OPINION: Here’s why chronically underfunded HBCUs are needed now more than ever

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We appreciate President Joe Biden’s commitment to expanding HBCU funding, but believe that sustaining that effort is just a necessary first step toward creating an equitable, accessible and diverse higher education ecosystem.

Will the students who didn’t show up for online class this spring go missing forever?

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Monica Williams remembers the late May day she and first grade teacher Lizette Gutierrez reconnected with the four young siblings from Cable Elementary. No teachers from the San Antonio elementary had heard from the children since schools closed abruptly in March due to the pandemic.


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Earlier Interventions Can Reduce Long-Term Effects for Dropouts

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Lansford went on to say that access to treatment for drug or mental health issues may result in a decrease in the negative outcomes for dropouts. In addition, she said comprehensive sex education and access to birth control in high school while simultaneously working to reduce bullying in elementary schools may not only improve outcomes for those who drop out of high school, but also keep them from dropping out in the first place. (Photo: Pexels, Creative Commons).

COLUMN: Isolated in dorm rooms or stuck at home, some freshmen wonder if college is worth it

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Columnists Coronavirus and Education Elementary to High School From The Editors Desk Higher Education News Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completionSophie Fogel spent much of her first semester at the University of Pittsburgh alone in her dorm room; food shopping became a fun escape. Credit: Mollie Rothbaum.

OPINION: Four ways to support refugee students during the pandemic

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Coronavirus and Education Elementary to High School Immigration Opinion Solutions English language learners Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Mental health and trauma Parents

They didn’t turn in their work for remote school. Their parents were threatened with courts and fines

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Hayden, typically an A or B student, has had difficulty making the transition from elementary school to middle school online. His mother works at a chain food store and couldn’t stay home to care for him, so she often left him with relatives, where he had trouble accessing Wi-Fi.

Students have their own demands for school reopening

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Elementary students told Pressley they wanted more opportunities to interact with their classmates; one fourth grader suggested Zoom recess. But it is not the same as being at school, so I worry about the students who don’t have help or access to resources like I do.”.

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OPINION: We ignore middle school students at our own peril

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We need to invest in after-school programs for middle school students now more than ever, to stave off pandemic learning loss and dropouts. Elementary to High School Middle School Opinion Race and Equity achievement gap Adult learning poverty Principals Social emotional Technology access

PROOF POINTS: New wave of research shows nudging students by text is not as promising as hoped

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High school seniors were targeted, as were college dropouts who wanted to resume their studies. One of the most promising uses of technology in education seemed to be a cheap one: nudging text messages.

OPINION: Why school shutdowns are a disaster for science classes

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While pre-Ks, elementary schools and some schools for children with complex disabilities reopened in December, there is still no plan to reopen middle and high schools. Related: We must boost elementary science education.

OPINION: Why we must invest in new, innovative workforce training to fill a skills gap

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Research indicates that this kind of learning opportunity has a lifelong impact: It can help reduce dropout rates, increase on-time graduation rates and help “students apply and extend classroom learning,” according to the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE).

PROOF POINTS: Even older teens benefit from catch-up classes

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Meanwhile, interventions aimed at teenagers, such as dropout prevention programs , often disappoint. Students work on a math problem in a remedial class in New York.

Homework in a McDonald’s parking lot: Inside one mother’s fight to help her kids get an education during coronavirus

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Her cellphone’s data plan — the only way she could access the internet at home — wasn’t up to the task. Widespread lack of broadband access complicates learning. Unemployed parents have a harder time searching for work when they can’t access online listings.

Home visiting in high school: Trying an intervention for toddlers on teenagers

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The success of home visits has been well documented for infants and has been studied at the elementary and middle school level , but it’s an open question whether these visits make a difference for older students, according to some experts. Like elementary and middle school home visits, high school home visits are all about relationship building. Higher Ed K-12 News achievement gap Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education completion poverty Rural schools

Coronavirus becomes unprecedented test for teacher-student relationships

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Along with Rose, I contacted a middle and an elementary school teacher to see how they are faring. Some have banded together to call for providing internet hotspots and Chromebooks to millions of students who cannot get online or access lessons.

A college scholarship meant to help low-income, black students now serves mostly white, middle-class kids

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At the time, a third of Louisiana’s adults were high school dropouts. Black students make up 44 percent of the state’s elementary, middle and high school classes, but only 17 percent of the students who won the scholarship last year were black. Higher Ed News Funding Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Higher education affordability Law and policy Politics RaceThe new convocation center at Xavier University is seen in New Orleans, Monday, Sept.

Online prekindergarten access and funds for school counselors among bills proposed in Mississippi this year

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House Bill 187 would provide additional funding to enable school districts to employ a professional school counselor in every elementary school , with priority going to school districts with low accreditation levels. The bill states that these districts have the greatest need due to high incidences of violence, a large number of low-income students and high dropout rates.

The vast majority of students with disabilities don’t get a college degree

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Jacqueline Reis, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, said that while the state had focused on helping special education students transition out of high school before Dracut, the ruling did have an impact. “It K-12 News Graduation and dropouts Higher education access Special educationAdam Salomon at his high school graduation. Salomon’s mother, Karen, says he was not prepared for life after high school.

The messy reality of personalized learning

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In tiny Foster, Rhode Island, teachers at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School use high-tech methods to teach a largely rural, off-the-grid population. Down Route 6, not far from the Shady Acres Restaurant and Dairy, is Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School. Two years ago, Isaac Paine Elementary won a competitive grant from the Rhode Island Office of Innovation to become a showcase “lighthouse school,” part of a statewide push to bring tech into education.

‘Backpacks full of boulders’: How one district is addressing the trauma undocumented children bring to school

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Cooper Lane Elementary School in Maryland’s Prince George’s County school district had almost 550 children, 60 percent of whom are Hispanic. Berta Romero is a counselor for English learners in Mary Harris Mother Jones Elementary school in Adelphi. ADELPHI, Md.

At this one-of-a-kind Boston public high school, students learn calculus in Spanish

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The idea behind the Muñiz Academy, named for the longtime principal of Boston’s first dual-language elementary school (the Rafael Hernandez K-8 school), was that many Hispanic students would do better in schools that support their cultural background and, with it, the Spanish language. And the dropout rate among the first Muniz cohort, the class of 2016, was just 2.5 We have to make space for them to access the content.”.

4 things innovative districts do to improve graduation rates

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Yet every student in Piedmont is given a laptop in school and to take home and, through partnerships developed by the district, can access free or low-cost broadband 24/7. Early college access for later success. South Fayette Township School District , a district just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, is creating opportunities for new skills by engaging students in practical coding and making experiences as early as elementary school.

Why decades of trying to end racial segregation in gifted education haven’t worked

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On a crisp day in early March, two elementary school gifted and talented classes worked on activities in two schools, three miles and a world apart. There are gifted dropouts. Olmsted should stop cordoning off one-third of its elementary seats for nongifted neighborhood students.

Twenty-one and in high school

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This model demands more resources than those available to a traditional high school, but given that the typical high school dropout costs the state an estimated $300,000 over their lifetime , Cesene argues that the math is elementary. He realized that some students don’t succeed on the conventional academic path, and ran a school for dropouts on Arena Boulevard. K-12 News Higher education access Solutions Technology access

Tipping point: Can Summit put personalized learning over the top?

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Basecamp schools then receive mentoring from and troubleshooting by Summit staff, as well as PLP access throughout the academic year. So it was with parents at one of the first Basecamp schools, Marshall Pomeroy Elementary in Milpitas, a small city off the southern tip of San Francisco Bay. Pleasant View Elementary in Providence, Rhode Island, for instance, started Summit with fifth-graders in 2015, and this year introduced a few aspects of the approach to fourth-graders.

In Puerto Rico, the odds are against high school grads who want to go to college

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The only way I know that this can be changed is when there’s access to higher education.”. The only way I know that this can be changed is when there’s access to higher education.”. It impedes access to institutions they might be qualified for, because it’s not being accepted.”. How is it going to be accessible? Kids like me won’t even be able to access the University of Puerto Rico.”.

STUDENT VOICE: We must offer underprivileged students more than a meager ‘stay in school’

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Eighty-five percent of students in the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District receive free or reduced-price lunch. Despite these efforts, high school dropout rates remain high. In elementary school, when I brought home reading material and worksheets, she’d sit with me at great length to make sure I understood the lessons. Higher Ed Opinion Higher education access Immigrants and RefugeesCayo Gonzalez Photo: Jonathan Zhang.

School counselors keep kids on track. Why are they first to be cut?

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Aimed at curbing dropouts, improving graduation rates and sending more kids to college and other postsecondary programs, the corps is designed to offset a growing achievement gap in this relatively affluent but increasingly diverse state. As of 2016, the most recent year for which data is available, graduation rates among participating schools had risen from 65 percent to nearly 80 percent , while dropout rates declined.

Out of the fields: In a North Carolina county where few Latino parents have diplomas, their kids are aiming for college

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Part of the disparity starts in home countries where access to education is often limited. In Guatemala and El Salvador, around a quarter of students don’t even make it through elementary school, according to the World Bank, while in Honduras, about 17 percent of children don’t get past primary school. Her parents, who emigrated from Guatemala in 2000, were among those who never made it through elementary school.

Buffalo shows turnaround of urban schools is possible, but it takes a lot more than just money

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I would have been a dropout.”. But Say Yes also provides students with support specialists like Stubbe, access to medical and dental care, mental health counseling and legal clinics, plus after-school enrichment activities, college-readiness programs and mentoring; it provides students’ parents with job-readiness workshops and referrals to housing services. 1 request wasn’t about academics but access to mental health services.

Canadian schools succeed in nudging one minority group to and through college

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To cope with a high dropout rate among indigenous students between their first and second years — about a third at the U of S don’t come back, compared to a fifth of non-aboriginal classmates — the university’s Aboriginal Student Achievement Program puts them into classes together to support each other. Sixty-six percent also offer academic support and mentorship to indigenous students starting as early as elementary school, according to Universities Canada.

School Cellphone Use Contracts Can Reduce Bullying

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Eighty-eight percent (88) of 13-17-year-olds have access to cellphones. Ninety-one (91) percent have access to computers, tablets or cellphones. More parents are sending their young children to elementary school with a smartphone. In 2014, Schargel was nominated for the Brock International Prize in Education for “demonstrating clear evidence of success in dropout prevention and for retaining students in alternative education environments. By Franklin P. Schargel.

HE Challenges: Fast changing digital teaching methods


The future looks like this: Access to college-level education will be free for everyone; the residential college campus will become largely obsolete; tens of thousands of professors will lose their jobs; the bachelor’s degree will become increasingly irrelevant; and ten years from now Harvard will enroll ten million students.”. In Ontario, Canada, for instance, the somewhat shocking facts are: 99% of all Ontario elementary and secondary students have access to computers at school.

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3 Strategies to Combat Summer Learning Loss

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NSLA states summer learning loss “ is one of the most significant causes of the achievement gap between lower and higher income youth and one of the strongest contributors to the high school dropout rate. School district leaders are aware of this, and many are taking active steps in raising awareness and developing programs that are accessible to every student, no matter their income level.

Why educators are moving away from the Station Rotation model

The Christensen Institute

The Station Rotation has consistently reigned as the most popular blended-learning model implemented by elementary schools. Of the 235 active elementary schools currently profiled in the BLU school directory , 136, or 58 percent, of them have a Station Rotation program. Many educators, particularly at the elementary school level, have rotated students among centers or stations for decades.