Broaden the E-Rate Program to Help Students Connect at Home, Says Advocacy Group

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New Advocacy Campaign Calls for Banning Facial Recognition on College Campuses.


Indeed, last week saw the launch of “ Ban Facial Recognition on Campus ,” a nationwide campaign from the nonprofit advocacy organizations Fight for the Future and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. These advocacy efforts in K-12 schools, she adds, may have influenced the new college campaign.


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Shine a Light on Advocacy - NOW!

The Daring Librarian

I got this compelling email from good friend and LJ/SLJ/The Horn Book publisher Ian Singer who forwarded a passionate plea to several of us to mobilize, sign the petition to Ensure all school libraries are properly staffed, open, and available for children every day and to get out the word via Twitter. And to build on the momentum, and perhaps to help fashion a wider advocacy plan that we can all support. what does it say if we can''t mobilize & get 25,000 signatures?!

TCEA 2011 Legislative Update Advocacy Panel


Much smaller than the in-person mobilization to register the same number of people. Get PTA and booster clubs to mobilize. Notes from TCEA 2011 Panel. The speakers words flowed fast and I caputred/paraphrased them as accurately as I could. For an additional take on this event from someone else who also live blogged it, you can visit this post from Bryan Doyle.

Babies and Mobile Devices. Where Are YOU on the issue?

Kevin Corbett

Nor, it seems, do a number of advocacy groups that want it pulled off the market because they think iPads and babies are a dangerous combination. The post Babies and Mobile Devices. appeared first on | elearning, mobile learning, gamification and more. Technology "Fisher-Price''s Apptivity Seat Is Bad for Babies" apptivity seat infant development mobile devices natali morris parenting screen time

?Scaling Mobile Technology for Community College Students: 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs


It’s why mobile access has been one of the most important means of connecting students to their academic resources. This is not to say that the mobile medium provides a better learning experience ; however, students' work schedules often prohibit them from dedicated time in front of a stationary computer. These mobile messages keep students connected to course material and let students know we care about them, but the system is still too one-size-fits-all.

OER 82

How CUE Will Help Guide ESSA in California


For more information about CUE’s Legislative Platform and efforts, visit CUE’s Legislative Advocacy page. With the implementation of mobile technology and cloud-based resources, the need for a systemic approach to training our leaders and teachers is most important to student success. Advocacy Connected Educator CUE News ACSA CDE CETPA ESSA TICAL

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary , the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience.

Tweeting response to the NEA Opportunity Dashboard


Let’s get mobilized! aasl advocacy NEA Opportunity DashboardGreetings from Hershey and #PSLA15 where AASL President Terri Grief shared a plan for responding to the omission of school libraries from the NEA Opportunity Dashboard literature. Terri urges NEA members to contact local and state officials. She is composing an official letter to NEA and will meet with NEA leadership next week in Washington, DC.

Announcing the 2021-2022 League of Innovative Schools Cohort

Digital Promise

Located in Mississippi, Columbus Municipal School District is committed to advancing advocacy of learners’ parents. In April 2021, the district launched monthly parent advocacy meetings focused on restorative justice, literacy, and college and career readiness.

Student Agency is More Than Voice and Choice

A Principal's Reflections

It might be facilitated by posing questions and then having students respond under cover of anonymity using mobile devices. However, we must not lose sight of the third element that comprises this concept, and that is advocacy. Image credit: [link] While voice and choice are more aligned with ownership of learning in the classroom, advocacy aligns with improving the school or district culture. How would you rate the level of learner advocacy in your school or district?

The Power of Choice

Reading By Example

We purchased an inclinable table, ergonomic chairs, and mobile desks. Advocacy classroom instruction engagement Learning principal as an advocate Technology choice genius hour makerspacesThe lack of autonomy in schools today is saddening. The standardization of our assessments has led to a narrowing of our curriculum and instruction.

The Power of Choice

Reading By Example

We purchased an inclinable table, ergonomic chairs, and mobile desks. Advocacy classroom instruction engagement Learning principal as an advocate Technology choice genius hour makerspacesThe lack of autonomy in schools today is saddening. The standardization of our assessments has led to a narrowing of our curriculum and instruction.

AASL National Standards: A few essentials to get started!


The National Standards Mobile App (AASLSTNDS), is available for $12.99 AASL17 #AASLstandards aasl advocacy standards #aaslstandards National StandardsAs a member of the AASL National Standards Implementation Taskforce, I was honored to take part in the rollout in Phoenix.

Amplify: Digital Teaching and Learning in the K–6 Classroom

Tom Murray

Mobile devices provide new options for students to create as they make a movie, record a song, or publish a blog post to capture understanding. Future Ready Schools ® is a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education , a Washington, DC–based national policy, practice, and advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that all students, particularly those traditionally underserved, graduate from high school ready for success in college, work, and citizenship.

10 Young People Who Changed the World to Add to Your Class Curriculum


In addition to informing students about your local chapter , share this speech Isra gave at TedxWakeForestU on climate advocacy, racial justice, and intersectionality.

#ISTE13 - San Antonio Highlights & FUN!

The Daring Librarian

Member Networking Fair, Tower View Lobby -- Visit All 25 SIGs, Affiliates, Advocacy/ETAN, Young Educator Network, and other member communities who will showcase their activities and recruit new members. 11:30 –1:30 Volunteer Leadership Box Lunch - Lonesome Dove Lounge, River Level 12:45 Your School Library: Mobile, Flipped, & Curated - a panel presentation featuring Dr. Joyce Valenza, Springfield Township, me!, Download the ISTE Mobile App !

Black women are uniquely burdened by student debt, report finds

The Hechinger Report

And for Williams, a higher education senior policy analyst at the advocacy group Education Trust, the personal is also professional. We see these degrees to be vehicles of upward mobility. That mobility piece is not there.”.

Report 101

XPRIZE: The Real Winners? Underserved Adult Learners

Digital Promise

This translates to limited upward mobility for them and their children; children of parents with low literacy skills have a 72 percent chance of being at the lowest reading levels themselves, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which diminishes the worker pipeline for the future. One hundred nine teams embarked on the $7 million challenge to develop mobile apps designed to increase literacy levels in adults.

OPINION: If we don’t act quickly, the student loan default system could plunge more families into poverty

The Hechinger Report

It is especially abhorrent that a government program intended to create equitable opportunities for all students instead perpetuates racial and economic gaps in financial stability and mobility.

Report 110

With New Scorecard, Group Seeks Promises That Colleges Won’t Use Facial Recognition on Campus


More than 40 colleges have said they do not use facial recognition technology on campus and stated they have no plans to do so, according to a new “ scorecard ” published Tuesday by an advocacy campaign titled Ban Facial Recognition on Campus.

Going Beyond the Hour of Code

Digital Promise

an interactive collage in Scratch, a website, a mobile app, a physical computing project). See a sample letter to principal, advocacy slide deck , and additional resources. This article originally appeared on The Advocate from the Computer Science Teachers Association. Read the original version here. During CS Ed Week, countless teachers and students experienced computer science for the first time.

Despite Hispanic population growth, the number of HSIs has dropped for the first time in 20 years

The Hechinger Report

This is the first time in two decades that the total number of HSIs has fallen, according to the advocacy group Excelencia in Education, which tracks colleges that are at and around the HSI threshold.

The Cost Trap, Concluding Thoughts

Iterating Toward Openness

This is why, a few posts ago, I stated that “the question we must each ask ourselves is – what is the real goal of our OER advocacy?” ” Our advocacy. ’ I then tried to reinforce the idea that, for each of us, the specific goal of our advocacy will be something individual to each us (“Personally, my goal is…”). There’s no advocacy here for a specific pedagogy.

OER 60

The Lessons Learned Online That Will Shape Education After the Pandemic


As an organization on a mission to build a strong, socially conscious and diverse tech workforce, the past year showed us where we can strengthen our existing practices and sharpen our focus and advocacy efforts to be even further out on the leading edge of innovative learning.

Panasonic and Olympian Katie Ledecky Partner to Inspire Student STEM Innovation and Unlock the Power of Technology

eSchool News

The other angry parents: What a new ‘parents union’ is demanding (it has nothing to do with CRT)

The Hechinger Report

Rodrigues had been traveling the country for weeks, meeting with parent advocacy groups in city after city, and working with them to get their grievances heard and addressed by local school boards.

Trying to improve remote learning? A refugee camp offers some surprising lessons

The Hechinger Report

The program operates in what she calls a “mobile-first environment,” meaning 90 percent of the program is taught on a phone, even though classes are in-person. For example, the focus of last summer’s global virtual camp was leadership and advocacy through the power of storytelling.

Report 112

Next Gen TV Prototype Shows How Educational Equity Can Be Achieved For All Students

eSchool News

When work is complete, a QR code is generated, allowing students to submit their work to their teacher with a mobile device. The National Association of Broadcasters is the premier advocacy association for America’s broadcasters. Washington, D.C.

Virtual Reality, Real Science: Virtual Ecosystems and Technology-Enhanced Curricula Can Build a Deeper Scientific Literacy in Middle Schoolers

Digital Promise

EcoMOBILE (Mobile Outdoor Blended Immersive Learning Environment) puts students into real-world ecosystems and equips them with mobile devices that let them access interactive media such as video, audio, 3-D models, and animations to learn about the ecosystem they’re visiting and to answer specific and open-ended questions about their data-collection activities. So much of environmental study has been about advocacy for the outdoors, or nature ed.

Teaching the Truth about George Floyd — and Our History

ED Surge

Following the murder of George Floyd two years ago, we saw a national mobilization that challenged the beliefs and institutions that sanctioned the behavior of his murderer and accomplices.

What the World Can Teach the US About Education Technology


Governments, educators, advocacy groups and companies large and small need to work better together. Long-term planning and investment in infrastructure for widespread and improved access to the internet and mobile devices is critical. Chile has more mobile cellular subscriptions (127 per 100 people) than the U.S. Some of the conclusions may not come as a surprise in the Omidyar Network’s report on what works in scaling education technology in different regions worldwide.

Colleges sign on for a 15-step program to “erase equity gaps” in completion

The Hechinger Report

One of the great paradigm shifts that has occurred with colleges that are really making headway is they no longer consider the students to be broken who come to them,” said Sugar, who was a co-founder of the advocacy group Complete College America.

Inaugural Catalyze Challenge Winners To Transform Journey From Classroom To Career

eSchool News

Launchpad is a new initiative from Building 21 that will directly connect young people to living-wage paying jobs that offer upwardly mobile career opportunities while providing them with the credentials, skills, mindsets and experience to thrive in these roles.

World Backup Day March 31st: Student data security


Whether it be through acquiring an IP address, exposed locations on a mobile device, or tapping into a browser history, cybercriminals will stop at no end to obtain necessary information used to commit identity theft, and here’s the scary part: they might not have to look very hard if information has been left unprotected. Education and advocacy go a long way so, if you’re looking to make a change, consider having a technology and internet talk with your family and cover best practices.

LMS 150

Before assigning homework, ensure that students have a home

The Hechinger Report

But since it wasn’t our house, they could use the bathroom first,” Kimberly, 12, told the child advocacy organization Children’s Defense Fund for their The State of America’s Children 2014 report. In one of the most-cited studies on the impact of mobility and achievement, university researchers found in 1989 that among 1st through 12th graders, “children who moved three or more times were 60 percent more likely to repeat a grade, controlling for poverty and other socio-demographic risks.”.

edWeb and CoSN Partner to Support Superintendents and District Leaders

The edWebinar series will continue on a monthly basis throughout the school year, addressing topics that CoSN has covered in one-page briefs : Accessibility, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Mobile Learning, Online Assessment, Student Data Privacy, Smart Network Design, Strategic Technology Planning and Investment, and Closing the Homework Gap. For 25 years, CoSN has provided leaders with the management, community building and advocacy tools they need to succeed.

Education Technology Industry Network and StartEd Will Host Ed Tech Growth Event in New York


and New York, NY) — The Education Technology Industry Network ( ETIN ) of the Software Information Industry Association ( SIIA ), the largest non-profit software industry policy and advocacy association, announced today a partnership with StartEd Inc., SIIA provides leadership, industry advocacy, critical market information, and a forum for connecting and shaping the software and digital content industry. October 4, 2018 (Washington, D.C.

How one city closed the digital divide for nearly all its students

The Hechinger Report

It’s just been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Rebeca Shackleford, the director of federal government relations at All4Ed, an education advocacy nonprofit. The Oakland Reach, a parent-led advocacy group that works with underserved communities, also joined the partnership.

Learning Walks

A Principal's Reflections

Student agency (voice, choice, advocacy) – Are students empowered to own their learning (blended/personalized/virtual learning options, they select tool to be used, etc.) Use of classroom/school space (arrangement, furniture, choice, flexibility, comfort, lighting, temperature, mobility, acoustics, etc.) – Are desks in rows or arranged in a way to foster collaboration? Successful change and consistent improvement rely on many interconnected factors.