When Parents Should Call an IEP Meeting


Maybe you can catch them after school to set up a meeting. Consider calling an IEP meeting. If you’re still worried after you’ve talked with your child’s teacher (and/or IEP case manager), you can call an IEP meeting. Examples of when an IEP meeting would be beneficial.

Teaching Students to Advocate at Their Own IEP Meetings


Did you know that students with disabilities are allowed to attend their own IEP meetings ? Most special education teachers, leaders, and advocates highly encourage students to participate in and eventually lead their IEP meetings.

Advocacy of robo-readers hasn’t won the debate — it still misses the main point

Improving Education Environments

The software was developed to meet assessment needs in a manner that notes ease, economy and standardization. Looking strictly at 3x more words and seemingly more engagement from student writers gives the impression of a successful software system that can solve a largesse in student writing ( 24% of students meet government proficiency levels ), but it ignores the larger problem: we view writing as a skill-based proficiency rather than as a form of human communication.

ISTE Advocacy for Education: Opportunities in Denver!

The Daring Librarian

Advocacy in Education is so important.now more than ever. The following is from Hilary Goldmann, ISTE’s Director of Government Affairs : "Once again we have a dynamic line-up of advocacy activities at ISTE2010!! Send a video letter to Congress – We will have flip cameras at the Advocacy Lounge and a script so attendees can send a video email to Congress. YouTube ISTE Advocacy Channel – We now have an ISTE Advocacy YouTube Channel !

Two New Library 2.0 Webinars: Library Advocacy + Marketing | Coaching Skills for Managers + Supervisors | ALSO: Active Shooter Response Recording

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

First is the return of Dr. Steve Albrecht with " Coaching Skills for Library Managers and Supervisors: Getting Better Performance and Behavior From Your Employees One Meeting at a Time " on February 12th. Then, being announced today, is " Library Advocacy: Everyday Marketing Tools and Techniques " with Dr. Sue Alman on February 21st. LIBRARY ADVOCACY: EVERYDAY MARKETING TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES" A 75-minute webinar (live and recorded) in a special Library 2.0

Agency: Important for Students and Educators

A Principal's Reflections

The desire to increase agency in the form of voice, choice, and advocacy should be viewed as just as important for educators (teachers and administrators) as it is for students. Educator voice can be cultivated using the following strategies: Flipped staff meetings – Everyone who plans a meeting works terribly hard to develop and then get through an agenda. This results in a death-by-meeting scenario and is a main reason why most people hate meetings.

5 #GR8Finds #ThisWeek 03.20.15 - What to Assess? Library of Congress on Pinterest, An Adult Coloring Book, A School Librarians Advocacy Video, and Who's Tracking Your Emails?

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

Meet The Woman Who Sold A Million Copies Of Her Coloring Books For Adults -- the article Johanna Basford''s website See her Instagram account below. A school librarian advocacy video from the New Jersey Association of School Librarians, worth watching. BEST school librarian advocacy video! [I blog every Friday about my #GR8Finds #ThisWeek. My list is very v-e-r-r-r-y selective --my own crème de la crème curation. Generally, three to five #GR8Finds.

CUE Leaders Make National Impact: Members Educate Legislators and Policymakers in D.C.


The focus of the advocacy efforts was on support for E-rate, LifeLine Program, Student Data and Privacy, and fully funding Title IV of ESSA. CUE members Pam Hernandez (SLOCUE) and Micah Studer (CapCUE) joined CEO Mike Lawrence and Legislative Policy Consultant John Cradler as part of the Ed Tech Advocacy and Policy Summit hosted by ISTE, CoSN and SETDA with support from SIIA, the Center for Digital Education and Discovery Education. Advocacy advocacy ESSA FCC Title IV

CA Computer Science Legislation with CUE Support Approved by Gov Brown


CUE Advocacy Update. Defining computer science education principles to meet needs of K-12 students. John Cradler is a legislative policy consultant with CUE and works with the CUE board, staff, and Legislative Advocacy Committee to advise on policy, legislation, and other public initiatives to support CUE’s mission and vision. Advocacy Common Core Standards computer science CSTA legislation

One small, shy child changed my school’s dress code

eSchool News

The morning after a Board of Education meeting, I was notified that something important had happened. had stood before the Board of Education at a public and televised meeting, advocating for a more equitable dress code in our school. District Management Featured on eSchool News advocacy dress code gender neutral

For Readers Only

Reading By Example

I quickly reminded myself that if someone needed books to make ends meet, they can have them.). Advocacy ReadingI was able to weed out a dozen or so books from my home library. Most were read, a few had been sitting idle for years, all worthy of new readers. My wife posted the picture below on her Facebook account. “Books for the taking”, along with our address.

Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians: Responses, reflections, and resources


Classroom libraries provide books selected to meet reading levels, student interests, and topics studied at a specific grade level. Resources: Advocacy co-chair Deb Kachel’s LibGuide curates many of PSLA’s advocacy resources, as well as the media stories. technology advocacy psla school librarians school librariesOn January 24th, at the beginning of ALA Midwinter, 150 people rallied to restore school librarians in Philadelphia. The rally.

How CUE Will Help Guide ESSA in California


For more information about CUE’s Legislative Platform and efforts, visit CUE’s Legislative Advocacy page. We have been sending representatives to the Stakeholder meetings and encouraging our members to complete the Stakeholder Survey your office has made available, but as we are sure you know from past experience – nothing can replace the expert guidance from educational association leaders when seeking success in institutional change.

Do We Over-Complicate Reading Instruction?

Reading By Example

For sure our efforts to meet the needs of every student from early on shouldn’t be trivialized. Advocacy classroom instruction Literacy Reading core instruction reading aloud Tier 1Heading into school last weekend, the books I was bringing back tumbled out of my bag and onto the sidewalk. Some nonfiction, a graphic novel, many titles from the Who Was…? series. Scooping them back into the bag, one of my teachers stepped out of the front doors.

Joint Finance Committee Launches Assault on Wisconsin Retirement System #wiedu

Reading By Example

According to Pew Research, the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) is fully funded to meet all of their obligations (Source: [link] ). Advocacy Communication joint finance committee Scott Walker Wisconsin Retirement SystemAccording to an email sent this morning from Kathleen Marsh of MoveOn.org, The Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee has inserted an anonymous #999 stealth provision (27a p.

The Many Formats of Book Club

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

The family book club read at home on their own and we held one face-to-face meeting at the end of the book. Advocacy event reader's advisory Reading Promotion author book club discussion family engagement google hangout readers reading reading community shelley pearsall skype virtual author visitFor the first quarter of the year, I’ve been exploring how to start book clubs in our school in a variety of ways.

How we stopped using Accelerated Reader

Reading By Example

At the next staff meeting, we shared these commitments, answered any questions about their meaning and intent, and then held an anonymous vote via Google Forms. Advocacy classroom instruction Community Leader as a Reader Leadership Literacy Metaphors PLCs principal as an advocate qualitative data quantitative data Reading Teaching Technology beliefs Biblionasium collective commitments kidblog Peter Johnston Regie Routman What Works Clearinghouse

It’s Time to Plan World Read Aloud Week 2018

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Part of the fun is meeting new friends, planning your read alouds, and seeing what magical things happen during your connection that you weren’t even expecting. Advocacy authors event collaboration connected learning connecting global audience global collaboration google hangout illustrators read aloud skype World Read Aloud DayIt’s time for us all to start making plans and building excitement for World Read Aloud Day 2018 with Litworld.

When Vendors Listen to Students

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Recently, during a student book budget meeting, we met with Jim Boon from Capstone. Advocacy book budgets Lesson amplification Amy Cox capstone signs student book budgets student voice vendorsStudent voice is important to me. I love to find opportunities where students’ voices are listened to, and even more than that, acted upon. Jim always listens to students and makes sure they have what they need in order to purchase books for the library.

Bring an Author to Your School

Reading By Example

Our students, especially the young ones, may not truly understand where literature comes from until they meet an author in real life. Advocacy Appreciation Leader as a Reader Literacy Reading Writing author visits Johnathan Rand Lisl H. One of the best ways to increase enthusiasm for reading and writing in your school is by bringing an author on-site.

Let’s All Connect for LitWorld’s World Read Aloud Day 2016

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Part of the fun is meeting new friends, planning your read alouds, and seeing what magical things happen during your connection that you weren’t even expecting. Advocacy Connected Learning event belonging community confidence connected learning connected libraries courage flipgrid global global collaboration google docs hope kindness litworld read aloud reading strengths World Read Aloud Day wrad16

I’m a 2016 Library Journal Mover and Shaker!

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In December, I got the email with an invitation to come to ALA Midwinter in Boston for the photo shoot and first time meeting several of the 2016 Movers and Shakers. I loved touring the old and new spaces and thinking about what libraries have done for communities throughout the years and how the spaces are always evolving to meet the needs of the library members. Luckily, I did have a meeting to talk about transforming libraries with Miguel Figueroa, so I had that to talk about.

Favorite Books I Read in 2017

Reading By Example

Sherlock Holmes meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer” says one reviewer.). Advocacy Community Leader as a Reader Literacy ReadingThis is a repost from my school blog. I share my reading life with families and the community to help develop a new norm, in which everyone is a reader and writer. Take care, Matt. What do you do when you don’t know what to write?” A student asked me this during a classroom visit. My response: I read, and I find easy ways to write!

Student Agency is More Than Voice and Choice

A Principal's Reflections

However, we must not lose sight of the third element that comprises this concept, and that is advocacy. Image credit: [link] While voice and choice are more aligned with ownership of learning in the classroom, advocacy aligns with improving the school or district culture. Through the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s to the free expression movement of the 1960s to the resurgence in student voice in the 2000s, student education advocacy is alive in the US today.

Wishes and Plans: Exploring Life Challenges Through Books

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While Charlie is with her aunt and uncle, she meets a stray dog who she names Wishbone. Advocacy authors Book News Avid Bookshop Barbara O'Connor book review Candlewick Press censorship collection development diversity Farrar Straus Giroux Kate Beasley kate dicamillo new book perspective windows and mirrorsSomehow, I’ve managed to read three books recently that all feature a main character grappling with the challenge of having an absent parent.

ESSA learning more, doing more


We need to meet with the Departments of Education in our states to ensure we are part of the competitive grant programs to launch in 2017. If we are to get a piece of the funding, we have to start pushing, demonstrating how school library programs might be leveraged to meet ESSA goals right now. activism advocacy ESSA technology

Educators Take Action in the Afterschool for All Challenge

Educator Innovator

on May 22, to meet face to face with Members of Congress and urge them to co-sponsor the Afterschool for America’s Children Act —legislation supporting the innovative advances occurring between schools and community-based organizations during the out-of-school hours. If you’re feeling ambitious, click here to learn how to set up a district meeting with your local Congressional office. Afterschool Alliance Educator Innovator Blog advocacy afterschool alliance badges

Tweeting response to the NEA Opportunity Dashboard


She is composing an official letter to NEA and will meet with NEA leadership next week in Washington, DC. When I meet with them on Tuesday, I would love to be able to say that thousands of us have expressed concern. NBPTS recognizes school librarians as teachers who can be measured to meet standards for prof teaching excellence. aasl advocacy NEA Opportunity Dashboard

Connecting through Stories: 2015 World Read Aloud Day Part 2

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We got to meet her camera-shy dog, Biscuit. Advocacy Events Reading Promotion authors books collaboration connected learning litworld read aloud skype World Read Aloud Day WRAD15 Day 2 was busy. We had much smoother Skype connections and plenty of stories. Here’s a quick look at what happened. Hicks’ 3rd grade ELT students connected with Crystal Hendrix in Asheville, NC. We shared the story I’m Bored.

Taking Over Georgia Department of Education Instagram: A Lesson in Trust

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Members of our student book budget team purchased new books for our library with a James Patterson grant by surveying the school, setting goals, meeting with vendors, and marketing the order. Advocacy department of education documentation education GA DOE Instagram libraries public show your work showcasing work social media takeover thank you trust

Racial Injustice: Teaching Resources

Catlin Tucker

Making Black Lives Matter in Our Schools What We Don’t Learn About the Black Panther Party–but Should Black Muslim Meet-and-Greet: Rethinking Islamophobia Collection of articles (e.g., “A Talk to Teachers” by James Baldwin and “Black is Beautiful” by Kara Hinderlie). It has a collection of creative and artistic activities for kids, including an advocacy poem, talking points for families, and collage activity.

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap

Reading By Example

Are we certain that what the world needs is more than 50 million public school children who meet the same academic goals? Advocacy classroom instruction Community engagement Leadership Learning principal as an advocate achievement gap education week Kimberlee Everson word gapWe hear about the achievement gap , or the word gap , and then we expect public schools to fix these situations.

Student Engagement and Closing the Opportunity Gap

Reading By Example

Are we certain that what the world needs is more than 50 million public school children who meet the same academic goals? Advocacy classroom instruction Community engagement Leadership Learning principal as an advocate achievement gap education week Kimberlee Everson word gapWe hear about the achievement gap , or the word gap , and then we expect public schools to fix these situations.

#WhyNCTE15: Because we all need to know literacy

Reading By Example

Consider: How can you budget your building dollars to best meet students’ needs, when you aren’t aware that having a broad selection of authentic, high-interest literature in classrooms is essential? Advocacy Leadership Literacy Principalship Reading Soapbox Writing NCTE wsraAs #ncte15 nears the end, tell us #whyncte15 ! We can’t wait to hear your reasons! pic.twitter.com/nXJYoA0LqB. NCTE (@ncte) November 22, 2015.

Testimony in Favor of Texas SB 6 Instructional Materials Allotment


Jennifer Bergland has written about the companion bill in the House, HB 6, at the TCEA Advocacy blog here and here if you would like more detailed information. I tailored the emails depending on whether or not the senator was present at the committee meeting, but most of them looked very similar to this one: Dear Senator X, Thank you again for hearing my testimony in favor of SB 6 in the Education Committee hearing on Tuesday, March 29th.