iPad Magic: 6 Ideas Every iPad Teacher Needs to Know

The CoolCatTeacher

Want to show your cursor on the iPad screen? There’s a trick for these things and more on the iPad. Today, Tony Vincent shares six ideas every iPad teacher needs to know. iPad Magic: 6 Ideas Every iPad Teacher Needs to Know. He is one of my Go To people for iPads.

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Visionary Leadership and iPads

iTeach with iPads

I saw educational leaders excited about providing their students the very best possible advantages with 1:1 iPads. When I look at what the 1:1 iPad deployment has meant for my kindergarten students, I watch them using the power of this device to maximize their learning.

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iPads for Masterful Math: Randomizing Formative Math Assessment

The CoolCatTeacher

Dr. Sean Nank’s research shows that the single biggest method for improving learning with iPads is to use online formative assessments. This intriguing research is a must listen for any school with access to technology. You do not need iPads to implement and learn from this research.

@Nearpod: Teaching Smarter with iPads


Nearpod: the iPad Teacher''s must have tool I''ve been meaning to post about Nearpod for a few weeks; however, with the ISTE conference and arranging my recent give-away (thanks Nearpod for supporting), I''ve been a bit swamped. Nearpod is a free app you can download to your iPad.

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Why is Guided Access important in Elementary Grades? | #ipaded by @SamPatue


I still don't believe in using restrictions and filters from keeping kids locked into an app, but I have found that strategic use of guided access can transform a lesson, keeping kids focused on the actual object of the lesson. My Paperless Classroom Pedagogy

8 Educational iPad Apps to Help Students Learn Physics

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

We are continually updating our lists of educational resources so that teachers and educators can have access to the latest available resources out there. iPad physics apps

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An Excellent App to Remotely Access Your Computer Through iPad or iPhone

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Splashtop Personal allows you to remotely access your desktop (Mac or Windows) from your iPad.read more. iPad remote access appsJune 11, 2017 Splashtop Personal (retail $19.99 USD) is free today and only for a limited period of time.

From Consumption to Creation on the iPad


Often times when schools go one-to-one with iPads, teachers continue to do what they’ve always done. It’s not that using technology iPads as a substitut e for pen and paper is “bad.” Safari is the iPad’s native web browser and is optimized for performance, workflow, and functionality.

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Unlocking The Learning Potential Of The iPad

TeachThought - Learn better.

Unlocking The Learning Potential Of The iPad. The iPad. To establish how we can maximize the impact of the iPad as a learning tool, we first have to establish what kind of impact we’d hope to have. 10 Secrets To Unlocking The Learning Potential Of The iPad In Education.

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Allow Devices to Access Google Classroom, Gmail, and Other Services

Teacher Tech

Deborah Alexander with How to Set a Passcode Guest blog post with Deborah Alexander On Twitter Jen Wagner noted that sometimes when families install Google things on their iPad devices that the school requires a passcode on the device.

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6 Ways to Transform Learning with iPad Integration


You’ve just been given the opportunity to use an iPad with your class and you have no idea how you should use it. With so much negative information surrounding the use of technology in schools why were you given an iPad to use with your students? Make Learning Accessible.

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Chromebooks vs iPads: Intertwining Roads


Reading Time: 5 minutes Many people have asked: are Chromebooks or iPads the ideal devices for the modern classroom? However, in 2013, they teamed up with Pearson and Los Angeles Unified School District to supply 640 000 iPads to the students in the district, in a project valued at over $1.3

Mac's Accessibility Features Teachers Should Know About

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

After we have learned about the different accessibility features embedded in iPad we move to Mac and show you what it offers in terms of assistive technology to help students with learning.read more.

App Smashing on the iPad: A Guide for the Elementary Classroom


Are you an elementary teacher looking for creative ways to integrate iPads into student learning? App Smashing is a great strategy for increasing the creative potential of the iPad. What is App Smashing on the iPad? Blog Featured Tom Daccord iPad

How to reach students without internet access at home? Schools get creative

The Hechinger Report

A lot of our kids don’t have internet access,” said Coe, who knows students who routinely head to the library or the town’s McDonald’s to get online. For students who don’t have online access, we’re happy to be able to provide this,” said Seeta Pai, executive director of education at WGBH.

Tech Tip #104: Need a File on Your iPad? Try This

Ask a Tech Teacher

Q: I have a video on my classroom computer I want to use on my iPad. A: There are ways to do that–email it to your iPad, open through DropBox–but those have issues: emailing requires extra steps and time you may not have. like email, you must put materials in DropBox to access them from there (I know–Duh, but that requires planning. I use Carbonite to make data available to my iPad. Classroom management Parent resources Tech tips ipads

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Breaking News: Today - Educreations Launches New iPad App and Turns Your iPad Into an Interactive Whiteboard


Available for the first time ever today, the new iPad app from Educreations will transform teaching. Using this app will turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard, and allow you to plan, create, and share lessons in far less time than before.

Access Your Stuff with Parallels Access

Kathy Schrock

Parallels Access screenshot Parallels Access is the coolest new program for your iPad and your Mac or Windows computer! It allows you to work with all of the programs that are on your computer on your iPad! Parallels calls it "applifying", since the programs run full screen on the iPad, but also allow you to use tapping, pinching, swiping, and scrolling as if you were using an iPad app! When tapping, the taps are right on, even on the iPad Mini!

The FREE education browser for your iPad via @TheRoverApp to view Flash Content!


Can''t access flash on your iPad? Rover is the free to download education app that streams educational Flash content to your iPad! Rover is an education app and the only education browser for your iPad designed for teachers and students of all ages.

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Word Silhouette Project with iPad


The original project utilized Mac and iPad, but I have changed it up to use iPad only for classrooms that may only have access to iPads. Don’t let the images die on the iPad!

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The Riddle Of Meaningful iPad Integration

TeachThought - Learn better.

The Riddle Of Meaningful iPad Integration. In lieu of being incredible pieces of hardware with significant learning potential, iPad adoption has produced uneven learning results thus far. Do something about iPad workflow!” by Noah Kravitz. Background.

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Tech Tip #106: Auto-add a Period, Caps Lock, When Typing on an IPad

Ask a Tech Teacher

Q: Typing on the iPad keyboard is slow. You have to access two different screens to type most messages. A: Here’s one time-saving tip: IPads and most Smartphones will add a period (which inconveniently is on the second screen) if you double-space. Education reform ipadsAs a working technology teacher, I get hundreds of questions from parents about their home computers, how to do stuff, how to solve problems. Each Tuesday, I’ll share one of those with you.

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Access to Amazon Cloud Music Comes to iPad and iPhone

The 21st Century Principal

Now users who have music in the Amazon Cloud Drive can listen to that music on their iPhone or iPad. Use your 5 GB Amazon cloud space to store music that can no be accessed from any device, whether its an Android tablet, iPhone, or computer desktop.

4 Good iPad Library Apps

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Below is a collection of some iPad apps you might want to try. Some of these apps provide access to free eBooks and several other.read moreLooking for some good library apps other than Kindle and Kobo?

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4 ways Apple may soon solve the iPad deployment headache

eSchool News

It’s no secret iPad deployments are a slog for schools. Device deployment has been a particular challenge for schools with iPads. In fact it’s been such a headache that iPad sales into schools have started to lose momentum over the last year.

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Introduction to iPads: Part 2--iPad Integration


How does a teacher start to use iPads in the classroom? While Part 1 focuses on the hardware basics, Part 2 focuses on iPad integration in the classroom. Those lessons learned apply to iPad management as well. It is an iPad app that can also be accessed from your browser.

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iPad Essentials: Working around the Barriers to YouTube Access


Doing so prevents educators from accessing many videos that have educational and language-enhancing purposes ( see a previous post on this here, if you want specifics ). Identify a video of interest and while on a computer (not your iPad), copy the video''s URL: 2.

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7 Ways to Creatively Ask Questions in the Classroom Using iPads!


The only difference is instead of having children use their dry erase boards, erasers, and expo markers, we use our iPads. With The Answer Pad''s free app, TapIt Free, my students are able to answer questions using templates I push out to their iPads. Grab your iPad.

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More iPad Apps

A Principal's Reflections

In my last post I wrote about some iPad apps that I thought were must adds for administrators and educators alike. The key for me is that I want this device to be a valuable tool in collecting data, staying in touch with my administrative team, unrestricted real-time access to my PLN, and as a form of motivation for my teachers to take more risks with technology to engage students in the learning process. Groupboard : Turns your iPad into a collaborative whiteboard.

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Guided Access feature of iPad

Comfortably 2.0

There is a great feature on the iOS6 update for your iPad. It is called "Guided Access." Perhaps you have a student that needs to use your iPad and you don''t want them snooping around your iPad. Turn on the "Guided Access" feature and lock them into ONE app. Have a student that can''t stay on task with an app? Here is how you do it

Interesting idea - Chromebook + Nexus 7 instead of just an iPad

Educational Technology Guy

Instead of a school purchasing an iPad and keyboard for all the students, what about a Chromebook and Nexus 7 for each student? An iPad starts at $500 and then add the case for $50 and keyboard for around $50 and you are at $600 for one device.

How ST Math Provides Equitable Access for Students in Special Education

MIND Research Institute

Most of the students in her classroom use ST Math with a traditional computer, keyboard, and mouse, but some require a different setup, such as an iPad clipped onto a wheelchair. “I This article features contributions from MIND's Chief Data Science Officer Andrew Coulson.

iPad Basic Training for Teachers


The Background Photo Used Under a Creative Commons License In the Spring of 2013, my school district committed to issuing an iPad to every classroom teacher. Most of the iPads would be in the hands of teachers by the end of the semester. Four to five to six hours of training on iPads ?

Want to Transform Learning? Innovate with iPad today!


Gary Darling English Teacher CrossPosted on August 26, 2016 by Gary Darling Have you ever wanted a book about teaching with the iPad that is light on jargon, gentle on the brain, with tried and tested lesson plans, valuable didactic information, and clear advice all included?

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Accessing free eBooks with Open eBooks

Class Tech Integrate

Right now, the app only works on tablets (iPad/Android), but the Open eBooks company informed me that they hope to have a web based version out later this year, so if you are a Chromebook district, keep your eye peeled!

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