15 Awesome Blogs to Follow for All Your Google Needs

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The post 15 Awesome Blogs to Follow for All Your Google Needs appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Ready for more ways to keep up with all things google? Part 1: The #Google Hashtag Dictionary. Part 3: Who to Follow on Google+. 15 Blogs to Follow for All Things Google!

TCEA 2019: How One K–12 Principal Put Google Classroom to Work

EdTech Magazine

TCEA 2019: How One K–12 Principal Put Google Classroom to Work. Google Classroom has changed the game for teachers. Google Classroom Proves a Robust Organizer for K–12 Resources. As it turns out, Google Classroom has helped Neeb achieve all of her goals.

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Helping Kids Be Healthy and Whole While Learning from Home

The CoolCatTeacher

If you don’t have Google Docs, just use this PDF. Roeser) published by Springer Press in 2016 titled “Handbook of Mindfulness in Education: Integrating Theory and Research Into Practice.”

Top 10 Ways to Give Back While at Home

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If you don’t have Google Docs, just use this PDF. Roeser) published by Springer Press in 2016 titled “Handbook of Mindfulness in Education: Integrating Theory and Research Into Practice.”

Holiday Reading: 6 Books That Will Transform Your Classroom – SULS042

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The Hyperdoc Handbook by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis. [14:14] 14:14] – Book number three is The Hyperdoc Handbook by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, Sarah Landis. to access free resources and templates, and the Give One, Take One database. [18:21]

Microsoft Education Resources

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Microsoft Innovative Schools Toolkit “The Innovative Schools Toolkit is an accessible and practical guide for you and your school community to begin the journey of innovation. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

How to Migrate Your Student or Staff Email to a New Provider

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For example, you might be switching from Office 365 to G Suite (Google Apps) or vice versa. To help make your next email migration safe, fast and affordable, we’ve created a new ebook, simply titled, the Email Migration Handbook , to help guide you through the process.

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5 School Website Design Mistakes

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Your website provider should be able to integrate your website with an existing Google or Office 365 calendar. Consider a responsive web design so that your website adapts to whatever device accesses it. K-12 Website Success Handbook.

Impero Software Announces New Version of its Flagship Product ? Impero Education Pro ? at ISTE 2018


The software has been updated to include a new mental health keyword library, google authentication, and improved scalability to support larger school districts, among other features. Founded in 2002, Impero software is now accessed by over 1.5

A Bored Student Hacked His School’s Systems. Will the Edtech Industry Pay Attention?


When he started poking around these systems built by Blackboard and Follett, he found that he was able to access millions of records, things from test grades to medical records, what they eat for lunch, all kinds of things. He says he probably could have accessed more data.

LinkedIn for Students: Find or Be Found – from Sabba


When the University of Southern California sent her a letter saying that she had not been accepted because her grades were not strong enough, she wrote back and replied, “Google Me.” This post first appeared on Daily Genius. “Find and be found.”

7 Educational Transformations for Any Classroom


Many of these have been in place before, but with the latest updates in technology, and access to the world like never before, they are high priority to continue and to build upon. Also, check out the book The HyperDoc Handbook by Lisa Highfil l, Kelly Hilton and Sarah Landis.

Leveling Up Language Learners’ 21st-Century Skills with Minecraft


In addition to the language generated by the students themselves in their projects, I found that a huge amount of English was being generated as students shared tips, accessed online guides and built a common understanding. Students recorded these reflections on a Google Doc as a reference for the next time we played. And these discoveries were added to the student's Google Doc log so that descriptive or instructional language was captured and refined as necessary.

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15 Non-librarian blog(ger)s too good to miss!


If you are a Google Educator or if you work in a Google Classroom school, this is an essential resource for keeping up and moving forward. I rely on his Youtube tutorial playlists , his Google Tutorials and ebook guides in my professional development and for use with my students.

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Why a Free CMS Isn’t Ideal for School & District Websites

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There are a lot of free content management systems (CMS) out there: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Google Sites, and that’s just scratching the surface. Particularly important for public schools, you need to make sure that whoever builds your website is aware of these regulations and guidelines along with Web Content Accessibility Guides (WCAG 2.0). K-12 Website Success Handbook. Access Now >> Why a Free CMS Isn't Ideal for School & District Websites Click To Tweet.

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When an Online Teaching Job Becomes a Window into Child Abuse


There’s no handbook,” she explains. Most Chinese students learn English in school from a young age, but the tutoring platforms give them access to native speakers, who help them refine their grammar, pronunciation, and listening comprehension skills. THE DAY STARTED OUT LIKE MOST.

LinkedIn: an underused K12 search tool?


We usually encourage use of our subscription databases and share effective strategies for leveraging search engines like Google, but in my experience, Twitter, Scoop.it, Pinterest and other tools also offer rich opportunities for learning, discovery, sharing and searching. Rather than Googling a living author to assess his or her credentials or expertise in an area of knowledge, check to see if they have a LinkedIn profile.

It’s about time: a round-up of time-lining tools


The HSTRY Handbook for Teachers , a bundle of timelines, guides educators in getting started. Access HSTRY’s social studies content. It allows anyone to create and collaborate on professional-looking, media-rich, slide-based embedable timelines using a Google spreadsheet template.

21st Principal's Top 10 Web Tools for Administrators

The 21st Century Principal

link] Google Docs : I use Google Docs more often than Microsoft Office or any other Office Suite. Things like an observation sign up sheet or my student parking registration system are a breeze on Google Docs. link] Dropbox : I access Dropbox every day as well. Add the iPad and Android apps, and I can access these documents anywhere I happen to be. For example, I have used this app to create embedded versions of our student handbook and curriculum guide.

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Can also be accessed from anywhere that you have internet access, not just when you are connected to your school/district network. Productivity Don uses Google Drive to collaboratively create documents with his colleagues. Ex: Creating elementary student handbook.

What’s the Easiest-to-Use Cloud Storage Solution for Administrators and Educators?

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I have found myself with Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows Skydrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive accounts. Once I installed the desktop client, I have been saving all of my files to my Dropbox folder so I can have access on every device I use. While there are all kinds of reasons for using a cloud-based storage option like Dropbox or Google Drive. Here''s My Big Three: Any-device and any-time access to my files and folders.

25 Real Ways Minecraft is Being Used in the Classroom

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From handbooks, crafts, novels and activities, there there are so many books to blow the minds of young Minecraft fans.”. Minecraft is another way for students to tap into that creativity when they don’t have access to a craft space or wood working tools.”.

Social and Cultural Literacy Resources for Classrooms

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Anti-Racist Resources : This comprehensive, crowd-sourced Google doc (created in the wake of the Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacist rally) is a must-bookmark resource for any educator committed to combating bias and bigotry in their classroom and community.

Truth, truthiness, triangulation and the librarian way: A news literacy toolkit for a “post-truth” world


The Verification Handbooks are a wonderful lens into this complicated process.). Google and Facebook both announced that they would try to eliminate fake news from appearing in their result lists and newsfeeds by blocking fake news sources from using their ad networks.