Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech

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Flipsnack: A fun way to make interactive online magazines #edtech. And then all the content and the videos and the images and links, they’re all in one spot for the kids to access. The students were creating the sports…like an ESPN type magazine in FlipSnack.

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Early Elementary: Differentiate Reading Practice

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The simple animation is captivating and each book comes with a resource guide teachers can download to access discussion points and activities. National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine is a great resource for nonfiction reading.

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SETDA Provides Tips on Equity of Access for Students Outside of School


Access to online resources including digital content, interactive education apps and websites, videos, experts and peers is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a necessity. Christine Fox, Deputy Executive Director, SETDA, noted the importance of having safe WiFi access.

Teaching isn’t Rocket Science – It’s Way More Complex

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After teaching chemistry, physics, and computer science, I became an administrator for the next 30 years with experience at the secondary, central office, and elementary levels. In 2006 I gave up my job as an elementary principal to care for my wife who had Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Colleges start looking for ways to house and feed their students who are homeless

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But on the other hand, if we really are focused on increasing access and providing these [educational] opportunities for students, we have an obligation to help support their success.” Many students also experience food insecurity, lacking regular access to healthy meals.

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With enrollment sliding, liberal arts colleges struggle to make a case for themselves

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That so important a task has yet to get past such an elementary question provides a confounding look at how far liberal arts colleges and departments have to go to make a case for themselves with students, parents and policymakers — even in a sector known for very, very slowly adapting to change. “It

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Encouraging Out-of-School Reading and Writing Habits

Digital Promise

Reading and writing for fun outside of school are related to success in school, and the upper elementary years are often when these lifelong habits are cemented.

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Q&A: Kim Buryanek on Bringing Digital Equity into Classrooms

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Our elementary schools are almost one-to-one, with a 1-to-2 ratio of devices to students. Elementary students don’t take devices home with them because we don’t see the educational need. Asking the right question about access was our first hurdle. But when we drilled down and asked what that meant, we learned some homes have Wi-Fi and others have internet access on their phones. We suspect the percentage who have robust access is below 70 percent.

Tapping into the potential of AI smart speakers to boost parental engagement


A version of this post was originally published in Teach Secondary Magazine , July 2019. said Erin Ermis , a fifth grade teacher at an elementary school in Wisconsin, regarding her experiences with Alexa-powered devices in her classroom, at ISTE just last year.

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K–12 Leaders Get Creative to Make the Case for Network Upgrades

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Two years ago, IT Services Director AJ Phillips needed to persuade her school board to purchase new network infrastructure, so she tapped her prior experience as an elementary school teacher and presented a show-and-tell. He is a regular contributor to the CDW family of technology magazines

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TCEA 2019: How One K–12 Principal Put Google Classroom to Work

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Neeb, the principal of Williams Elementary School, and Tickle, a digital learning specialist and Google Certified Trainer, presented “The Whole Ball of Wax: A Place for Everything,” on Monday. I know almost everyone at my campus is accessing this resource every day, including me.”.

3 tips for connecting students to internet resources during summer

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Access to online resources including digital content, interactive education apps and websites, videos, experts and peers is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a necessity. Provide Out-of-School Access on Devices. Out-of-School Access Chart.

From Testing to Transformational Change with Pam Moran

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Pam: I think that one of the things that particularly — in states like Virginia where the resources that localities have access to can be wildly different.

How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data


While it is believed that the barrier to district leaders and classroom teachers using more data is that they don’t have time to look at it, 33% of districts and teachers say the real challenge is that information is in too many places for them to access.

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Newseum launches free resource site

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NewseumED gives educators, students free access to content. The Newseum has launched a new online educational resources site called NewseumED , which gives teachers and students free access to curated, standards-aligned content from the Newseum’s vast collection of more than 35,000 newspapers, magazines and other artifacts. The resource is designed to meet the needs of elementary, middle and high school classrooms, as well as college students and lifelong learners.

Profile of Asbury Park (NJ) Superintendent Sancha Gray


We have staff, we have a computer-based monolingual English program that parents can log in and access. We believe if we provide for our students—give them the tools that are necessary, give them access and opportunity—they will be successful and rise to the occasion.

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Connected Adults and Children - Can there be too much monitoring using technology?

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There was a wooded area behind his home where he would play and one day he found some magazines that were hidden. As a technology coordinator in an elementary school I am a season in my educational career where technology is integrated into the classroom on a regular basis.

Organizing the Edtech Toolbox


The question is, are the teachers within a school, grade, or subject area accessing the same toolbox? Awarded Technology Director of the Year by TCEA in 2009, he has also been featured in several educational technology magazines as well as other published books on edtech.

The Open Classroom: A Perspective on Differentiated Instruction

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"New math" pedagogy was introduced in the elementary schools in the early '60s with very sketchy results. Elementary teachers were ill-prepared to execute properly, which resulted in a decade or so of students who never "got it" in math.

What it Takes to Integrate Robotics and Coding into the Classroom

EdTech Magazine

It helps explain the step-by-step nature of coding,” says Todd Burleson, resource center director for this Winnetka Public Schools District 36 elementary school. Each elementary school in the district has a makerspace within its resource center (and the fifth-to-eighth grade students have access through a related studies course), where all the robotics activities are happening. Alex writes for CDW’s Tech magazines and websites.

OPINION: Kindergarten isn’t too early to educate at-risk children about Alzheimer’s

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When my colleagues found out that my husband, an elementary school teacher, had asked me to join his school for Career Day, they were incredulous. The model brain was a hit at Achievement Prep Academy career day in Washington, D.C.

Google, Lemann Foundation Invest $6.4M to Deliver Lessons to Brazilian Teachers’ Phones


On March 22, Google and the Lemann Foundation, an education nonprofit in Brazil, announced plans for an initiative that will deliver digital lessons directly to the cellphones of elementary school teachers. million from the Lemann Foundation, which will appoint the Associação Nova Escola (an Association responsible for Nova Escola magazine and website) to run the project. they] will have access to various digital resources,” says Mizne.

An upscale Florida auction yields millions for local preschool programs

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In 2009, just over 50 percent of children entering Immokalee’s six elementary schools were considered “kindergarten ready,” as determined by Florida’s kindergarten screening exam, the Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading.

Cricket Media Highlights eMentoring Programs, TryEngineering Together and CricketTogether, at 2018 National Title I Conference


PHILADELPHIA – February 8, 2018 – Today at the 2018 National Title I Conference, Cricket Media ® puts the spotlight on its innovative corporate eMentoring programs that share the mission of Title I: “to provide students in low income communities with access to high quality educational opportunities that put them on the path to success.” CricketTogether won Best of Show from Tech & Learning magazine at ISTE 2017.


An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process


Robert Furman, Principal of South Park Elementary Center, South Park Township, PA. Noakes emphasized that the process must include an equity assessment—can all of the students and teachers access the tech outside of school? Currently, Dr. Rob serves as Principal at South Park Elementary Center outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and has truly become a sought-after leader in topics surrounding the field of education today. Department of Education) and Parents magazine.

How Modern Learning Environments Support Numerous Pedagogies

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And with fast Wi-Fi, students can access G Suite for Education and other cloud-based educational apps on their Chromebooks. To ensure fast internet speeds, IT staff ­blanketed the school with about 100 HPE Aruba 802.11ac wireless access points , including one AP per classroom, Harris says. The district standardized on a ­cloud-based learning management ­system where students can access digital learning materials and turn in school work.

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If You’re Serious About Designing Edtech Solutions, Start With the Learners


Design has gotten a lot of attention in popular culture recently, from the New York Times magazine’s Design Issue last fall, to a best-selling book about how to design a meaningful and fulfilling life. Designers aren’t the only ones who follow these steps—many educators use a similar “backward design” process to develop curriculum, and even elementary school students can benefit from using this framework.

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The Importance of Jaggedness in Personalized Learning


They are taking a similar approach in the elementary schools in addition to a blended learning model that allows students to work at their own pace with digital curricula. Department of Education) and Parents magazine.

Marjory Stoneman students give legislators a civics lesson

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Ever since the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, in which Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris murdered 12 students and one teacher, I’ve asked myself, how many have to die before we make it more difficult for people to access weapons? UNITED STATES – FEBRUARY 19: Washington, D.C.,

5 Fun Ways to Start Setting Goals with your Students Today


A lot of times, vision boards are actual boards where you post magazine and newspaper clippings, etc. Accessed 11 Jan. Accessed 11 Jan. Katie most recently worked as the Technology Integration Specialist at Runyon Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado.

Switching sides in the teacher wars

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Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist visits a first-grade class at Penn Elementary School. That same year she made Time magazine’s annual list of the most influential thinkers , joining Elizabeth Warren and Elon Musk.

Isn’t it time to stop Wikipedia shaming?


Elementary think alouds. At the elementary stage, these quotes represent talking points from our 4th and 5th graders. On the other had, a smaller number of elementary students see Wikipedia as a starting point to discover additional content.

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zSpace Unveils World’s First AR/VR Laptop


Today’s launch of the zSpace Laptop takes that experience to the next level, moving our comfortable, interactive learning experience to the accessibility and affordability of the mobile platform.”

Should we test all 2-year-olds for autism?

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The series was produced by The Hechinger Report and Columbia Journalism School’s Teacher Project , nonprofit news organizations focused on education coverage, in partnership with Slate Magazine.

Robust Networking and Data Center Solutions Power Tech Tools in the Classroom

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The district deployed 10-gigabit gateways and Cisco Meraki MR42 wireless access points (APs) at its schools, and is using advanced 24- and 48-port switches from HPE and Aruba. Although the district’s primary data center lacked proper power and cooling , Jackson focused her messaging on “all the things that would excite our district” — specifically, classroom-focused initiatives such as high-speed, ubiquitous wireless access and blended learning.