Retraining an entire state’s elementary teachers in the science of reading

The Hechinger Report

But this fall, everyone at Viewmont Elementary School is in masks, so she has to listen more intently than usual. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed one-third of fourth graders in the state performing below the basic reading level in 2019.

The Pedagogy of Blended Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Herein lies the impetus of the work at Wells Elementary schoo l the past two years. Small-group instruction while the rest of the class is engaged in other activities Checking for understanding Differentiation Assessment (formative and summative) Feedback Elements The real power of pedagogically-sound blended activities is to empower kids to take more ownership over their learning while making the experience more personal in school.


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Does the future of schooling look like Candy Land?

The Hechinger Report

At first glance, the binders incorporating a whole year of learning at the Parker-Varney elementary school in Manchester look a little like Candy Land, the beloved game of chance where players navigate a colorful route past delicious landmarks to arrive at a Candy Castle. MANCHESTER, N.H. —

Report 112

How one city closed the digital divide for nearly all its students

The Hechinger Report

It’s just been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Rebeca Shackleford, the director of federal government relations at All4Ed, an education advocacy nonprofit. In May 2021, Think College Now elementary students sit in class after returning to in-person learning. OAKLAND, Calif.

A day in the life of a school social worker

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The three middle schools each have at least one psychologist and two or more school social workers, and each of the 11 elementary schools has at least one school psychologist and two social workers. SCHENECTADY, N.Y. Just before 7:20 a.m.

Report 107

Students Are Slipping Through the Cracks of Special Education. Schools Must Do Better.


The Power of Assessment Digging through Jason’s files and coming up empty reinforced my belief that, if we had a true district-wide RTI framework with a uniform approach to assessment, we would have uncovered Jason’s needs sooner.

New data: Even within the same district some wealthy schools get millions more than poor ones

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O’Neal Elementary School, in Elgin, Illinois, none of the third graders could read and write at grade level according to state tests in 2019. Just nine miles away sits Centennial Elementary School, where 73 percent of third graders met grade-level standards on that same test.

Data 114

Is the pandemic our chance to reimagine education for students with disabilities?

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Meghan Whittaker, director of policy and advocacy at the National Center for Learning Disabilities. I don’t think anyone’s going to say that what we were doing worked or was equitable,” said Meghan Whittaker, the director of policy and advocacy at the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Report 114

How one district went all-in on a tutoring program to catch kids up

The Hechinger Report

Last year, researchers at NWEA, an independent nonprofit assessment company, published an analysis of data from the autumn 2020 MAP Growth tests of more than 4 million public school students.

Report 111

Opting In

Reading By Example

In our Title I elementary school in Central Wisconsin, we have had students preview the computerized assessment. For these reasons, we are not only opting our son out of this year’s standardized test; we are also opting him into a performance portfolio assessment. Advocacy Assessment Leader as a Thinker Leadership principal as an advocate opting out portfolio assessment standardized testingTesting season is upon us.

Who is the new U.S. Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona?

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But I gravitated toward elementary education and once I started doing internship experiences in New Britain, it was sealed for me,” he said. I went from 25 kids to 600 at Hanover Elementary School … Now it’s over 530,000, but it’s still service to kids.”. FROM OUR PARTNER.

Report 105

Reluctance to require suicide prevention education could cost lives, but it’s complicated

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We’ve run into challenges where legislators are reluctant to pass an unfunded mandate,” said Nicole Gibson, the senior director for state policy and grassroots advocacy at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. CODY, Wyo. —

Report 105

Despite mediocre records, for-profit online charter schools are selling parents on staying virtual

The Hechinger Report

Under a 2018 law in Missouri, for example, virtual schools are paid a prorated monthly cost based on students’ completion of assignments and assessments. Elementary to High School Featured Stories online learning Parents Personalized Learning Race

What I Wish My Teacher Knew: One Question That Could Change Everything

The CoolCatTeacher

Today’s Sponsor: GradeCam is a web-based tool that lets you customize assessments with multiple choice, true/false, number grids, rubrics, and more. You know, the advocacy is not lost on them. All Subjects Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Monday Motivation Social Emotional Learning Students TeachersKyle Schwartz on episode 141 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Kids Co-Creating Curriculum

The CoolCatTeacher

Jennifer Gonzalez has released her 2018 Teachers Guide to Technology with over 200 education technology tools including tools for assessment, flipped learning, presentations, parent engagement, video engagement and more. We Don’t Have To Choose Between Assessment and Excellent Teaching. The assessment piece is important for kids. They have developed their own little curriculum, and their assessment for learning to use the drone.

We asked Asian American students what they wanted from history instruction. They say including their voices is not enough.

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But many hurdles must still be overcome by lawmakers and policymakers, before they can assess the effectiveness of the curriculum and its impact, if any, on healing societal wounds.

Climate change threatens America’s ragged school infrastructure

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per $100,000 of assessed real or personal property values. Elementary to High School climate change Funding Local News Fellowship Rural schools The WestSEWARD, Alaska — It’s always difficult for Selma Casagranda’s friends to come to her birthday parties.

The Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) Announces Recipients of its 2022-2023 Leadership Awards

eSchool News

The awards program honored 17 individuals for their extraordinary education advocacy and leadership. Latino Serving Central Office Administrator of the Year – Dan Swartz, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, Skokie School District 73.5, WASHINGTON, D.C. –

Civic Responsibility

Reading By Example

This post is a newsletter I am sending home to our elementary school families. Many American students who have basic literacy skills have yet to master the critical-reasoning and deliberation skills needed to appraise one-side or false information, assess policy alternatives, and enter into fruitful conversation with people who have opposing views. Advocacy Literacy newsletter principal as an advocate Reading media literacy Michael Rebell Phi Delta Kappan voting

New Teacher-Focused Program Launched to Drive Literacy Results for Alaska Students

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The program will utilize federal funds under the Every Student Succeeds Act, Title II and feature CORE’s Online Elementary Reading Academy (OERA), as well as individualized coaching sessions for each participating teacher. Portland, Ore., Oakland, Calif.,

Want your child to receive better reading help in public school? It might cost $7,500

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Why are we not making assessments in the schools better and more comprehensive?” In February, the pre-teen traveled to the Boston area for two days of psychological evaluations, including a thorough reading assessment.

Some Students Lose More Ground When School is Out

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It showed that ELs had lower test scores than their non-EL peers through their elementary years, but they also made academic growth similar to or at greater levels as their non-EL peers. Portland, Ore.

Latest NWEA Research Shows K12 Educational Gaps Still Wide, but Show Signs of Stabilizing

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The research examined MAP Growth assessment scores from six million U.S. PORTLAND, Ore.,

Close the Achievement Gap: 5 Specific Strategies

EdNews Daily

In elementary school, the classroom teacher often serves that function. In many middle and high schools, an advisory or advocacy program is often included. We worked with an elementary school that had multi-grade wings for long-term personalization. After you draft your questions, assess them to be sure you avoid any questions that are unlawful. There are concrete ways to implement and assess rigor in classrooms. By Barbara Blackburn and Ron Williamson.

Twice exceptional, doubly disadvantaged? How schools struggle to serve gifted students with disabilities

The Hechinger Report

Before elementary school, the boy was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and anxiety, and in kindergarten he was placed in a small, self-contained class for kids with disabilities. Often, their intelligence masks their disability, so they are never assessed for special education or don’t receive the services best suited for them. But roughly 40 elementary school students who need more individualized attention are taught in self-contained classes in grades three through five.

A Teacher’s Guide to Toxic Stress in the Classroom


Anxiety about grades and assessments is one of the major causes (outside of ACEs) of student stress.[12] The Science of Early Life Toxic Stress for Pediatric Practice and Advocacy. The link between classroom teacher burnout and morning cortisol in elementary school students.

Remote learning a bust? Some families consider having their child repeat kindergarten

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On April 20, Kentwood Elementary in Los Angeles opened its doors to students. At Creekside Elementary in Durham, North Carolina, kindergarten enrollment is down by 35 students. It was news Lauren Phillips, 37, had been waiting for.

Report 108

The Technological Transformation of Districts to Benefit All Learners

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Assessment of students has also been transformed in many cases, with a greater emphasis on students’ social-emotional well-being and behavioral characteristics, in addition to their academic achievement.

The newly reimagined Empire State Information Fluency Continuum


Different sections provide a PK-12 continuum of skills, identification of priority skills for every grade level, and graphic organizer assessments for the priority skills. The ESIFC includes a rich repository of downloadable graphic organizers to support assessment. The organizers are also available in Section 6: Assessments by Standards. Sample of Assessments by Grade Sample graphic organizer: Grade 4– Designing a Solution.

OPINION: Parents, here’s why your most important partner may be your child’s teacher (and vice versa)

The Hechinger Report

Particularly for educators in early and elementary education, they have a chance to set the course for how families imagine school and family connections. Similar to a doctor with a bedside manner that fosters respect and trust when working with patients and their families, teachers can design initial and subsequent interactions with families that demonstrate trust, collaboration and advocacy, giving them a better chance of effectively meeting the needs of students.

How Schools Struggle to Serve Gifted Students with Disabilities


Before elementary school, the boy was diagnosed with autism, ADHD and anxiety, and in kindergarten he was placed in a small, self-contained class for kids with disabilities. Often, their intelligence masks their disability, so they are never assessed for special education or don’t receive the services best suited for them. But roughly 40 elementary school students who need more individualized attention are taught in self-contained classes in grades three through five.

Education Has Been Hammering the Wrong Nail. We Have to Focus on the Early Years.

ED Surge

Moreover, children who are expelled in preschool or early elementary are 10 times more likely to be incarcerated. The value of the human potential unlocked by early education and social and emotional interventions is more difficult to assess: it is arguably limitless.

Two Lexia Learning Products Honored in the 2018 Tech Edvocate Awards


Winners and finalists were selected by a panel of educators and K-12 parents who reviewed the submissions and judged the products and services based on the extent to which they are transforming education through the development or advocacy of edtech. We’re proud to have both Core5 and PowerUp recognized as robust technology-based products that are personalizing literacy instruction for elementary and secondary students, alike,” said Lexia President Nick Gaehde.

America’s schools are crumbling. Fixing them could save lives (and the planet)

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million homes, according to the climate advocacy organization Generation180. The best assessments of the physical conditions facing American schools come from the Government Accountability Office or the American Society of Civil Engineers, she added.

Report 114

Promote Executive Functioning within School Culture

Steps to encourage a school culture that promotes executive functioning includes analyzing current systems, assessing physical or social learning environments, and providing teacher training and executive function professional development opportunities. WATCH THE EDLEADER PANEL RECORDING.

Inside a Student’s Hunt for His Own Learning Data


These days we do a lot of workshops and special projects around freedom of information and privacy issues and advocacy work because that act was passed back in 1992. You had some experience in research and advocacy for privacy before you started there, while you were a student. So in my mind, balancing the privacy risks, the risk to unfair assessment against this potential outcome that does seem positive, I just didn’t think it was worth it.

Data 111

From Testing to Transformational Change with Pam Moran

The CoolCatTeacher

Screencastify is an essential tool for making flipped lessons, student videos and creative formative assessments. The state’s just reduced that to a requirement of one science, one social studies, one math, and a reading and writing assessment. Dr. Moran has appeared on the cover of Education Week’s Digital Directions magazine as a “National Mover and Shaker” for her advocacy of a curricular digital integration model, which will be featured in an upcoming profile by Edutopia.

What If Schools Viewed Outdoor Learning as ‘Plan A’?


In May, as one school year ended and another began to loom large on the horizon, Danks and the leaders of a handful of other outdoor education advocacy groups— Ten Strands , the Lawrence Hall of Science museum in Berkeley, Calif.,

School Leadership Strategies for Preventing and Responding to Cyberattacks

After the cyberattack, the crisis response is invaluable to assess why the attack happened and develop new protocols if necessary. “It’s CoSN provides thought leadership resources, community, best practices and advocacy tools to help leaders succeed in the digital transformation.

State Spotlight: Texas’ Student-Centered Response to COVID-19


Last week , Excel in Ed hosted Commissioner Morat h and Jennifer Esterline , founder and director of Educate Texas’ Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium , for a deep dive into about the state’s COVID-19 strategy and approach.? ? . A llow s elementary schools the flexibility to add additional instructional days (up to 210 days); . Assessing Anticipated Learning Loss. With 5.4 million?students students to? serve , the Texas Education Agency?