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How does an intelligent learning platform help teachers create a truly personalized learning environment?


Some students follow you with interest, engage in discussions, and are eager to learn more. What if there is a way to give each one of these students something tailored to their needs to boost their learning engagement ? Personalized learning is currently emerging as one of the biggest trends in education. Digital field trips .

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Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2020


If e-learning came to life as a method to augment face-to-face learning, it is now an approach to education that is bigger than the traditional method it was meant to support. Educators enjoy the new means of connecting with their students, create more engaging learning materials and being able to personalize their instruction.

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How Can Technology Help Improve Teaching Efficacy in a Classroom?

Kitaboo on EdTech

At a time when learning is getting more personalized for each student, there is added pressure on teachers to deliver against the odds. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a sudden shift towards online learning not leaving teachers and students enough time to adapt to the new platform and technology.

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Ancora High School Partners with McGraw Hill to Launch New Online High School for Adults

eSchool News

The flexible, individualized and 100% online learning experience is open to learners aged 18 or older who have completed 9th grade. In 2020, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the high school dropout rate was 5.3% McGraw Hill Connect® is a complete course platform.

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How Data Science Can Help You Create Better Customer Experiences

EdNews Daily

This study of data has now grown into a dedicated field and Data Science learning is becoming a sought-after career. Data Science leverages modern technologies like AI and machine learning in continuously adapting to various scenarios where security might be a concern. learning delays. detentions. attendance.

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Learning Analytics 2018 – An updated perspective

IAD Learning

Learning analytics has been a hot topic for a while in the education industry. Not by chance, learning analytics and all its related technologies (measuring learning, artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, personalized learning, etc.) Taking action is the ultimate goal of any learning analytics process.

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‘Our Technology Is Our Ideology’: George Siemens on the Future of Digital Learning


A researcher, theorist, educator, Siemens is the digital learning guy. Siemens’ work is on the cutting edge of what’s possible in digital learning, but he doesn’t want to discuss the latest fads in education technology. “Our Rise of the robots Siemens has both an academic and an industry perspective on digital learning.