

Analysis: Is Higher Ed Ready for the Tech Expectations of the Teens of 2022?


Those interactions look a lot different than just evaluating consumer or edtech trends in isolation. It’s hard to make a case that there is still a separate edtech industry. What edtech and consumer trends will be significant for when a teen leaves high school? Despite a lot of progress at every point along this spectrum, XR is a slow-moving edtech trend. One overused catchphrase in education is that learning should be “student-centered.”

The way people think about edtech misses the mark

The Christensen Institute

Questions like these are regulars in debates about edtech. But whether you’re an edtech advocate or a critic, if you’re asking questions like these, you’re missing the mark. In truth, edtech’s indirect impact in most school settings likely dwarfs its direct impact.

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Building an Effective EdTech Strategy - Bring together workload, collaboration, and education

ViewSonic Education

After a long wait, the Department for Education (DfE) announced its EdTech strategy in early April. The strategy laid out the government’s expectations of a closer relationship between schools and the EdTech companies who supply them. Tackling Education Workload with Edtech.

EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 1


EdTech definitions every teacher should know. So, with apologies to our regular readers, who no doubt have mastered the EdTech shorthand and specific phrases, let’s develop a quick terminology with the help of key and quality online sources.

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The Value of Usage Data as the First Step in Edtech Research

At first, educators could count the number of edtech programs in their school on one hand—and the number of users wasn’t too much more. During their edWebinar, “ Edtech Usage Data: Key to Planning Efficacy Research,” Dr. Denis Newman, Co-founder of Evidentally, Inc.,

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Digital Tools Are Everywhere–and Largely Unused–in Many Schools, New Analysis Shows

Marketplace K-12

The vast majority of ed-tech licenses are not use "intensively" by districts, according to a new analysis sponsored by the company Brightbytes. The post Digital Tools Are Everywhere–and Largely Unused–in Many Schools, New Analysis Shows appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Data digital tools edtech Games / Apps Market Research

Wordle for Visual Analysis & Prediction

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Themes presented in Peck''s story are also found in Richard Connell''s "The Most Dangerous Game" and Edgar Allan Poe''s "The Cask of Amontillado" two texts that challenge the students'' comprehension and analysis skills.

Using EdTech Analytics to Improve Group Work

Omega Notes

The EdTech Solution. A specialized EdTech platform can provide group work activities directly to students. When students use an EdTech platform as a collaboration tool for group work, they may be more engaged. Collaborative EdTech Platforms: The Solution For Group Work.

11 Great EdTech Podcasts


What's New in Google ] These eleven examples all focus on EdTech and consistently provide me with valuable information and resources. 1) Check This Out Brian and Ryan share awesome educational technology resources and ideas, and often bring on guests to share their area of expertise in EdTech.

Students Size Up Edtech’s Dark Side


We started with Chris Gilliard’s analysis of how certain companies find stoking outrage and tolerating abusive expressions to be fruitful parts of their business model. This semester I’m teaching a graduate seminar on education and technology for Georgetown University.

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Campus Edtech Has Shifted Focus From Tech to Ed


It is this second shift—the move to data—that will define the shift in edtech over the next decade. As with early LMSes, we are building early data collection and analysis methods that are clunky and poorly thought through. What are you going to do with the analysis?

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Seeking Integrity in EdTech Research – Again


For instance, it is filled with advertisements and there is no statement about how the advertisers impacted or influenced the study – but we know that they sponsored it, and they are edtech companies and commercial publishers, and therefore not uninterested parties.

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Turnitin Encourages Writing Across Content Areas with Historical Analysis Resources in Revision Assistant


EdTech for writing instruction in social studies and other content areas beyond ELA. New features and prompts for Turnitin Revision Assistant. Techlearning News

Deals and More Deals: The Top Edtech Business Stories of 2019


Here’s a look at the biggest edtech business stories of 2019—the ones that captured the most attention, and the ones that should have your attention. Thanks to a $157 million fundraise, the edtech industry has given birth to its third U.S. US Edtech Investments Peak Again With $1.45

Debunking the ‘Gold Standard’ Myths in Edtech Efficacy


For almost a decade, selling edtech products to schools and districts has felt dangerously like selling a home over the internet. We describe edtech products with all the excitement and adjectives of a fresh listing on Zillow. This included guidelines for curriculum and edtech.

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US Edtech Funding Already Nears $1 Billion in First Half of 2019


In this analysis, EdSurge counts all venture investments in U.S. Our analysis excludes companies whose primary business is to offer loans and happens to serve students (like Social Finance, which raised $500 million earlier this year). edtech companies in the first half of 2019.

US Edtech Closes Decade with Record $1.7 Billion Raised in 2019


According to an EdSurge database of publicly announced funding deals, investment in edtech companies reached at least $1.66 edtech industry in 2019 is largely mirrored across the broader venture capital landscape. Two trends have helped to define the U.S.

Bigger Deals, Bigger Bets: EdTech Venture Funding Trends Continue in 2018

EdNews Daily

The key difference in the past few years, however, has been larger funding rounds and valuations across a fewer number of EdTech companies. EdTech unicorns, companies that have reached billion-dollar valuations prior to an IPO, are prominent in the United States and also China.

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How Edtech Can Help Build a Blueprint for Real Change in K-12


Meanwhile, billions of dollars have been spent on edtech by these same school communities. Today’s edtech market is radically fragmented. And edtech companies cater to this fragmentation in their product design and marketing. Edtech can enable and house the holistic blueprint.

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What Problems Has Edtech Solved, and What New Ones Did It Create?


Those building, funding and using edtech tools must similarly wrestle with these concerns. Now, educators are focused on linking edtech tools directly to student learning outcomes. What’s the dark horse of edtech? (An Technology can collect and harness more data than ever before.

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What U.S. Companies Should Know About Asia's Edtech Market


Last summer, when I was working for ThinkCERCA, which helps students develop critical thinking skills through reading and writing, the edtech startup was facing a big decision: should it try and break into the lucrative Chinese market? After a summer of market research and competitor analysis, the company eventually signed off on a collaboration with a Chinese partner, TAL Education. Here’s a handy guide for anyone in edtech looking to cross the Pacific. edtech companies.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps—important lessons for edtech

The Christensen Institute

Edtech developers should take note. But a more nuanced analysis reveals that the world is a bit more complicated: a winning technology strategy is more than just a choice between building an interdependent architecture versus building a modular architecture.

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Funding Edtech with the E-Rate Program and Grants

During a recent edWebinar , edtech experts provided an overview of the E-Rate program, state matching funds, and ways to obtain grants for technological development. The post Funding Edtech with the E-Rate Program and Grants appeared first on edWeb.

An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process

While the Wild West era of edtech may be over, there’s still some mystery over how schools decide what digital materials to buy. In the edWebinar, “ Building Authentic Need and Research into Edtech Development,” representatives from a large school district, a small district, a developer, and the research community answered burning questions about edtech procurement. What role do learning goals play when searching for the best edtech?

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 33 Edition)

Doug Levin

(Mostly) back from my August hiatus, I’m pleased to offer up the next edition of A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News. A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 33 Edition). EdTech News News news

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 13 Edition)

Doug Levin

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 13 Edition). Tagged on: April 2, 2017 School IT Leaders Share Strategies on Defending Against DDoS Attacks | EdTech Magazine → This article claims students are primarily responsible for denial of service attacks on schools.

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