New data show some colleges are definitively unaffordable for many

The Hechinger Report

And many of these students are priced out,” said Mark Huelsman, who studies education trends as a senior analyst at the left-leaning policy organization D?mos. The post New data show some colleges are definitively unaffordable for many appeared first on The Hechinger Report. Higher Ed News Higher education access Higher education affordability Higher education completion

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Education innovation in 2017: 4 personalized learning trends to watch

The Christensen Institute

Here are four trends in personalized learning we’ll be watching unfold in the coming year: 1. The assessment instruments states ultimately choose will offer clues as to what emerging definitions of 21st-century “success” will look like; these decisions will also have major implications for content providers and publishers in the short term. As we’ve written about before , efforts to bolster nonacademic health and wellness can tackle access gaps without actually driving learning.

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What Is An Asynchronous Learning Community?

TeachThought - Learn better.

Not all asynchronous learning is the same and new trends emerge as new technology emerges–and more importantly, our collective definitions and vision for what learning is and might be change with them. their workflows, favored information sources, device use, cloud access, etc.).

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Tired Edtech Trends That Teachers Wish Would Retire: From the Floor of ISTE 2017


But while EdSurge paced the ISTE floor on June 25-28 in San Antonio, Texas, we decided to ask a slightly different question: What edtech trends, products, and buzzwords do you wish would retire—for good? Tara Linney: The piece of tech is definitely different apps that exist for the sole purpose of replacing a quiz. Stew Greenberg Stew Greenberg: Definitely digital scantrons.

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The Business of 'Ed-Tech Trends'

Hack Education

This is part eleven of my annual look at the year’s “ top ed-tech stories ” In May, venture capitalist and former securities analyst Mary Meeker released her annual “Internet Trends” report. Among the major trends Meeker identified for 2017: mobile advertising, gaming, and healthcare. And it raises a number of questions, I think: how good is Mary Meeker at actually identifying and analyzing Internet trends? Is this really a trend?

10 Inspired Tech Trends Every Teacher Should Know About


The bevy of tech tips and trends brightening their classrooms—including 360-degree video, thoughtful ways to use Alexa, and the sleeper Google tool for improving note-taking and research. I think the phenomena of the infographic syllabus has been an effort by many teachers to make that document more accessible, more real,” she explains. “We It’s back to school season, and these teachers are excited.

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Future Trends Forum #8, with Jim Groom: full recording, notes, and Storify

Bryan Alexander

On March 30 we had Jim Groom as our Future Trends Forum guest. But other departments already provide the backbone (internet connectivity, access to hardware, etc) and can afford – even desire – to let Domain projects go on. A: Short answer: no, it’s definitely possible. Future Trends Forum Bava FTTEDiscussion was very rapid, so watch and listen to the recording below, and/or read my notes, with a pile of links therein.

Future Trends Forum #8, with Jim Groom: full recording, notes, and Storify

Bryan Alexander

On March 30 we had Jim Groom as our Future Trends Forum guest. But other departments already provide the backbone (internet connectivity, access to hardware, etc) and can afford – even desire – to let Domain projects go on. A: Short answer: no, it’s definitely possible. Future Trends Forum Bava FTTEDiscussion was very rapid, so watch and listen to the recording below, and/or read my notes, with a pile of links therein.

Wonderful World of Wearables in Education

The CoolCatTeacher

Imagine putting a high definition 3D television set inside cool goggles. Furthermore, those pictures can be stored and accessed later when needed. Memorization may become even more irrelevant as facts become more accessible. Innovation News & Trends Technology ToolsAn Epic Guide to Wearables From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Wearables are in education. Without us noticing, many of them walked through the front door.

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Learning Should Be Fun: Gaming for Adult Learners

Digital Promise

And, in the last few years, the explosion in device ownership means technology hurdles – both in access and digital literacy – are lowering. The amount of practice is also maximized by providing a playful experience accessible whenever the learner opens the app. Play, by definition, is fun. Adult Learning Blog Developers Educators Entrepreneurs Research Researchers Tools and Best Practices Trends and Thought Leadership

Revisiting #ALATTT: Trend #1: AR/VR/MR and a touch of AI


Back at ALA Midwinter, I was honored to present on LITA’s Top Tech Trends panel , with fellow panelists Kate Tkacik, Suzanne Wulf, Becky Yoose, James Neal and Cynthia Dudenhoffer. Each of us was initially assigned two trends to explore and discuss. I thought I’d break my own two ish trends and resources into two posts. Here’s the definitive answer in the form of a tweet from Springshare itself : Now, back to the session.

Bring back joy by teaching outdoors: A how-to guide

The Cornerstone for Teachers

How can we make it more accessible to all students? How can we make this happen even in urban areas with less access to nature? Making outdoor learning accessible and equitable. So how can we make it more accessible to all students?

Will this semester forever alter college? No, but some virtual tools will stick around

The Hechinger Report

Whether these trends accelerate the wholesale transformation of higher education is unclear; what is more certain is the integration of technology into it. If they didn’t like that, they definitely don’t like what they’re getting this semester.

Pandemic reduces number of high school students taking dual enrollment courses

The Hechinger Report

It definitely throws them off track,” said Samuel West, District P-16 director at Houston Community College. Generally if fewer students are taking dual enrollment that’s likely to be a net negative for college access and enrollment after a student graduates high school,” Perry predicted.

Preparing Students for Emerging Careers in an Immersive World


Transcending what we are able to convey with text, images and video alone, this content is more accessible and easier to create than ever before. Education Technology Future of Work Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Technology Trends 21st Century Skills

As admissions season descends, warning signs appear for low-income applicants

The Hechinger Report

Less-selective colleges and universities, which were desperate to fill seats as the pandemic began last spring, offered financial aid to students from higher-income families that didn’t meet the federal definition of having financial need.

Flagship universities fail to enroll Black and Latino high school graduates from their state

The Hechinger Report

The university’s admissions team resolved to reverse the trend, with urgent outreach to high school seniors who had started applications but not finished them. “We This can’t be the start of a trend,’” Gundy said.

Inventionland: A Transformational Design Course

The CoolCatTeacher

That would be definitely the way I would describe our student. I think the course has to be tailored to your school’s needs and to what your school has access to as far as technology goes. Having access to new tools like laser engravers and 3D printers, a lot of time was spent teaching students how to fluently use those tools so that when they got to the part where their moving… A lot of the concept models just use cardboard and glue guns.

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How to use podcasts in the classroom (with Listenwise)

The Cornerstone for Teachers

We are already a huge fan of the medium, but I think a lot of listeners have never used podcasts with their students or else they’ve only tried it out once or twice because the preparation can be really time-consuming if you don’t have access to good resources.

You are not alone: An honest, healing conversation about processing pandemic teaching

The Cornerstone for Teachers

And I don’t mean in a, “Oh, we should definitely have online school for all kids because of course some kids are thriving in that.” Education Trends Equity Resources Mindset & Motivation Truth For Teachers Podcast

The Hot New Education Trend That No One is Talking About

Philly Teacher

Definition from Oxford Dictionaries. When asked what the biggest challenges to integrating technology into PBL were I answered, “access.” This past week I have been spending a lot of time with some really smart educators from all over the country.

What kids stand to lose if 2020 steals kindergarten

The Hechinger Report

The trend is widespread. The Blanchets had already planned to move, but “the political climate and mismanagement of the pandemic have definitely created more of a sense of urgency,” Blanchet said.

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12 tips for work/life balance in hybrid concurrent teaching

The Cornerstone for Teachers

In the pages that follow, I’ll share 12 mindset shifts and workload strategies to help you streamline, because there definitely ARE things you can do to make this easier (or harder) on yourself. Education Trends Mindset & Motivation Productivity Strategies

3 ways to make social-emotional learning REAL for students

The Cornerstone for Teachers

His work centers around influencing systemic change and ensuring students from high-poverty communities have access to a quality education. And in these trends with SEL right now? This work must be more than just a buzzword, or the latest trend.

How to Keep Students at the Center of Your Digital Transformation


Student agency is a top priority at Frederick County Public Schools in Virginia, and it definitely shows in their approach to technology implementation. School district leaders are inundated with proposals and pitches for the hottest new trends in edtech on a regular basis—all promising to revolutionize learning and make it more student-friendly. Frederick County Public Schools will be among the first schools in North America to have access to this platform.

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How to Build a Better, More Equitable Job Hunting Platform


Suddenly there were a lot of people who definitely would have kept their jobs—whether or not they were satisfied or had a good fit—that were forced out. When they have a resource or access to something that will help, we’re all on the same team.

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Breaking the Blockbuster Model


Recently, I’ve been a part of some really good conversations around trends in grading practices , parent access to the classroom curriculum , and use of UDL. I had a couple of high-school and college professors who were amazing lecturers, but that experience definitely wasn’t accessible–nor enjoyable–for a lot of my peers. Otherwise, provide physical copies of materials so that their access isn’t curtailed.

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How to Boost Classroom Engagement With the Tech Tool That 'Always Works'


The teachers who have access to Vivi-enabled classrooms have been using more interactive tools to engage their students, so it's made them feel more confident in being able to quickly connect, share, show something, get feedback from students. And teacher mobility definitely encourages students to pay more attention to the learning and instruction that’s going on. teacher mobility definitely encourages students to pay more attention to the learning and instruction that’s going on.

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Some parts of teaching are BETTER with remote learning. Here’s how to leverage that.

The Cornerstone for Teachers

First off, if you are feeling like that, you are definitely NOT a bad teacher for enjoying this new way of interacting with your students. Marilyn said, “Online instruction allows my students near-instant access to read aloud technology that they often don’t ask for in the classroom.

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The students disappearing fastest from American campuses? Middle-class ones

The Hechinger Report

Alarmed by this trend, some universities and colleges have started channeling more financial aid to middle-class students. Institutions “are trying to just find the price point at which you will come here and at least pay me something,” said Jessica Thompson, director of policy and planning at The Institute for College Access & Success, or TICAS. We were concerned about this trend of the hollowing out of the middle class.

When a college degree is no longer a ticket to the middle class

The Hechinger Report

He asks : What are the projections for the size of the middle class assuming current economic and demographic trends? First, it’s worth noting that talking about the middle class can be tricky because there’s no universal definition. By Pew’s measure, roughly equal shares of Americans have been moving from middle to upper income status as have been falling into the lower income tier, but using a narrower definition of middle class paints a grimmer picture.

Jeff Bezos Wants to Go to the Moon. Then, Public Education.


Access to vast amounts of data, the proverbial “oil of the 21st century,” and the ability to mine and analyze it, is the real competitive advantage Amazon holds over other companies. Public education is, by its very definition, political.

How to Tame the ‘Interoperability Beast’ and Reduce Your Data Integration Burden


But with easy access to data comes visibility into students’ successes, struggles and—most importantly—their needs. So it’s not just taking information from a student information system into Canvas, but also vice versa—definitely not the easiest thing to build. Education Technology Interoperability Assessments Technology Trends School Infrastructure Big Data Data PrivacyData integration baffles even the most edtech-savvy districts.

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A few silver linings emerge in a dark time of closed schools

The Hechinger Report

She’s seen signs that online learning may create more access to higher education for some students, and she’s also come across stories of colleges pitching in to offer emergency help. DELECE SMITH-BARROW: I think these waivers will definitely change the admission cycle.

4 Reasons why an LMS is a perfect solution for digital minimalism


But there is a trend that goes against the way of life inspired by consumerism, as more and more people decide to live with less: it’s called minimalism. They don’t feel the need to follow trends or buy the newest items. In this case, less is definitely more.

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