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Finch Robots are Coming to Our Library Makerspace in Fall 2015

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Our library makerspace will feature 12 Finch Robots by BirdBrain Technologies during the 2015-2016 school year. The robots are on loan to us for the entire school year, and this loan comes with the possibility of these robots being a permanent donation to our space.

Using Robots to Teach Young Elementary Students to Code

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At my school, we've been teaching coding to our lower-elementary students for the past few years, and have incorporated robots from Wonder Workshop into the activities. The students in Pre-K through 2nd grade love it when I bring the robots to class. Their enthusiasm is palpable, and the Pre-K students show a particular attachment to our robots, Dash and Dot. This involves discovery-based play using the Wonder Workshop robots (Dash and Dot) and apps.

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The Classroom or Library as a Maker Space

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They often contain the tools, machinery, and technologies associated with making – 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, high tech robotics, vocational tech machinery. Accessible, Low-Entry, High Ceiling Materials and Activities. Materials Openly and Easily Accessible.

How to Get Started With Genius Hour for Elementary Classrooms?


It can be basically anything from learning to play piano to engineering a robot. Other than that, students can have access to ipads, stationary, as well as classroom library to research their ideas. edtech elementary classroom genius hour

Students Step up to Lead Tech Implementation at Their Elementary School


Maggie is a fifth grader at Roosevelt Elementary School in Park Ridge, Illinois and in Fall 2017, she was trained to become a “TechXpert” at her school so she could coach fellow students daily during the tech lab at the LRC. In January 2016, the parent teacher organization at Roosevelt Elementary generously purchased a number of new tools for our school including Spheros, Dash and Dots, Cubelets, Snap Circuits, Osmos, Marble Mazes and a 3D printer.

Rebuilding a School Community with Maker Learning

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To ensure access to high-quality educational experiences at the high school level, students enrolled in Grades 9-12 were provided tuition to attend one of two neighboring high schools.

Tinkering in Our Open Makerspace

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

They often lead the work while I assist other students in the library or teach classes. I can think about management pieces to make the process more accessible to students. I love hearing how the elementary students and college students talk to one another.

Come for the computers, stay for the books

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Traci Chun, a teacher-librarian at Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington, and junior Ulises Santillano Tlaseca troubleshoot a 3D printing job in the library’s maker space. When my library is quiet, that’s a red flag,” said Chun.

Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


Robot teachers. The idea of a robot teacher may seem like a too futuristic concept at the moment, but it’s really an ongoing project in many schools and colleges worldwide. Robot teachers are able to work 24/7 without taking a break and don’t need a salary. Digital libraries.

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Taking Over Georgia Department of Education Instagram: A Lesson in Trust

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

My name is Andy Plemmons, school library media specialist at David C Barrow Elementary in Athens GA @barrowmediacenter I will take over the DOE account this week. Here a student shows off his robot that he built and programmed for the technology fair. gadoeteachertakeover #librariesofinstagram #makered #makerspace #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #robot #robotics #stem #steam #technology #coding #hourofcode #tlchat #proudtobeccsd.

Workbench Education Expands Partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools


In August 2017, Workbench began its initial pilot phase with a multi-day Professional Development (PD) workshop for teachers from Wildwood Elementary/Middle School (formerly Lyndhurst Elementary/Middle School). Height Elementary, Forest Park High, Ft.

What are your edtech resolutions?

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For 2019, our IT emphasis will be on cybersecurity and on high-availability, high-resiliency, high-speed wireless access to support 24 x 7 x 365 learning. Kristina Stratton, principal, Westside Elementary School, Florida. “In

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For Investors, the Future of Education Technology is now the Workplace

Leadership Lounge

The Creativity, Innovation & Research Center at Haine Elementary/Middle School was once a library. On the polished-concrete floor, children huddle around laptops, play with educational robots and craft “Shark Tank”-style pitches for inventions they’ve dreamed up.

An Epic! Take on the Future of Reading in Classrooms Around the World


the company offers an app that lets kids access unlimited books, educational videos, quizzes and audiobooks — and it’s free for educators. As many founders and investors are starting families, having kids and realizing the need to serve this large portion of our population, I look forward to seeing education become more fun and accessible to all the kids in the world.” elementary schools are using Epic!, My son Max is an avid fan, using the robots at home and in school.

PebbleGo Expands Its Reach by Adding Spanish Content and Audio


PebbleGo’s database is used by students in nearly 20% of the country’s elementary schools. The professional voiceover models correct pronunciation and fluency with no robotic text-to-speech, which helps learners develop necessary speaking skills in their second language.

This College Program Wants to Help Schools Use Technology With Intention


schools accessing high-speed broadband, and devices all but ubiquitous in the classroom, the question is no longer whether teachers and students are using technology, but how. With 99 percent of U.S.


techlearning ) Alma Technologies has announced it is allowing any SQL-based business intelligence tool, such as Tableau and Jaspersoft, to access data from its modern, student information system and learning management system. Software & Online ALMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

Not all towns are created equal, digitally

The Hechinger Report

— Inside a high-ceilinged library at Northridge High School here, seniors are typing on 16-year-old laptops donated by a local Rotary Club. We’re doing everything we can,” says Mr. Norton, as the seniors in the library close their balky laptops and head to class.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


This program adds full home access for students, custom curriculum alignment, performance reporting, professional development, and more. Principals can access unique data insights on how teachers, parents and students are using FreshGrade through monthly reports.

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Adapting to the New Classroom


Our elementary and middle schools utilize i-Ready diagnostics to form enrichment and intervention groups,” says Dr. Julia Lamons, assessment supervisor at Greene County Schools. TI-NSpire CAS BLENDING THROUGH COLLABORATION PATCH has a lending library of tech awaiting learners’ eager hands.

Here's What the ISTE Standards for Students Look Like in Five Projects


Our network includes more than 250 organizations—including early learning centers and schools, museums and libraries, after-school programs and community nonprofits, colleges and universities, ed-tech startups and major employers, philanthropies and civic leaders—all of which, like ISTE, are committed to inspiring and empowering a generation of lifelong learners. The new.

An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process

Robert Furman, Principal of South Park Elementary Center, South Park Township, PA. Noakes emphasized that the process must include an equity assessment—can all of the students and teachers access the tech outside of school? She supervises the district’s instructional technology program, instructional and digital materials adoption and distribution process, library media, gifted and talented students, and the district’s global scholars program.

What’s New: New Tools for Schools


Software & Online CAPSTONE PEBBLEGO SPANISH DATABASE FOR K-12 STUDENTS ( ) Capstone is pleased to announce its most popular PebbleGo databases are now available in Spanish.

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Do Pre-Packaged Kits Belong in Makerspaces?


Thinking on Their Feet A Makeblock kit (via flickr ) It’s not unusual to see students in grades 3-12 at Rapides Parish Library tooling around with 3D printers, virtual reality glasses (VR) and other advanced technology. library’s makerspace materials come from a retired teacher who volunteers his time and brings his own materials with him, but the balance of the supplies are kit-based. “We’ve

Discovery Education Adds Engaging New Content Supporting Social Studies, the Earth Sciences and More to Award-Winning Digital Services


Multi-language elementary math programs: New content in the series “Pharaohs and the Robot” is now available in English and Arabic in DE Streaming Plus Global. Students meet two young pharaohs in ancient Egypt who learn core math concepts from a time-traveling robot.

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Six Strategies to Help Introverts Thrive at School and Feel Understood


For example, some babies are more sensitive than others to stimuli such as loud noises; and some toddlers are more cautious when presented with novel objects, such as a robotic toy. Explore inclusive lunchroom and playground options, such as a coloring table or open library time.

As Factories Fade, Rural District Builds Makerspace to Fill Talent Gaps


High school students and teachers will have a schedule for visiting the space to access new equipment and to consult with experts that can support with their current projects. Elementary and middle school students will be able to attend field trips and summer camp programs at the space to gain exposure to project-based learning experiences with high-tech tools. We like to think of it as a souped-up public library with tech tools instead of books.

Creating Space for "Maker Moments"

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A year and a half later, I've been inspired, encountered struggles, and collected some tips and suggestions to help you develop a makerspace at your elementary school. Even though I think learning to solder is the best thing in the world, if programming robots is a student's chief interest, I must follow their lead. Our makerspace is housed in the library, but when attendance spiked beyond our expectations, we had to send overflow to a neighboring classroom.

Creating Space for "Maker Moments"

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A year and a half later, I've been inspired, encountered struggles, and collected some tips and suggestions to help you develop a makerspace at your elementary school. Even though I think learning to solder is the best thing in the world, if programming robots is a student's chief interest, I must follow their lead. Our makerspace is housed in the library, but when attendance spiked beyond our expectations, we had to send overflow to a neighboring classroom.

21 Things Every 21st Century Educator Should Try This Year (2018 Version)


One of my Ed Techs ( Ashley Pampe ) actually created a “Social Media” team on her elementary campus. The increase in ways to see virtual worlds via tools like Google cardboard and Nearpod VR , have helped bring this access to schools without the high-end cost usually associated with VR.

VR, PBL, and OERs: Four High Hopes for Learning with Edtech in the New School Year


The students at Algonquin Regional High School helped their local towns with tech support nights at local libraries. Fourth graders at High Tech Elementary School met with nearby organizations and launched their own websites and businesses to support the police department, water board, humane society, and more. I’ve seen the students in my own school get pretty excited about the robots they’ve built and programmed with code.

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Learning Revolution Free PD - Angela Maiers Tonight - LOTS of 2014 Global Education Conference Updates - Proposal Deadline, Keynotes, and Volunteering

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. The Webinars are free, but when you purchase the "Mattering IS the Agenda" toolkit you get exclusive access to the recordings. This virtual conference will be hosted in Adobe Connect and registration is free for librarians and leaders of libraries.

STEMxCon - Today Is the Final Deadline for Proposals; Great Keynotes + Sessions; Need Volunteers!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Karla Pobke Coordinator Personalised Learning Born Accessible STEM: Making Sure Accessibility is Not Just an Afterthought - Anh Bui Director of Product Strategy for Global Literacy Project-Based Learning: You''re almost doing it already!


Hack Education Weekly News

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Via Pacific Standard : “Why Is the FCC Considering Cutting Broadband Access for Students?” Jeb Bush’s lieutenant governor, as assistant secretary of elementary and secondary education, the top post at the Education Department overseeing K–12 policy.” ” Via CJR : “‘This is unprecedented’: Public colleges limiting journalist access.” ” Robots and Other Ed-Tech SF. Robots are coming for your children.

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

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Lucy Gray and I, the founders and co-chairs of this massive, worldwide, and free event, may have gotten ourselves a little behind this year on GlobalEdCon planning (with STEMxCon in September, then the Reform Symposium , Library 2.01