Review: Level Up with Lenovo’s 2nd Gen 100e Chromebook

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In today’s hybrid educational environment, Chromebooks have made learning more mobile and accessible for K–12 students. Lenovo’s 2nd generation 100e Chromebook blends practicality, affordability and ruggedness into a truly compelling package.

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Udemy’s Upskilling and Educational Content is Now Available on LenovoEDU Community

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Udemy, the world’s largest destination for learning and teaching online, today announced that the recently launched LenovoEDU community by Lenovo will offer Udemy content and pathways to course recommendations for specific careers. LENOVO is a trademark of Lenovo.

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Increase Technology Without Increasing Your Budget

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So how do you give students and teachers the access to technology that they want and need? Lenovo® offers some answers in our new guide, Eight Big 1:1 Computing Challenges, One Chromebook Solution. Download the Eight Big 1:1 Computing Challenges guide now to learn more about how Lenovo’s Chromebooks, powered by Intel® Celeron® quad-core processors, can transform classroom computing in your district. Sponsored by Lenovo® & Intel ®. Retired Whitepapers Lenovo

Be Ready for Digital Learning Today, And Tomorrow

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Ensure anywhere, anytime, any device access for students and teachers. Download the Cross-Platform Transformation eGuide by Lenovo® and Intel® to read more. You can rely on Lenovo and our education-built products, like the ThinkPad® Yoga™ Ultrabook™ with an Intel Core™ i7 processor, to support the learning needs of your students today and tomorrow. Sponsored by Lenovo® & Intel ®. Retired Whitepapers Lenovo

Report warns of need for identity, access management tech

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CoSN report delves into ways that identity and access management can strengthen student security. As school districts nationwide increasingly turn to digital content, the need for robust identity and access management technologies is growing. This, as well as the benefits of these resources and their current uses nationwide, is the focus of CoSN’s EdTechNext report, Identity and Access Management: Fundamentals for Securing Student Data and Privacy.

3 Steps to a More Accessible Classroom

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Plus, the students who struggled with attention didn't miss out on any information since they could access the content through the voice-over, the visuals in the video, and the text in the captions. It's also crucial that when you introduce a new digital learning tool into your classroom, you make sure it will be accessible to your students. Users should be able to access the content in multiple ways and without distraction. Apple Accessibility Features.

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Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher

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I use a Macbook Pro for recording and my husband has a Lenovo PC for editing. Kip then edits in Adobe Audition on his Lenovo Laptop. The only thing I DON’T like is that you lose the alt tags for the graphics and can have accessibility issues. A Behind the scenes peek at the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Google Supports Ed Tech Research into Modern Classrooms

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The Lenovo 500e Chromebook and the Dell Chromebook 5190 have cameras on two sides, stylus capabilities, large screens and a flexible design. The tech giant also announced that more Chromebooks from brands such as Acer , HP , Dell, Asus and Lenovo are coming later this year. These technologies can allow [for] individually tailored modules, free up teachers’ time and provide access to innovative lesson plans,” reads the report.

K–12 Districts Turn to Professional Services After 1:1 Rollouts

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HUSD is working toward what Keeling calls a ­one-to-one access program : The district’s 5,800 K–12 students don’t carry devices with them all the time, but they can grab one off a charging cart and use it whenever they need to. . Hoxie is now a one-to-one school district, featuring low-cost laptops such as the Lenovo 100e or convertible touch-screen tablets like the Lenovo 300e. K–12 Districts Turn to Professional Services After 1:1 Rollouts. eli.zimmerman_9856.

K-12 Districts Keep Students Safe with Web Filters and Monitors

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Each student receives either a Lenovo touch-screen laptop or a Microsoft Surface for use in the classroom and for homework. As the technology director at Harpeth Hall, Justin Dover works to provide a layer of safety for students’ internet access. K-12 Districts Keep Students Safe with Web Filters and Monitors. Andrew.Steger_zKQu. Tue, 06/25/2019 - 09:12. As the technology director at Harpeth Hall School , an independent all-girls school in Nashville, Tenn.,

5 secrets for rolling out a successful 1:1 initiative

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Create equitable access. Prior to rolling out our implementation plan, we engaged researchers from Rutgers University to conduct a study on internet access in our communities living in poverty. We found that over 90 percent of households did in fact have access to the internet, but often through a cell phone, rather than a computer or tablet. This signaled a significant gap, where students had unequal access to technology.

Discover Linux for Classroom Computing by @SamPatue


Linux operating systems are more accessible than ever and most are available for very little money. I installed it on my Lenovo Thinkpad x140e. The Software center gives users access to many of the Linux programs available including Gimp, a photoshop-style photo editor. The educational market is a challenging sales target because the users are not the buyers. School administrators make decisions about which checks get cut to whom.

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K–12 Teachers Use Augmented and Virtual Reality Platforms to Teach Biology

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The virtual space also makes lab equipment more accessible to students in schools that cannot afford the real thing or can only offer limited lab time. . Using a Lenovo Mirage Solo mixed reality headset, students can test virtual gene expression to learn about obesity or study basic laboratory safety and protocols to practice for the real thing. “We K–12 Teachers Use Augmented and Virtual Reality Platforms to Teach Biology. eli.zimmerman_9856. Thu, 03/28/2019 - 14:48.

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Microsoft’s Big Bett Updates: Free VR Curriculum and Using a Pencil as a Stylus


But there’s a method to the all new devices, features and curriculum updates, say company officials: to reinforce Microsoft’s position in the education market with tools that make learning more affordable and accessible. On this note Microsoft didn’t disappoint: seven new Windows 10 devices from Acer, Dell and Lenovo that range from $189 to $300. But one of them is particularly noteworthy: the Lenovo 300e, a 2-in-1 device with a screen that students can write on with any No.

Education Technology Trends for 2017: An Interview With Martin McKay.


Martin also serves in working groups to advise the US Department of Education on the accessibility of education materials, and Universal Design for Learning. I think 2017 is going to be an exciting year, there’s going to be a lot more cloud based technology than there was before and when classes and content are delivered in the cloud and via browsers, it means kids can access the same experience and content at home as they can in the classroom.

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Companies Invest in Preparing K–12 Students as Older Sectors Become Tech Integrated

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Since our nation’s beginning, the farm has been a foundation of American society , but too often rural communities do not have broadband access or don’t have access to the digital skills needed on today’s modern farms,” Snapp wrote in a blog post. “As Companies Invest in Preparing K–12 Students as Older Sectors Become Tech Integrated. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 09/10/2018 - 13:50.

Why #PiZero the $5 Computer Matters to Education by @SamPatue


The Mac cart is 24 Mac Book Airs, the PC cart has 24 Lenovo Thinkpads. Many of the programs I use to teach programming (Scratch, Turtle Art) are available in Raspbian and any of the web-based tools I use are also accessible (, I feel a potential pivot towards access. Even if you have always looked past Raspberry Pi microcomputers as too complex or too geeky, yesterday’s announcement of a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero is worth investigating.

Effective Technology Professional Learning: Leading and Collaborating to Assure Success

Marlo serves on K12 Education Advisory Boards for the RTM K-12 Congress and Lenovo. ClassLink empowers your students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources. By Eileen Belastock. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.

K–12 Districts Prepare Students for Careers in the Tech-Dominated Economy

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Our schools provide internet access and offer year-round career and technology classes ,” Madden says. “We FUSD’s students have access to 65,000 Windows-based devices , mostly HP laptops and desktops. Students from families with more socio-economic security are doing fine — they’ve had more technology in their lives, and their schools usually offer good access to technology,” Boyd says. K–12 Districts Prepare Students for Careers in the Tech-Dominated Economy.

How to Roll Out Chromebooks for Your District in a Jiffy

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Clinton Public Schools in Oklahoma has rolled out 200 brand-new Lenovo Chromebooks every winter for the past few years in preparation for spring testing, adding nearly 1,200 devices for its 2,300 students. The district planned its deployment over a full school year , taking teachers and IT workers on site visits to other schools and putting leftover school construction funds toward new Cisco Power over Ethernet switches and 802.11ac wireless access points.

To Re-Capture the Education Market, Microsoft Aims to Offer a Compelling Alternative to Google’s Chromebook


Like Google, Microsoft is working with companies like HP, Acer, and Lenovo to create affordable computers for students. The Lenovo N24 is designed with pen support so that students can take digitized notes by hand. billion students and a very low percentage of those students actually have access to technology on a regular basis. The more kids who are able to get access to it one way or the other—that’s good for everybody,” Hutto adds.

TCO Certified, a Sustainability Cheat Sheet


Specific TCO quality criteria for displays and projectors: Visual ergonomics (image quality, including optimal image size) Product adjustability for displays (vertical tilt, height) Video, computer interface for projectors Acoustic noise limits More than 2,800 IT products from 20 brands are currently certified, with a convenient online Product Finder offering easy access for purchasers to peruse. Lenovo, NEC, Philips, HP and ASUS offer TCO Certified display options.

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New generation of Chromebooks designed for millions of students and educators

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These convertible Chromebooks have touch and stylus capability, world-facing camera and access to millions of Android apps, so technology can flex to the needs of students, not the other way around. We’re committed to introducing even more options for the teaching needs of schools, so look out for a lineup from Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, and Lenovo and the recently announced Samsung Chromebooks —a powerful option for educators.

How Modern Learning Environments Support Numerous Pedagogies

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And with fast Wi-Fi, students can access G Suite for Education and other cloud-based educational apps on their Chromebooks. In Neosho, the IT department equipped every seventh- and eighth-grader with Lenovo Chromebooks this school year. To ensure fast internet speeds, IT staff ­blanketed the school with about 100 HPE Aruba 802.11ac wireless access points , including one AP per classroom, Harris says. How Modern Learning Environments Support Numerous Pedagogies.

Robust Networking and Data Center Solutions Power Tech Tools in the Classroom

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The district deployed 10-gigabit gateways and Cisco Meraki MR42 wireless access points (APs) at its schools, and is using advanced 24- and 48-port switches from HPE and Aruba. As a result, Artesia can better support classroom IT initiatives , including nearly 3,000 Lenovo laptops for the district’s 3,800 students. “We’re Including students’ phones, we were looking at 50 to 60 devices in a classroom, all trying to connect to an access point,” says Technology Director Tom Powers.

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30 Companies That Offer Teacher Discounts In 2016

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Lenovo. Get online access to The Gray Lady for 99 cents for four weeks, then 50% off your subscription after that. Full-time teachers can join the Theatre Development Fund and get access to discount tickets ($9 to $47) to a ton of plays, musicals and dance performances in New York City. 30 Companies That Offer Teacher Discounts In 2016. by RetailMeNot. It’s no secret that back-to-school shopping gets crazy expensive for teachers.

School STEM Labs Inspire Students, Power Innovation

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Having a dedicated space for access to advanced technology and a space where students feel empowered to engage in high-level problem-solving is critical for student development in the 21st century,” says Michael Stone, director of innovative learning for the Public Education Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to transform public education in Tennessee and has helped build digital fabrication labs in schools with the assistance of corporate and state grants. “It’s

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Don't Disregard Displays


Troxell integrated a Lenovo Tiny onto the back of each screen, providing teachers with a seamless and rich interactive experience that opened additional learning opportunities. For the elementary classrooms and some of the middle school and high school classrooms, the IFPs were mounted onto a cart with a mechanical lift to allow teachers to raise and lower the screen and grant better access to students of all heights.

Analysis: Is Higher Ed Ready for the Tech Expectations of the Teens of 2022?


million new students have been connected to high-speed access since 2013, and 98 percent of school districts now meet the Federal Communications Commission’s 100 kpbs/student goal for internet access, there remain 2.3 million more students have access to high-speed internet than did in 2013, for a total of 44.7 By 2022, they’re likely to be as much of a background expectation, as fast and pervasive internet access is today.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


This program adds full home access for students, custom curriculum alignment, performance reporting, professional development, and more. DISCOVERY EDUCATION TECHBOOKS ( ) Discovery Education announced enhancements to its Techbook series will help educators maximize instructional time by making engaging digital content even more accessible to teachers and students. Teachers access the system using their regular school Google login account.

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Ed Tech News, a New Podcast, and the Hack Education Roundup!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

and aims to address some of the obstacles to broadband adoption -- in terms of cost, access, relevance, and digital literacy. Google has worked to address many of the accessibility issues, and The Chronicle of HIgher Education reports that the issue was resolved "without any admission of wrongdoing." Yale University announced this week that its alumni would gain free access to JSTOR , an online archive of scholarly journals.