Colleges Are Striking Bulk Deals With Textbook Publishers. Critics Say There Are Many Downsides.


And of course there are other vendors, like Elsevier and Wiley (like Jones Soda and RC) and openly-licensed resources known as OER, or open education resources (which are something like a Sodastream homebrew). SPARC, the consumer-advocacy group, said in its report that control of student data and what can be learned from it is the more important issue that colleges should pay attention to as they negotiate these new inclusive access arrangements.

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Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. The pilot, by the way, is at University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies. The “pioneer in the science of learning,” as Inside Higher Ed puts it , will help the technology company with its internal training program. I was wondering when #metoo would come to education technology.