Today’s Innovations are Tomorrow’s Practices: Adapting Learning to Meet Students

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When COVID closed the door on in-person schooling in spring 2020, one of the biggest concerns for school districts was how to address the needs of students who experience cognitive learning challenges and/or physical disabilities. Teachers are designers of learning systems.

Universal Design for Learning: Principles and Examples for 2019


So, when hearing the term universal design for learning (or UDL), it makes sense to imagine it as a blanket format that covers all students. But is that really what UDL is all about? In this guide, you’re going to learn that universal design for learning is focused […]. The post Universal Design for Learning: Principles and Examples for 2019 appeared first on Prodigy. Adaptive Learning Teaching Strategies

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How to apply the Universal Design for Learning in the classroom


The way people learn is as unique as cats’ noses. So even though students in a classroom may look alike, they each have a unique combination of background, strengths, needs and interests that affect their learning outcomes. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is thought to be the solution to the above problem. Why Universal Design for Learning in the classroom matters. UDL provides multiple means of representation. This answers the WHAT of learning.

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Tight on Goals, Flexible on Means: Universal Design for Learning Empowers Opportunity Youth

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YouthBuild USA , a Digital Promise Adult Learning Beacon , is an international intermediary for a network of 250 community-based YouthBuild programs and schools around the country. We and our partners are committed to bringing the voices and experiences of Opportunity Youth learners (low-income young people of promise, ages 16 to 24) and educators to the conversation about learning differences. UDL and Opportunity Youth. Learn More. Adult Learning Blog Educators

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5 strategies to improve the learning experience for K12 students

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The learner’s experience can transform teaching and learning. While higher ed has incorporated learner experience design into curriculum development, we’re now beginning to see a shift in K-12 education moving away from content that is simply digitized and moving toward digitalized learning, where digital technologies can create interactive, or even adaptive, learning experiences that can transform teaching and learning in the classroom.