Online Education Advocacy Group Launches as Dept. of Ed Proposes Loosening Regulations


To advocate for and on behalf of effective online teaching and learning practices, four organizations are joining forces to establish the National Council for Online Education. Department of Education about distance learning regulations. And for-profit education in the U.S.

New Advocacy Campaign Calls for Banning Facial Recognition on College Campuses.


Indeed, last week saw the launch of “ Ban Facial Recognition on Campus ,” a nationwide campaign from the nonprofit advocacy organizations Fight for the Future and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. This kind of technology has also already entered the world of education.


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Advocacy Group to DOJ: Cengage-McGraw Hill Merger Could Create a ‘Platform Monopoly’ in Education


An open-access advocacy group on Wednesday sent a formal filing to the U.S. Department of Justice opposing the proposed merger of two of the world’s largest textbook publishers, Cengage and McGraw-Hill Education. The 49-page brief argues that the merger would hurt competition, limit innovation and could lead to an eventual “platform monopoly” in education, just as Facebook dominates social networking. Education Technology Open Educational Resources (OER) Higher Education

A to Z Advocacy Advice for School Leaders


Advocacy Book Reviews advocacy Barbara R. Blackburn communications eye on education Mary Langer Thompson principals Robert Blackburn Ronald Williamson Routledge school leaders technologyTake an alphabetical tour through advocating for your school in this new book from Robert Blackburn, Barbara Blackburn and Ronald Williamson. Former principal Mary Langer Thompson shares the highlights and suggests the book can be most helpful in ed leadership classes.

Five Top Technology Trends In Special Education


(TNS) — Fueled by technological advances, changing state policies, and a continued push from advocates, ed-tech companies and researchers are crafting new tools and strategies to better serve students with disabilities. “Developers and [K-12] consumers are now very tuned in,” said Cynthia Curry, the director of the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning , more commonly known as the AEM Center. As a technology lover who is blind, Luis F.

Trends 169

Opportunities, Coding Advocacy and Credibility

If the world were perfect… But it’s not… Technically, my job is to help teachers integrate technology. I want to see kids learn in interesting ways and I don’t believe that technology is always a part of that. I am a mother and aunt who is watching her kids being “tested to comatose state”, with zero access to technology.

The Rise and Fall of Educational Technology Support in California


Over the past 40 years in California, there was a major increase, and then a recent and sudden decline, in support for educational technology. In preparing information for the 40th Anniversary of CUE (Computer Using Educators) and to document the history of legislation, policy, and funding from 1982 until 2014, it became clear that during the […]. The post The Rise and Fall of Educational Technology Support in California appeared first on OnCUE.

ISTE, Stirring the Pot, & Education Advocacy

The Daring Librarian

Just like teaching technology in isolation, it shouldn''t just happen once at a professional development in-service. I met amazing educators, collaborated with inspiring leaders and change agents, and ISTE honestly, changed my life! I wanted to passionately represent and advocate for librarians and school-based educators. I write long heated blog comments ranting & raving at education issues that irk, annoy, anger, & irritate me.

How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

Digital Promise

When used effectively, technology can greatly contribute to creating equity in schools. It removes barriers to learning materials, supports students where they are across varied learning contexts and needs, and gives educators more insight into the learning environments they’re creating. However, we can only realize these equity-centered benefits when we use technology in innovative and powerful ways. Three ways technology can help increase equity in schools.

New Approaches to Instructional Technology Coaching

Digital Promise

When suddenly propelled into distance learning last spring, educators rose to the challenge to meet the needs of students and families. Since last March, coaches have shared with us how pandemic-driven needs have shifted their approaches to coaching teachers in the integration of technology.

Thurmond’s Resolution to Expand Technology for Students and Teachers Passes Committee


SACRAMENTO – ACR 268, authored by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D-Richmond), calls for a renewed statewide focus on resources and support for technology in K-12 education. The resolution passed out of the Assembly Education Committee with unanimous and bipartisan support. “In The post Thurmond’s Resolution to Expand Technology for Students and Teachers Passes Committee appeared first on OnCUE. News advocacy Legislative Advocacy

8 Top Tips and Tons of Resources for Supporting English Learners with Technology

Teacher Reboot Camp

I’ve seen first hand how technology can be used in incredible ways to motivate and engage language learners of any age. Even with little access to technology teachers can add background music to a story or show students a short clip to spark conversation or inspire ideas for writing. 10 Uplifting Ways Students Can Use Technology. 9 Advocacy Groups & Events Enhancing ELT. “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein.

ISTE Advocacy for Education: Opportunities in Denver!

The Daring Librarian

Advocacy in Education is so more than ever. The following is from Hilary Goldmann, ISTE’s Director of Government Affairs : "Once again we have a dynamic line-up of advocacy activities at ISTE2010!! ETAN Booth - Raffle prize is an interactive white board donated by SMART, Technologies. Send a video letter to Congress – We will have flip cameras at the Advocacy Lounge and a script so attendees can send a video email to Congress.

CUE Leaders Make National Impact: Members Educate Legislators and Policymakers in D.C.


A delegation of educators traveled to Washington D.C. to have their voices heard and to advocate for students and technology last week in the nation’s capitol. The focus of the advocacy efforts was on support for E-rate, LifeLine Program, Student Data and Privacy, and fully funding Title IV of ESSA. CETPA Board Treasurer Peter Skibitzki and Ruthmary Cradler of Educational Support Systems further enhanced California’s representation. .

What the World Can Teach the US About Education Technology


Some of the conclusions may not come as a surprise in the Omidyar Network’s report on what works in scaling education technology in different regions worldwide. Governments, educators, advocacy groups and companies large and small need to work better together. By many measures, the country’s education technology ecosystem is small. And yet, Chilean education expenditure as a percent of GDP (5.35

TCEA 2011 Legislative Update Advocacy Panel


Members of Panel: Representative Scott Hochberg - Houston, TX Representative Mark Strama - Austin, TX Mr. Thomas Ratliff, State Board of Education - Mt. Pleasant, TX Mr. Scott Floyd - Technology Specialist - White Oak, TX Ms. Jennifer Faulkner, Director of Instructional Technology, Alamo Heights ISD (Moderator) Question #1: What is your vision for the use of digital content in Texas schools for the next five years and how will that content be delivered?

CUE Legislative Update – August 2019


New California Budget Allocates Increased Funding for Education and Technology Infrastructure According to Governor Newson, the 2019-2020 California Budget makes an historic investment in education for Californians, paving the path towards universal preschool, recruiting and retaining qualified educators and facilitating tuition freezes at the UC and CSU. Education leaders largely praised the education budget. News Advocacy Legislative Advocacy

Why the ‘Best’ Ideas in Education Technology and Reform Don’t Win


Education reformers and technologists often lament that the best ideas or tools don’t win. Might those failures have less to do with financial challenges or lack of product-market “fit,” than with a failure to understand the pieces and politics at play in the board game of education?

Letters for Libraries: Advocacy & Action!

The Daring Librarian

Commit to writing 3 emails or letters to Congress, the Department of Education, or your state legislature regarding library and other literacy funding. of Education **** " Improving Literacy for School Libraries will no longer be available. The FY 2011 budget absorbs this grant program, along with a variety of others, into Effective Teaching and Learning for a Complete Education. Letters for Libraries: It''s Not Just About Books.

Effective Technology Professional Learning: Leading and Collaborating to Assure Success

The Center for Public Education found that while over 90% of teachers reported that they engaged in some type of professional development during the year, most found it to be completely ineffective.”. Reid described the drive to give the teachers opportunities to pursue their education.

CUE Legislative Update – September 2018


CUE-Supported Educational Technology Resolution and Net Neutrality, and Media Literacy Legislation Passed by the California Assembly and Senate CUE Sponsored Educational Technology Resolution (ACR 268): On Thursday, August 30th ACR 268, by Assembly Members Tony Thurmond (photo), Kevin Mullin, and Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, passed the California State Assembly Floor and then on Friday, August 31st, the […]. News advocacy Legislative Advocacy net neutrality

The Importance of Technology in Education


After seeing first-hand the importance of technology in education, they joined the team at eSpark. Prior to joining the team, she taught high school integrated Algebra in a special education setting for two years in the Bronx. Check out Tablets in SPED , Shannon's webinar on how districts can use iPads and tablets to better meet the needs of special education students. I believe technology can be a means to that end.". Technology can be a great equalizer.

CUE Legislative Update – June 2020


Legislative Advocacy

Why new technologies often don’t help students

The Christensen Institute

It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of new technologies. But the truth is, breakthrough innovations rarely come from the technologies themselves. Rather, they come from finding ways to use new technologies to rethink old patterns and processes. The story of factory electrification has a parallel in education technology. With Fauteux’s success, LPS began spreading the spreadsheet-based technology and teaching practices to its other classes and schools.

New Federal Bills to Help Close the Digital Divide and Homework Gap


Legislative Advocacy

FPU Offers CUE Members Discounts on Educational Technology Masters’ Program


Fresno Pacific University has a gift for CUE members in honor of the education group’s 40 th anniversary. In celebration of CUE’s success as well as FPU’s continued partnership in providing conference/workshop credit and the Innovative Educator Certificate, FPU is offering all active CUE members a 10 percent tuition discount on the university’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology program.

CUE Leaders Make National Impact: Members Educate Legislators and Policymakers in D.C.


A delegation of educators traveled to Washington D.C. to have their voices heard and to advocate for students and technology last week in the nation’s capitol. The focus of the advocacy efforts was on support for E-rate, LifeLine Program, Student Data and Privacy, and fully funding Title IV of ESSA. CETPA Board Treasurer Peter Skibitzki and Ruthmary Cradler of Educational Support Systems further enhanced California’s representation. .

Creating your virtual library (quickly) using Slides and Bitmojis)


Educational Leadership , 63 (4), 54-59. . technology advocacy equity school libraries virtual libraries websitesWhether or not we are planning for a virtual experience in September, it is clear that we need to translate our practice.

Educating Kids for Life not for Tests

The CoolCatTeacher

Pam Moran, superintendent in Albemarle County in Virginia, shares about some cool virtual reality in Virginia, some challenges with helping new teachers get started, and how she thinks education is entering a new Renaissance of creativity and innovation. Educating Kids for Life Not for Tests. Now, last time in episode 231 , we discussed education reform in Virginia and how they have been moving away from overtesting. The goal, the end in mind was educate kids for tests.

Getting Whole Community Buy-in for 1:1 Technology Initiatives

Yet, 1:1 classrooms, BYOD, and tech-supported education are today’s reality. The why, said the presenters, should always be about impacting students’ education. In fact, every message about the technology should be focused on the students and their needs.


Does 2020 present a crucible moment for K–12 education? The answer may surprise you.

The Christensen Institute

Taking cues from the history of K–12 education, it’s no guarantee. Consider two examples of events that shifted the ground dramatically underneath schools, but resulted in two vastly different legacies: Public education’s Sputnik moment. Education Blog

Enhancing Civic Education with Game-Based Learning


We are experiencing a rising tide of advocacy for high quality civic education across the nation. Therefore, how might we leverage the power of gamification and game-based learning to enhance civic education? This blog post originally appeared on Tom Driscoll EDU.

Editorial: Screens Are NOT a Hoax


We try to keep our ears to the ground here when it comes to the public buzzing around educational technology in schools. We run camps and conferences and professional development centered around the idea of using technology well in the classroom. And while he cites data that claims technology hurts scores, it’s not hard to find data that says technology helps scores and student learning. uploads/pdf/The_Impact_of_Digital_Technologies_on_Learning_(2012).pdf.

Education Technology and the New Behaviorism

Hack Education

This is part ten of my annual look at the year’s “ top ed-tech stories ” Perhaps it’s no surprise that there was so much talk this year about education, technology, and emotional health. All the talk of the importance of “emotion” in education reflects other trends too. Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck, who was awarded the $4 million Yidan Prize for Education Research this fall.

What We Heard From Early Childhood Educators During the Pandemic Year


In February, Philadelphia-based early childhood educator Adrienne Briggs found herself in a quandary. During interviews, many early childhood educators explained that there were real consequences for this failure of agencies to coordinate.