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Impatient with universities’ slow pace of change, employers go around them

The Hechinger Report

The courses employers have been helping to create don’t just teach skills students need to work for Microsoft, Amazon or Google, like the highly specialized training classes that are longtime industry standards — Linux System Administration, for example, or Office 365 Fundamentals.

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Top K–12 Tech Tools for Teaching STEM

EdTech Magazine

Makerspaces have also become a way to create easily accessible STEM learning opportunities. . Computer-aided design software: There are a dozen kid-friendly CAD programs that allow budding engineers and architects to design 3D objects, from simple to sophisticated. . Google+.

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Profile of Asbury Park (NJ) Superintendent Sancha Gray


We have staff, we have a computer-based monolingual English program that parents can log in and access. We believe if we provide for our students—give them the tools that are necessary, give them access and opportunity—they will be successful and rise to the occasion.

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Software & Online ACCELERATE LEARNING STEMSCOPES SCIENCE ( ) Accelerate Learning announced a new platform using the best of CNN’s digital content to create a new science education product. This release will also now include support for Google Drive.

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Hack Education Weekly News

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” That’s Joel Rose ’s School of One software. ” The Google Memo. Via Motherboard : “ Google Employee’s Anti-Diversity Manifesto Goes ‘Internally Viral’ ” Via Wired : “Internal Messages Show Some Googlers Supported Fired Engineer’s Manifesto.” ” Via The Guardian’s Julie Carrie Wong : “Segregated Valley: the ugly truth about Google and diversity in tech.”

Education Technology and the History of the Future of Credentialing

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Students at these schools will not immediately lose access to financial aid – that’s one of the implications of an institution’s loss of accreditation – but many students are rightly concerned about their ability to finish their degrees. If you want a job as a software developer in the technology industry, you’ll need a college degree. million ads for software-developer jobs nationwide. By Google.