A Practical Way to Increase Access to Mobile Technology Regardless of Age

A Principal's Reflections

We still have a long way to go in many places, but the increase in access provides kids with an array of innovative learning opportunities that continue to evolve. Even though the cost of mobile devices has gone down, considerable purchasing challenges persist.

Pair Activities with Mobile Devices

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Our learners love their mobile devices. However, many of our learners rarely use their mobile devices to communicate with others face-to-face or develop relationships with their peers. We can guide our learners to communicate and collaborate effectively with their mobile devices by pairing or grouping them to problem-solve and create. Check out my slide presentation ( download for free ) and the bookmarks below for pair work activities with mobile devices.

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The Key Role of Tech in Accessibility for All


Every two or three years, state and federal laws regarding accessibility in education change. However, the goal is always the same: making sure that every student, at every level (classroom, building, district), has access to the resources they need to meet their learning goals.

The challenges of mobile learning in the classroom


This is especially evident over the decade, as schools have increasingly adopted mobile learning as a signature initiative using BYOD and 1:1 programs and investing in tablets to provide their students with access to a wealth of relevant educational content and learning opportunities.

Free Tools for Accessibility and Inclusive Classrooms


Accessible technologies help students with disabilities unlock their full potential by addressing a diversity of needs that include learning, visual, hearing, mobility, neurodiversity, and mental health. Dudycha articulated that “inclusion has a new definition along with accessibility.

Keep Accessibility in Mind for Modern Learning Environments

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Keep Accessibility in Mind for Modern Learning Environments. One way to increase the accessibility of classrooms is to remove any unnecessary distractions. Educators must consider additions to assignments to ensure they are accessible for all students.

Verizon Mobile Learning Academy

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New national research indicates that training teachers to integrate mobile technology into instruction may have a positive effect on students’ standardized test scores and academic achievement. and Niemes Elementary School (Cerritos, Calif.). ISTE Mobile Learning

Digital Equity: It’s More Than Just Student Access


It’s an economic concern, as schools consider how they can ensure equal access for all. DEFINING EQUITY: EMPATHY, AUTHENTICITY, AND ACCESS Sean Wybrant, Digital Media Studies Teacher, William J. Amesse Elementary at Denver Public Schools. Amesse Elementary.

Do mobile devices stunt social-emotional skills?

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And, ownership of smartphones — mobile devices with an internet connection — has tripled in recent years among young people. A child in elementary school should not have a fully loaded computer with no filters,” she said of smartphones. “In

Mobile use rises, but school wi-fi stagnates

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Pearson/Harris Poll reveals new findings on mobile device ownership and how wi-fi access impacts learning in school. Just 68 percent of grades 4-12 students in a recent survey said they have wi-fi access at school, though 96 percent of those same students have wi-fi access at home.

The Mobile Learning Imperative in Higher Education

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The Mobile Learning in Higher Education [ INFOGRAPHIC ]. 72% of best selling apps in 2012 were aimed at PREschoolers and children in elementary school. 52% of children now have access to a smartphone or tablet. More on Mobile Learning.

Educators Want More Mobile Technologies for Classroom Use, Better PD

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The researchers also did a review of existing peer-reviewed research that focused on mobile technology and its use with special education students. Mobile technologies in particular have the ability to resonate with and support the instruction of special education students, said Richard E.

SETDA Provides Tips on Equity of Access for Students Outside of School


Access to online resources including digital content, interactive education apps and websites, videos, experts and peers is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a necessity. Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director, SETDA, noted the importance of having safe WiFi access.

My New Intel All-In-One PC, Before And After #IntelAIO (Perfect Touchscreen PC for Elementary!)


An Elementary Teacher''s Opinion Keep in mind as you''re reading this review that I am not a technology specialist. Yes… it IS the best of BOTH world… a touch screen (large and mobile) computer! The AIO is now a permanent component of our digital workstations , allowing easy access to many different learning platforms. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.

Mobile Connections and Resources

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SIGML Wiki @sigml SIGML is an ISTE special interest group for mobile learning. This wiki provides mobile learning resources, webinars, discussions and a place to connect with other educators. This site is designed to promote the networking and integration of Mobile Learning into classrooms around the world. If you want to keep up with news in the field of Mobile Learning, stay tuned to the NewsRoll to get current highlights.

5 Ways Adobe Premiere Rush Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

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I love that this works with their individual mobile phone cameras. To access these features, just toggle from Auto to Pro. Additionally, even if we are only working on mobile devices, students can make a full video with b-roll and music on any of their devices.

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Elementary school students leave school to make a difference in the world

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Elementary school teachers Pauline Roberts and Rick Joseph know that the best place to make a real-world difference is, well, in the world. So when their students set out to do just that, they let them.

Blending with Playlists

A Principal's Reflections

Wells Elementary School in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD) is one of the best examples I have seen when it comes to effective blended learning at school. blended learning personalization Personalized Learning Wells Elementary School

North Carolina School District Expands Access to Books with Online Literacy Platform from Fuel Education


Herndon, Virginia, April 23, 2018 — Although every elementary school has different student needs its teachers must support, each needs an extensive library of books for its students. Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) in Cary, NC, the 15 largest school district in the United States, has 114 elementary schools. Big Universe was a perfect answer to two questions: ‘How do we give these hundreds of students at our reading camp access to books?’

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It’s Time To Stop Teaching Kids How To Read

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Literacy ela Elementary School mid Our Best Terry Heick

Virtual Reality (VR) as a New Educational Paradigm

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The biggest reason, I think, it’s the tool to go to, is the ability for it to be in the cloud and accessible to a large number of students and to bring an unparalleled educational experience to them that you can’t re-create in the classroom.

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Kyle Pearce: How to Make Math Visual

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When I started making math more visual, I was able to access all the learners in my classroom. SolveMe Mobiles , for example, is a great tool online that really makes solving equations visual and very intuitive.

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A Tiny Microbe Upends Decades of Learning

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Blaney Elementary School in Elgin, S.C., School buses provide Wi-Fi access for downloading homework assignments, as well as lunches, at various locations in South Carolina. With everything shut down, the chronic issue of home internet access became an immense and acute challenge.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review: Awesome VR in 360

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We can bring Google Cardboard and our mobile phones into our classrooms (which I’ve certainly done, and it’s been very useful), but virtual reality is so much more. Virtual reality is here, and it is accessible.

7 Global Project Ideas from a Leading 3rd Grade Classroom

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Instantly scan and score with any mobile, desktop or document camera. In grade 2, his teacher shared a book about water and how many communities didn’t have access to clean water. Vickie has been an elementary educator in Ontario, Canada for 16 years.

Equitable Access Leads to Equitable Growth for English Language Learners

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And because math skills are a strong predictor of overall academic success , ensuring ELL students have access to quality math education is critical. Visual Instruction Increases Access to Learning. With the ST Math visual instructional program, language barriers are removed, giving ELLs access to the same level of math rigor as other students. Clay Spring Elementary (Florida). ST Math made the learning accessible to every student, regardless of background."

Nearly 60% of Teens Use Their Own Mobile Devices in School for Learning

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The ultimate learning experience for students is both highly collaborative and extremely personalized, supported by mobile devices and digital content, reports Project Tomorrow in their latest Speak Up report. Elementary schools may also be exploring various types of blended learning.

Where education systems stumble, grassroots groups step in to raise success rates

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Mobile’s two public community colleges had very low graduation rates, and those students who transferred to the local public university lost many of their credits. MOBILE, Ala. Mobile did more than just bemoan its grim statistics. Dauphin Street in Mobile, Alabama.

Home visiting in high school: Trying an intervention for toddlers on teenagers

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Each time a door opens, cigarette smoke drifts in from the mobile home his family shares next door. Like elementary and middle school home visits, high school home visits are all about relationship building. Johnathan romps with his dog, Pork Chop, in front of his home.

This Amazing South Bronx School Grows 50,000 Pounds of Vegetables a Year

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This fun, visual tool lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners. We have a Green Bronx Machine mobile classroom kitchen.

A case for educational reparations for the incarcerated

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From their analysis of a new study of social mobility, including income, Emily Badger, Claire Cain Miller, Adam Pearce and Kevin Quely wrote, “21 percent of black men raised at the very bottom were incarcerated.”

A school district is building a DIY broadband network

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Some internet-access advocates say EBS is underutilized at best, and wasted at worst, because loose regulatory oversight by the FCC has allowed most of the spectrum to fall into the hands of commercial internet companies.

50 Of The Best Video Games For Learning

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We’ve discussed before the logistics of how to teach with video games (especially for non-mobile games). A list of the most innovative games that have teaching and/or learning potential, for mobile (iPad & Android), console, or PC. Inputs and outputs for elementary reactions.

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Teaching Generation Z? Start by engaging their parents—here’s how we did it

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I currently serve as the principal at Max Larsen Elementary, a K-1 building with 516 students. We need to communicate in ways that fit with how parents access and consume information in 2017.

Buffalo shows turnaround of urban schools is possible, but it takes a lot more than just money

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1 request wasn’t about academics but access to mental health services. As a result of Say Yes Buffalo partnerships, 11 district schools currently have on-site full-service health clinics; a mobile health clinic program is set to launch next fall.