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Vernier Software & Technology Offers New Activities for the mBot™ Robot to Teach Coding and Robotics


Students can use the mBot robot and Vernier-created activities to master introductory coding and programming skills through hands-on, standards-aligned learning. “To Each mBot robot comes equipped with line-following and range-detecting sensors and 40 well-designed parts.

PASCO Motion Sensor–A Must for Science Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

Data collection and analysis are cornerstones for many STEM and STEAM programs but they’re not just about math. Their products are wireless, Bluetooth- and/or USB-connectable, and their SPARKvue software runs on Mac and Windows platforms, Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, and Android. the Ergobot to teach both Forces & Motion and Programming & Robotics. in a robotics and programming application (with PASCO’s ErgoBot).

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Game Education: It’s in Their DNA – Guest Post from Courtney Pepe


The first of these is Van Hiele’s Model which encourages analysis of both properties and classification of shapes in elementary math classes to build a strong foundation for the later grades. Game #4 – Sphero the Robot.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDING BLOCKS OF SCIENCE 3D ( ) Carolina Biological Supply Company launched the new Building Blocks of Science 3D hands-on unit kits for students in grades K to 5.

Technology Integration in a 21st Century Science Classroom


It enables the students to collect data right to their own device for review and analysis later on! Several companies, including Vernier and Pasco to name just a couple, have modified their probes to be compatible with Chromebooks as well. The probes send the data to the app for the acquisition of the data, which can be exported easily to a spreadsheet for final analysis. The interface connects to a computer, Chromebook, iPad/iPhone and Android devices.



BENCHMARK EDUCATION COMPANY ADVANCEALL ( ) Benchmark Education Company (BEC) released Advance ALL, a new series motivating students to read with literary and informational reading text sets. to streamline workflows for assessment and data analysis.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Getting Smart and the XQ Institute have released a “landscape analysis of competency-based education.” Doesn’t look like the company has anyone to take his place yet. Via The New York Times : “How Google Protected Andy Rubin , the ‘Father of Android ’ ” “Google could have fired Mr. Rubin and paid him little to nothing on the way out. It’s a rot at the very core of the company’s leadership team.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” At least the e-cigarette company (which targets teens) offers a social-emotional learning curriculum, right? Billion in Android Antitrust Case.” Via Class Central : “Analysis of 450 MOOC -Based Microcredentials Reveals Many Options But Little Consistency.” I mean, clearly the company has a strong grasp on the politics of information. Robots and Other Education Science Fiction. “ Robots in the classroom ?


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via Politico : “A complex legal battle involving dozens of debt collection companies fighting over contracts with the Education Department has essentially suspended the government’s ability to collect defaulted student loans , the Trump administration disclosed in a court filing on Monday night.” ” I’m considered an “expert” here (among others) featured in IHE with thoughts and questions and analysis on the “ Purdue - Kaplan marriage.”

(This Is Not a Morphology of) The Monsters of Education Technology

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“Nothing has more potential to enable us to reimagine higher education than the massive open online course, or MOOC, platforms that are being developed by the likes of Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and companies like Coursera and Udacity.”