Kickboard Announces the Kickboard Skill for Amazon Alexa


real-time access to their child’s behavior in all classes as well as messages from school staff The skill allows families?real-time



An opportunity gap occurs when race, class, English proficiency, or other factors perpetuate lower achievement and access. To help K-12 districts and schools achieve equity and create environments that are safe and conducive to learning for all students, Kickboard has partnered with Overcoming Racism to develop a new professional development program called Advancing Racial Equity in Education.


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Kickboard and Aperture Education Partner to Help Schools Use Student Behavior Data to Measure Social Emotional Learning


28, 2018) — Social-emotional learning (SEL) company Aperture Education and Kickboard, which provides technology and coaching for school culture initiatives, have partnered to help schools collect, monitor and analyze data on 40 student behaviors that tie to the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (the DESSA) core SEL competencies. The DESSA SEL Inventory is available exclusively on Kickboard’s platform and is free to Kickboard customers. Charlotte N.C.

How Voice-Enabled Technology is Changing the Contours of Higher Education


Now, in her role at Amazon, Marissa explains here how the Alexa Education team is creating a connection between school and home by giving students, parents, teachers and administrators a convenient way to access school-related information and content through the power of voice.

How to Provide Help

Digital Promise

Teachers can set up structures, habits, and routines that allow students to think deeply about and access the support they need — which can also give teachers more availability to home in on individual students and skills. General help resources are accessible to all students at all (or most) times. Think of a kickboard: It allows swimmers to rest their arms as they focus on kicking. Understanding the appropriate way to seek out help is not a skill every student has.

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Why the State of Surveillance in Schools Might Lead to the Next Equifax Disaster


Here is a little-known-fact, FERPA laws regarding a parent's right to access video footage is unclear. There have been a few court cases where judges ruled that video footage obtained by school officials or other district contractors were not considered education records and were, therefore, not the right of students or parents to access. Other similar technologies include Kickboard and LiveSchool. Blaine is a student in a suburban town.