Using School Bus WiFi to Provide Internet Access for Distance Learning


For students without Internet at home , accessing and completing online assignments can be very challenging. School bus Wi - Fi is typically used to provide Internet access to students traveling on their daily routes or to and from school events, such as football games and field trips.

Chromebook Accessibility Features


Accessibility features are an essential part of any operating system. Watch these videos and explore some of the features that can be set so that all students gain curriculum access. Chromebook Accessibility Settings. Chromebook Accessibility – YouTube Series. Locating the accessibility features. Join Rosey at the upcoming EdTechTeacher Innovation in Education event in Woodstock, Vermont April 3rd-4th.


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Create Meaningful Connections through Current Events


Join us to hear from the experts about how to get the most out of News‑2‑You and help your students connect with current events, build social‑emotional skills, and spark learning recovery. Introduce Accessible Classic Literature to Address Standards. Presenters.

Seeing Every Student and Providing Equitable Access for Each One

Instead, the goal is to make improvements for all students, as when her district improved access to algebra 1 classes, and participation by students of all ethnicities increased. The post Seeing Every Student and Providing Equitable Access for Each One appeared first on edWeb.

vFairs Integrates Zoom into its Platform to Support Large Scale Hybrid Virtual Events

eSchool News

vFairs, the leading platform for hybrid and virtual events, today announced they are integrating Zoom into their solution to deliver Zoom webinars and support remote interaction for hybrid events to bring together on-site and virtual attendees.

Introduce Accessible Classic Literature to Address Standards


This thorough overview of ULS Inspire Classics examines the differentiated levels of support that can help every student access the world’s classic literature. Introduce Accessible Classic Literature to Address Standards. Create Meaningful Connections through Current Events.

Equity Is Not Just About Access. It’s About Success.

Digital Promise

This League of Innovative Schools meeting was focused on equity, and showcased how BCPS is making strides toward providing access and opportunity for all students. Visitors also previewed a mobile innovation lab (a bus equipped with maker equipment, with a great Twitter account ), which will soon give students across the district access to maker learning opportunities.

Everything you need to run a whole school maths event.


In March it was ‘World Maths Day’ As a maths coordinator, I ran a whole school event which included class competitions, home learning and a ‘maths bee’ I have put all the resources I used into the ‘Lesson Plans / Resources’ section of this website – this links to a Google Drive folder. Click here for access. Let me know how the event goes by commenting below.

Google 116

Accessibility Tip: Provide Materials Before, Not After


Have you ever been to an event where they tell you that you'll get slides and handouts after the event or in a follow up email

Online Education Isn’t the Sideshow. It’s the Main Event.


Universities that can meet the growing needs of adult learners with high-quality, career-aligned, accessible, and affordable educational opportunities are the ones that will emerge from the pandemic as stronger, more relevant institutions.

The STEM Careers Coalition Celebrates Black Leaders in STEM with Dynamic Digital Careers Content and Exclusive Virtual Events

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Discovery Education is supporting the launch of this new content with two exclusive virtual events spotlighting the importance and value of diversity in STEM: Celebrating Black Leaders in STEM: Resource Tour.


NERCOMP Event on ‘EDU-Hacking’


If you live within range of NERCOMP (The NorthEast Regional Computing Program), then you might be interested a professional development event on November 13: “EDU-Hacking: Using the Tools and Tactics We Have to Address Our Challenges” Here’s the description: Folks at the intersection of technology, teaching, and learning have many aspirations but rarely the budget to go with it. Editorial Profession events nercomp shameless

Coachella Valley makes distanced 1:1 device access a top pandemic priority

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Aging devices that are slow and cannot access current software can have a negative impact on learning. Students with school-owned devices received a unique QR code on their iPad that was scanned during the drive-through trade in event.

Free Tools for Accessibility and Inclusive Classrooms

Accessible technologies help students with disabilities unlock their full potential by addressing a diversity of needs that include learning, visual, hearing, mobility, neurodiversity, and mental health. Pittman said that “if you can’t see what [students] need and it’s not an obvious disability then [accessibility] is something that should be addressed for all students.” Dudycha articulated that “inclusion has a new definition along with accessibility.

Discovery Education Keeps Students, Educators, and Families Connected to Curiosity Throughout November with Exciting Series of No Cost Virtual Events

eSchool News

To keep students, educators, and families connected to curiosity, Discovery Education presents six new no cost virtual events during the month of November. Details on these exciting events are as follows: STEM Careers Coalition : Tour the Resources Professional Learning Session.


EdTech Events Calendar

The Electric Educator

There are a LOT of EdTech events. As a full time technology consultant, I attend a lot of events around the country. To help you get started, I created and am now maintaining a calendar of EdTech events in the United States. I know there are other listings of events and opportunities; but here is another resource that you can use to learn more about using Technology in the classroom AND to give back to the community by sharing your knowledge and experience as a presenter.

Travel Series Travel and Medical Access


Welcome to part two of our travel series, where we cover a variety of topics on travel and access that will better prepare you for traveling with children with special needs. Travel and Physical Access. Travel and Communication Access.

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day


As you may (or may not) already know, today is “Global Accessibility Awareness Day.” ” Here at ProfHacker, we’ve written often about the importance of accessibility. Most recently — yesterday — Anastasia shared a post about making accessible games with Twine Audio. What is “Global Accessibility Awareness Day” about? Several different public events are taking place, both online and in person.

Pearson adds daily current events to curriculum

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Pearson has partnered with Listen Current to deliver daily current events and lessons to classrooms using its 6-12 literature curriculum. We are excited to partner with Pearson to engage students in listening and current events,” said Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO of Listen Current. Listen Current offers daily current events and lessons for English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science in middle and high schools.

Open Access Week 2016 Starts Today


Once again, it’s the time of year for Open Access Week , a coordinated worldwide effort to make Open Access “a new norm in scholarship and research.” ” Check out the Open Access Week site for a schedule of events taking place worldwide, a variety of blog posts , a selection of videos , and some ideas for how to get involved (at the bottom of this page ). Is your campus hosting any Open Access Week events? Profession open access

STEAMpunk Playground Makes Technology Accessible


At this event, teachers will have access to some of the best education technology has to offer. The post STEAMpunk Playground Makes Technology Accessible appeared first on CUE Blog. Photo by Danny Silva – Finding technology online is easy, but where can teachers get opportunities to try the technology out first hand? CUE conference STEAMpunk Playground, that’s where.

Renaissance Offers Unlimited, Free Access to More Than 6,500 Digital Books and News Articles

eSchool News

To highlight the importance of daily reading during the COVID-19 pandemic, Renaissance , a global leader in pre-K–12 education technology, is offering unlimited free access to myON digital books and news articles from February 1–7, 2021.

Accessibility Tip: Provide Materials Before, Not After

The Innovative Educator

The arrows point to the url & QR code provided to participants before, during, and after the Website Accessibility Summit. Easy peasy accessibility tip: Provide participants with handouts before, not after, workshops, learning opportunities, or any type of event.

App of the Week: Current events for young learners

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school year, and it covers popular current events topics such as movies, sports, holidays, or environmental issues, many of which are aligned with Common Core standards. Pros : Easy-to-understand symbols and voice options maximize accessibility.

Listening to Student Voices at Academic Events


We rarely ever have student voices represented at academic conferences and events, and yet, when they are there, I often hear faculty and faculty developers feeling there should be more of these. Faculty can bring a student to present with them at an event. We can start by having more space for student voice at local events. Our institution has had an undergraduate research conference for years, but I mean making space for student voice in faculty events.

Checklist for Accessible Teaching & Presenting

The Innovative Educator

If we really want to ensure we are including everyone in have access to what we are presenting, technology can take us even further. Here are some ideas based on recommendations from WC3 Website Accessibility Initiative to you get started. 1) Invite Technology Use Too often those without accessibility needs demonize technology, yet technology may be just the tool that is needed to include everyone.

18 Resources to Engage Students in Current Events – From Jen Carey


Engaging in current events is an important part of academic scholarship and growth. Another way to help students stay abreast of current events is to guide them towards authentic news agencies and resources, especially those that engage in social media. Many newspapers are now behind a paywall (although your local or school library may have digital access for students and teachers). Still, you can access headlines and, in most cases, a limited number of stories per month.

51 Activities and Events from Discovery Education and Partners Available to Help Educators and Communities Celebrate Earth Day

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Monday, April 19, 2021) — To celebrate the 51 st Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2021, Discovery Education and several content, corporate, and community partners present educators, students, and families 51 engaging, curated activities and events. Silver Spring, Md.


COMEUP 2020- Day 1: An Eventful And Insightful Day


Despite being a virtual event this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, COMEUP 2020 event has lived up to its standard. The first day of the event saw pitching from COMEUP Stars-120 selected startups and startups from the K-Startup Grand Challenge program. Side Events.

Renaissance Offers Unlimited, Free Access to More Than 6,500 Digital Books and News Articles

eSchool News

To highlight the importance of daily reading during the COVID-19 pandemic, Renaissance , a global leader in pre-K–12 education technology, is offering unlimited free access to myON digital books and news articles from February 1–7, 2021. In fact, research shows that kids with access to at least 500 books at home are more likely to graduate high school, while kids with minimal access to books often don’t make it past grade 9.*.

In the wake of a global pandemic, healthcare coverage ? access to care

The Christensen Institute

Insurance doesn’t help when it’s still virtually impossible to access timely care. The Institute of Medicine defines access as “the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best possible health outcomes”. For coverage to make a difference, people need to be able to access the level of care that makes sense for them, at a point in time when that care is most effective. access to care appeared first on Christensen Institute How do we address COVID-19?

As Magna Carta turns 800, free online event celebrates significance

eSchool News

Free Discovery Education event features historians and reenactments. The event marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, which established the timeless principle that no individual, even a monarch, is above the law. (AP A 30-minute live streaming event celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta–first signed on June 15, 1215–will bring together historians and other experts to explore the iconic document’s impact on the rule of law.

Teachers share tips on making makerspaces accessible to all

The Hechinger Report

The school librarian from Leander, Texas, was speaking on a panel about how to make makerspaces affordable and accessible in low-income and rural schools. While she does have access to some gadgets, any invention her students make starts off with a prototype made from cardboard. The post Teachers share tips on making makerspaces accessible to all appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

5 Ways to Participate in the Mars Rover Landing on Thursday, February 18

The CoolCatTeacher

Additionally, a small helicopter will fly on Mars from this rover which will be the first powered flight event on another planet. (The You can access and use the resources and create your own landing vehicles for experiments in your classroom.

App of the Week: Link art to historical events

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Google Arts & Culture is both a website and an iOS or Android app that provides free access to art collections from around the world. The search tool allows users to explore by museums’ collections or themes and to filter by movement, artist, historical event, historical figure, medium, and more. When students dig into a historical event, for instance, they’ll find curated stories, images, artifacts, and timelines from a wide range of collections.