Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?


A fascinating case study involving one of California’s largest and poorest school districts Fresno Unified School District involves the smart use of data to understand the social and emotional challenges facing their students.

EdTech 383

Fostering Powerful Use of Technology Through Instructional Coaching

Digital Promise

While in some cases, technology is used in powerful ways to support students in developing critical thinking and collaboration skills, and to develop a sense of agency, in other situations it is used in things like drill and practice exercises, test prep, and reading online content.

Teaching Computational Thinking: In practice


I observed then that many teachers will no doubt be teaching this method of problem analysis and solution discovery in their classrooms, some of whom may never have even heard of “computational thinking”. Try this free online course on computational thinking for educators from Google.

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Addressing the Digital Learning Gap with Effective Educator Coaching

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And, while there is limited research on coaching specifically for supporting powerful use of technology, early research studies point to the positive impact of educator coaching(1) on teacher practices and student achievement. With generous support from Google , we are launching the Dynamic Learning Project, a pilot with 50 U.S. The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Causal Evidence.

Learning to Learn – From Sabba Quidwai


Prior to endocrinology, the modules focus predominantly on one system, however endocrinology requires them to integrate both new and baseline information from the multiple systems they have studied thus far. Learning to Learn: Self Assessment Through Patient Case Studies.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 37 Edition)

Doug Levin

I take it as a given that thanks to online advertising and the rise of information brokers that we live in a time of extreme information asymmetry , a time in which the few tools available for individuals to give or withhold consent about personal information collection and analysis are insufficient to the task – if not under existential threat. Anonymizing datasets is a practice fraught with challenges , especially in cases where data from multiple sources are combined.

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2014 Global Education Conference - Day Four

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Fariha Asif Education for a Better World Imaginarium: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Global Education Lesson Plans - Lisa Swayhoover, Ph.D. Thursday, November 20th, is day four of the fifth annual Global Education Conference.