5 Ways to Help Teachers Progress in Their Use of Technology [Free Webinar]

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In this webinar, I’ll be sharing how to help teachers “innovate like a turtle.” This webinar is sponsored by Netref , an amazing solution for monitoring and managing student access at the teacher level. So, we’re having this webinar because I want to share what is working for me.

Teaching and Learning Webinar: Accessibility for All


This month’s Teaching & Learning webinar was all about better meeting the needs of all learners with some amazing tools and tips from our panelists. nancykawaja focused on iOS tools for increasing accessibility. Nancy spoke about IEP accommodations and many built-in accessibility features in iOS including Clips. To see the archive of all our Teaching & Learning monthly webinars visit our Youtube playlist.

Free Webinar: Avatars & Internet Safety

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Join us for a free webinar on Avatars and Internet Safety to kickoff L iving in the US - Bring the Textbook to Life! Tuesday night''s webinar will be an overview of resources, tips and tricks for using avatars to remind students about protecting their identities.

ThingLink + Google Drive - A Webinar

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Use these accessible and easy to embrace tools together to transform teaching and learning in amazing ways! Explore Webinar Resources Educators need a flexible toolkit of resources to meet a variety of unique personal learning needs.

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Join Our Wednesday Webinars in October

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I’m pleased to be presenting a series of webinars for MyInfinitec.org on Wednesdays in October. Each webinar is designed to help educators leverage the power of Google Docs to boost the engagement of ALL learners. Each session will take a look at ways to use the design features available in this fee and accessible mainstream suite of tools to support the principles of Universal Design for Learning, UDL. Simple K12 Webinars in October.

ICE Wednesday Webinar - Teaching Above the Line

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

This webinar will show how to use the SAMR model of technology integration as a guide for planning and implementing classroom learning experiences that take student learning to higher levels. FREE for ICE members, but you must register to receive link and instructions to access session online.

Three Digital Equity Leaders Call to Action for Students Without Home Internet Access


The CoSN Meeting the Needs of Students Without Home Internet Access webinar on September 19, 2018 reflects the growing concern and call to action for school districts, business communities and state and federal government to address what has been termed as the homework gap.

If We Talked About the Internet Like We Talk About OER: The Cost Trap and Inclusive Access

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Yesterday IHE published an article about the “ inclusive access ” programs offered by most major textbook publishers. ” What problem does the inclusive access model purport to solve? And obviously, both inclusive access and OER are about solving the cost problem.

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Access State-Reviewed Instructional Materials with SETDA’s Dashboard


As explained by Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director of SETDA, during a recent edWebinar , this searchable information will help educational leaders ensure that the materials they purchase are high-quality, aligned with their standards and goals, and accessible to all students.

Learning Never Stops

A Principal's Reflections

The digital world now provides all of us access to some fantastic opportunities. Webinars Improved bandwidth and increased access to technology have helped learning through webinars gain in popularity.

Differentiating Instruction with Technology: A Framework for Success

The CoolCatTeacher

An edWeb Webinar from the Amazing Resources Community will feature Vicki Davis presenting on April 23, 2015 at 4:00pm EST. This free webinar will include: Tips for making technology use routine and transparent. Ensuring technology is accessible for the task at hand.

SETDA Provides Tips on Equity of Access for Students Outside of School


Access to online resources including digital content, interactive education apps and websites, videos, experts and peers is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a necessity. Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director, SETDA, noted the importance of having safe WiFi access.

Webinar - "Sexual Harassment of Library Staff" on September 17th

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

A 60-minute webinar, recorded in a special Library 2.0 Register to attend live or to have access to the recordings by clicking on the "Join WEBINAR" on THIS PAGE. TO REGISTER: Click on the "Join WEBINAR" button to the top right on THIS PAGE.

5 insightful webinars for Autism Awareness Month

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During Autism Awareness Month , these five free webinars from PresenceLearning can help educators generate conversations and new ideas focused around how to support students with autism. A typical school day can be difficult for students with autism.

Free Webinar - Alan November on Teaching Critical Thinking and Web Literacy

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International education advocate Alan November will be holding a webinar titled “Teaching Critical Thinking and Web Literacy: Why Teachers are More Important Than Ever” on May 22. Webinar attendees will learn about the role critical thinking plays in web literacy and methods for teaching students to become astute consumers of media.

Tech Tools for Digital Citizenship Teaching and Learning Webinar


This month’s Teaching & Learning webinar was eye opening with new tools and projects related to teaching Digital Citizenship to students. Join EdTechTeam for our December webinar as we talk about meeting the needs of all learners.

Digital Storytelling with Interactive Images & Video, a Free Webinar

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

I'm excited to have the opportunity to present a new webinar on Simple K12 this Tuesday, Digital Storytelling with Interactive Images & Video. This webinar will feature some of the most recent work I have been engaged in, creating interactive image books for teaching and learning.

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edWeb’s Emerging Tech Hosts 50th Webinar


edWeb’s Emerging Tech community hosts 50th webinar thanks to Follett’s ongoing support. The 50th webinar Google Apps for Education had 1,475 registrations, 540 live attendees, and over 640 views so far. The next webinar will be held on Wednesday, Sept.

Webinar - "Interacting with the Homeless" on October 17th

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

"INTERACTING WITH THE HOMELESS: SAFETY, SECURITY, AND SERVICE FOR LIBRARY STAFF" A 60-minute webinar, recorded in a special Library 2.0 Register to attend live and to have access to the recordings by clicking on the JOIN WEBINAR button HERE.

Fake News or Free Speech: Is There a Right to be Misinformed? (Free webinar!)


I am delighted to participate in a free webinar next week that reaches across libraryland. The webinar will encourage thoughtful dialogue around a prevalent topic in our current political and educational climate.

Free Webinar: Options for eText: Facilitating Access and Comprehension Through Electronic Text


edWeb recently hosted a Webinar in which I discussed resources related to electronic text, sponsored by Mobile Education Store, creator of great apps such as Conversation Builder and Crack the Books. This webinar and many others are available to you for free on the edWeb site. community and go to the Webinar Archives folder to take the CE quiz. These include: iOS and Mac built-in accessibility features, Read and Write for Google and iPad, eText Platforms such as EPIC!

iPad 101 Webinar


If you feel like you could use some strategies to get your feet wet with your iPad, or know others that could use a contextual introduction to increase their comfort with integrating technology in their work, please sign up for or share my upcoming webinar for ASHA. The content of the webinar will be presented as sort of a "week in the life of an SLP with an iPad," chiefly geared toward the school setting but generalizable to other areas of practice.

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Webinar Spotlight: Are You Ready for BYOD?

Graphite Blog

In our June webinar, Rachelle Wooten, a digital learning specialist at Fort Bend Independent School District in Texas and Graphite certified educator, provides a primer on BYOD, including digital tool recommendations, classroom management tips, lesson planning, teaching tips, and more. . Research, Explore, Access, Develop, Inform, Execute, and Evaluate) for BYOD. Webinar Highlights.


PresenceLearning offers on-demand summer webinar series

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Educators who take the challenge and watch all 10 webinars between July 10, 2016 and August 10, 2016 can earn up to 15.5 Educators who watch 1 or more webinars and pass the end-of-webinar quizzes can earn up to 15.5 To sign up for the webinars, visit [link].

Recent Articles On Homelessness + Libraries | Next Week's Webinar - "Interacting With The Homeless"

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Please consider joining us for this 60-minute webinar, part of a special Library 2.0 Register to attend live and to have access to the recordings by clicking on the JOIN WEBINAR button HERE. More information on the webinar is below the articles.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

Bring Dr. Albrecht to Speak | Big Summer Webinar Sale | Rural Librarian Security

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webinar team. Dr. Steve Albrecht is available for local staff training Starting August 5th we'll have a special summer sale on webinar recordings (five days only) The " Security for Rural Librarians " webinar is August 13th From Dr. Albrecht: "As a member of Library 2.0,

Last Two Days Summer Sale | Rural Librarian Security Webinar Next Week | Emerging Technology Mini-Conference

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Webinar Recordings." webinar recordings are on sale for $45 (half-price or slightly less) when you purchase one full-priced recording, or if you have done so in the past. This 60-minute webinar, recorded in a special Library 2.0 This webinar is here to help.

Teaching with Wikipedia: Free Webinar by WVU, April 30, 10.30am-12pm EST


After you register you will receive instructions from the training organizer about how to access the live webinar. [

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Library 2.0 Webinar - "Security for Rural Librarians" on August 13th

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Join us for a 60-minute webinar, recorded in a special Library 2.0 Register to attend live, or to have access to the recordings, by clicking on the JOIN WEBINAR button HERE. ( This webinar is here to help. AUDIENCE : This webinar program is for all library employees who work in rural areas, as well as the library leadership that supervises these facilities, especially from a distance. TO REGISTER: Click on the JOIN WEBINAR button HERE.

Do’s and Don’ts for Optimizing Your School’s Network

EdTech Magazine

By Meghan Bogardus Cortez Preparing for future technology starts with the network infrastructure: Tips from K–12 experts in EdTech ’s latest webinar. Access Points Bandwidth Management Data Center Network Monitoring Networking

EdTech 163

Webinar Spotlight: Designing Agile Learning Spaces

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In February, Bill Selak and Ilsa Dohmen from Hillbrook School presented the webinar "Designing Agile Learning Spaces" in our Digital Classroom edWeb community. Webinar Highlights: 11:55 -- "If we want to create students who are lifelong independent learners, then we want to start giving them access from a really young age to manipulate their environment in a way that feels good for doing the type of work that they''re doing.

Pat Farenga's "Starting to Homeschool" Webinar Series Starts on Friday

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" Starting to Homeschool " is a series of six Webinars for those interested in starting the journey to homeschooling, or just learning more about homeschooling. The Webinars are held using Google Hangouts on Air, and shouldn''t require any special software.

Library 2.0 Webinar - Stress Management for Library Staff: Real Tools for Work and Life Balance

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"STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR LIBRARY STAFF: REAL TOOLS FOR WORK AND LIFE BALANCE" A 60-minute webinar recorded in a special Library 2.0 This 60-minute webinar session will provide you with strategies to help you cope with what’s on your “Bug List.” PAST WEBINARS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE

How to Be Smart About Data Privacy – Join the Webinar January 28th

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Do you know who has access to your private data? As part of Data Privacy Day, Stacy Martin, Senior Privacy Manager at Mozilla, will lead the webinar, “ Who is Watching You Now: How to be Smart about Data Privacy ,” on Wednesday, January 28th, at 12:00 p.m. Martin will be joining the Teach The Web Talks webinar series to share her knowledge about how to be smart online and how you can educate yourself and others about data privacy.