Online Education Advocacy Group Launches as Dept. of Ed Proposes Loosening Regulations


To advocate for and on behalf of effective online teaching and learning practices, four organizations are joining forces to establish the National Council for Online Education.

The ‘forgotten’ part of special education that could lead to better outcomes for students

The Hechinger Report

A really good transition plan shows how each year of school is linked to the next and the final outcome that they’re looking for,” said Leslie Darrell, a speech pathologist in Maine who often works with transition-aged students. “If Kate worked with one local group to develop a career plan and spent three weeks in Minnesota at a life skills program which her parents hoped would introduce her to the idea of being away from home and improve her self-advocacy.


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Virtual charter schools need “bold action” for change, says national charter school advocacy group

The Hechinger Report

The major advocacy group for public charter schools is concerned that failing online charter schools may be hurting the credibility of the movement as a whole. We think the extent of the problems call for state leaders and authorizers to take bold actions,” said Todd Ziebarth, the lead author of the report and the senior vice president for state advocacy and support for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

Could more home visits improve outcomes for Mississippi moms and kids?

The Hechinger Report

Some home-visiting programs have been found to improve outcomes for babies and mothers. These programs “really change the future for the most vulnerable babies born into poverty,” said Sarah McGee, national director of advocacy at Nurse-Family Partnership. The post Could more home visits improve outcomes for Mississippi moms and kids? Wire photo: © Christophe Ketels/Compagnie Ga via ZUMA Press.

‘You can’t help but to wonder’: Crumbling schools, less money, and dismal outcomes in the county that was supposed to change everything for black children in the South

The Hechinger Report

Almost 76,000 black students account for 90 percent or more of the enrollment in more than a fifth of the state’s schools, and the gulf in academic outcomes is indisputable. English teacher Samara Rand goes over a passage with a student in her class at Holmes County Central High School.

Letters for Libraries: Advocacy & Action!

The Daring Librarian

These expanded funding streams will eliminate inefficiencies at the Federal, State and local levels, allowing grantees to focus on improving outcomes for students and allowing the Department to focus on providing strong support and directing funding to proven or promising practices." ALA: Arne Duncan Talks about the Role of Libraries in Economic Recovery labels: action, Advocacy, ALA, Carolyn Foote, Joyce Valenza, school libraries. Letters for Libraries: It''s Not Just About Books.

Leadership as Process

Reading By Example

If we have an outcome-focused leadership style, then it makes a lot of sense to purchase a program that promises exactly what is being requested. The difference, I think, is that we chose to focus more on the process of becoming better and less on the outcomes that were largely out of our hands. Advocacy Leader as a Thinker Literacy professional development qualitative data Reflection beliefs evaluation identity Lucy Calkins Units of Study

What to do when you have done everything you can

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In other words, I am assuming that it is you, the reader, who is also a change agent of a better outcome for our present and future. Advocacy Community Leadership budget higher education K-12 privitization Scott Walker Valerie StraussThis has been a rocky week for Wisconsin teachers and administrators. That’s saying something, in the era of Governor Scott Walker and a very polarizing debate around public education.

How we stopped using Accelerated Reader

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The following timeline provides a basic outline of our process that led to this outcome. Staff who did not participate knew they may have to live with the outcomes of this work. Advocacy classroom instruction Community Leader as a Reader Leadership Literacy Metaphors PLCs principal as an advocate qualitative data quantitative data Reading Teaching Technology beliefs Biblionasium collective commitments kidblog Peter Johnston Regie Routman What Works Clearinghouse

Data-Driven Decision Making: Who’s the decider?

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An outcome in releasing the responsibility of making data-informed decisions to students is that Samantha has become more of a learner. Advocacy Assessment classroom instruction Communication data qualitative data quantitative data RtI Technology Amanda Datnow digital portfolios Genesis Cratsenberg ILA Samantha Mosher Vicki Park

Data 33

4 challenges–and solutions–around assessments and accountability

eSchool News

Through productive meetings and discussions, identify ways to ensure systems support deeper learning and give educators and policymakers the critical data they need to support students, improve achievement and outcomes, target resources, and develop new instructional policies and practices.

PROOF POINTS: New poll points to college and career benefits of Greek life despite criticism

The Hechinger Report

Gallup characterized the differences in perceptions between fraternity and sorority alumni and their unaffiliated peers as large and consistent with the positive findings of an earlier Gallup poll of college graduates in 2014, also funded by Greek advocacy groups.

Recommended Read: Schooling Beyond Measure by Alfie Kohn (Heinemann, 2015)

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Therefore beware prescriptive standards and outcomes that are too specific and orderly. Advocacy Leadership Literacy Reading Alfie Kohn Heinemann Schooling Beyond MeasureI imagine the beginnings of this book idea came about from a conversation between Thomas Newkirk, editor at Heinemann, and Alfie Kohn, frequent commentator on education, that sounded somewhat like the following: Thomas Newkirk: Hey Alfie, what are your thoughts on writing another book for Heinemann?

North Carolina New Schools Shuts Down, Cites Rapid Growth

K-12 Schools - Education News

Garland added that the organization had done “outstanding work in terms of changing classroom practice and helping to improve student outcomes in early colleges.” K-12 Schools Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Education Advocacy Education Reform North Carolina Education North Carolina New Schools(Image: North Carolina New School Foundation).

$750,000 in proposed cuts to Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools

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Knowing this information, why would any state leader propose to reduce funding of a successful institution that not only improves students’ learning outcomes, but their family’s own health and happiness? Advocacy budget cuts legislators private schools school choice vouchers Wisconsin Today, I wrote this post on our school’s blog. It will also serve as the front page for our school newsletter next week.

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap: An Action Plan, Part 2

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We briefly describe the purpose for the professional learning and expected outcomes ( connect ). We take pride in how our actions have directly contributed to the positive outcomes in our students’ work. Advocacy engagement Leadership Learning Literacy principal as an advocate Reflection Writing ASCD collaborative learning cycle education week Kimberlee Everson Regie Routman

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap: An Action Plan, Part 2

Reading By Example

We briefly describe the purpose for the professional learning and expected outcomes ( connect ). We take pride in how our actions have directly contributed to the positive outcomes in our students’ work. Advocacy engagement Leadership Learning Literacy principal as an advocate Reflection Writing ASCD collaborative learning cycle education week Kimberlee Everson Regie Routman

Senator Alexander: Here are the building blocks for your new accountability system in the HEA

The Christensen Institute

Alexander’s critical accountability system proposal, here are a few of the overarching considerations lawmakers should take into account: Consideration: A focus on multiple outcomes for accountability. Starting with a student’s ability to pay off student loans is a good first step toward thinking of institutions not as a set of inputs, such as faculty degrees and shared governance, but of outcomes. Consideration: Accreditation should focus on outcomes.

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Students already know much of what we’re supposedly ‘teaching’

Dangerously Irrelevant

Engagement is not a goal, it’s an outcome of students doing meaningful work. The ups and downs of educational technology advocacy. Graham Nuthall said: Our research shows that students can be busiest and most involved with material they already know. In most of the classrooms we have studied, each student already knows about 40-50% of what the teacher is teaching. via The Hidden Lives of Learners , p.

Building students’ resiliency networks: A conversation with Brian Lightfoot

The Christensen Institute

How many community leaders, church leaders, or people who run youth programs or advocacy do you know? That action is even more powerful if there are real outcomes or stakes attached. Students are doing something that is purposeful for them and the outcome is real.”.

What is your school doing to teach financial literacy?

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Our report cards are among several advocacy efforts. We believe strongly that financial literacy among Americans is linked to positive outcomes like wealth accumulation, stock market participation, retirement planning, and avoiding high-cost alternative financial services like payday lending and auto title loans. I believe personal finance should be part of every American’s lifelong learning plan, from elementary school through and into adulthood. It’s that important.

FEV Tutor Named 2021 Tech Edvocate Award Winner for Best Tutoring/Test Prep App or Tool

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Winners and finalists were selected by a panel of educators and industry experts who reviewed the submissions and judged the products and services based on the extent to which they are transforming education through the development or advocacy of edtech. WOBURN, MA.

Why Teacher Self-Care Matters and How to Practice Self-Care in Your School


13] Causes of stress can include lack of resources, class behavioral problems, or pressure relating to standardized test expectations, just to name a few, but they all lead to the same outcomes: weakened physical and emotional health.[1,5].

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Tool: Project Unicorn—Making the Mythical Idea of Data Interoperability Real


Project Unicorn is an advocacy initiative whose eight partner organizations want to improve data interoperability within K-12 education. The initiative hopes to leverage data to create better outcomes for students, save time for teachers, increase efficiencies for schools and allow them to interact more with their community.

GoGuardian and Pear Deck Merge to Expand K-12 Classroom Management Offerings

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Its strong engagement, rapid growth, and high usage among schools reinforce the caliber and commitment of the Pear Deck team to positively impact the teaching experience and learning outcomes for students.

Guest Post: From Consumption to Creation: Future Ready Librarians Embrace Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

As a former librarian and district leader, I found that success was the best form of advocacy—when the great work of librarians is shared and documented, good things follow for students and library programs.

Edtech, Equity, and Innovation: A Critical Look in the Mirror

Digital Promise

Instead, we tend to excuse inadequate or unsavory outcomes as necessary growing pains in the pursuit of “innovation.” Why is it that, despite often resulting in the same or much worse outcomes, virtual schools and edtech products are labeled as “innovation” rather than failure? While there are certainly exceptions, this human interaction standard can serve as a compass to guide our investments and advocacy.

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Transition Planning for Students with IEPs


Begin discussing hopes and desired outcomes as soon as possible. Planning for post‑school outcomes is a partnership that requires collaboration between the school, community, family, and student.

GoGuardian Finds Three Factors That influence K-12 Student Engagement Online and In-Person

eSchool News

GoGuardian believes that education is the highest point of leverage for improving society and that digital learning can meaningfully advance educational outcomes for every student, school, and district.

3 Shifts to Make Learning Personal

A Principal's Reflections

Student agency and technology both play a huge role throughout by empowering learners through choice, voice, and advocacy. Better outcomes rely on transforming practice in a way that kids of the present and future can relate. In education, a lesson makes or breaks a learner’s experience in a classroom. Planning takes time.

Student Agency: Moving From Talk to Action

A Principal's Reflections

Image credit: If we are to improve learning and ultimately school-based outcomes student agency needs to be a real element of school culture. It is driven by choice, voice, and advocacy. Advocacy, choice, and voice should occur in the classroom as well as the school setting. When I reflect back on what we were able to accomplish at New Milford High School, I am overtaken by a great sense of pride.

The untapped workforce that can tackle COVID-19—and America’s healthcare gap

The Christensen Institute

They assist health advocacy and intervention efforts, and act as a liaison between community members and health services. Like no other moment in recent history, COVID-19 has exposed how quickly our healthcare system can become overwhelmed.

The Lessons Learned Online That Will Shape Education After the Pandemic


As an organization on a mission to build a strong, socially conscious and diverse tech workforce, the past year showed us where we can strengthen our existing practices and sharpen our focus and advocacy efforts to be even further out on the leading edge of innovative learning.

Learn how the Alliance for Excellent Education can help you and your students! | @All4ed


The Alliance for Excellent Education is a Washington based advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that all students are ready for success in college. About the Alliance for Excellent Education The Alliance for Excellent Education is a Washington, DC–based national policy and advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that all students, particularly those who are traditionally underserved, graduate from high school ready for success in college, work, and citizenship.

Don’t discount the power of students’ acquaintances to expand supports and horizons

The Christensen Institute

For example, an evaluation by London-based research and advocacy group Education and Employers , found increases in motivation and engagement through career talks between students and professionals, particularly among previously less engaged, lower-performing students.