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Massive "Mobile MakerSpace" Resource

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Finally, you can see real-time updates by checking out our school's hashtag on social media: #GWgreats. Since we didn't have the luxury of designating an extra classroom as a “MakerSpace” we opted for a mobile-cart model.

Friday 5 — 9.25.2015

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This interactivity is terrific for all kinds of immersive experiences from tours to product demos, as well as myriad off-label uses. Their latest mobile order and pay initiative (MOP?) As internet access rises, many marketing departments are migrating to web-only surveys.

Top 7 Innovations in K-12 Education

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A lot of students with physical disabilities use the dictation software to access their computers independently. Social Media for Collaborative Learning: One cannot ignore the importance of social media. Students usually spend a lot of time on social media.

5 Reasons Why Google Vault is Not a True Archive

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As school districts search for ways to archive new data sources such as social media and mobile, Google is building self-driving cars and doesn’t seem too worried about data governance for photos, Docs and other files stored in Drive.

Are Digital Textbooks More Effective for K-12 Curriculum

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Always Accessible: Students access smartphones for around five hours a day. By creating digital textbooks for K-12 students, you can ensure that they access their course materials anytime during the day, just like their smartphone content. This allows them to access notes and complete assignments anywhere. Even if they forget or lose their device, they can still access the eBook by logging in from another device. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE.

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5 Educational Technology Trends for Digital Classrooms in 2017

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ubiquitous, mobile learning becomes an impactful way of learning f?r access t? It is no surprise then that mobile learning ?? Here are some Mobile Learning trends that are changing the face of 21st-century learning: Educational Gaming. n mobile learning f?r v????

Library in Your Pocket

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The Library in Your Pocket: Mobile Trends for Libraries View more presentations from Meredith Farkas. From her slideshare: Why should we care about Mobile Devices? 32% of Americans have used a cell phone or Smartphone to access the internet this year (source: Pew, April 2009).

10 Apps & Sites for Digital Storytelling & more!


If a tool is great, I don''t mind spending the money to access the paid version. In general, I''ve found that mobile devices (ie: iPads) work best for younger children. As students get older, I do believe there are limitations with mobile devices.

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Is Online Education Better than Traditional Education?

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Students have access to new technology which helps them learn and retain information in a far better manner. With easy access to the internet, students can browse through thousands of online learning content. This would better prepare them for their examinations, as they have access to not only their own courseware that the institute has recommended but also external and additional information. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE.