EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 1


EdTech definitions every teacher should know. Best Online Definition – WikiPedia : “Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are ‘augmented’ by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory.”. The post EdTech definitions every teacher should know: Part 1 appeared first on NEO BLOG.

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An Expanded Definition of Student Success

Digital Promise

Erin Mote and Eric Tucker lead Brooklyn Lab Schools , a group of charter schools in downtown Brooklyn, and are focused on building systems that support an expanded definition of student success. To help accomplish their vision – that every students get not just to but through college – Brooklyn Lab leverages Cortex, a digital learning platform where student data and work can be accessed by students, teachers, parents, and administrators alike.

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New data show some colleges are definitively unaffordable for many

The Hechinger Report

It is completely infeasible to think that families can dedicate even half to three quarters of their income to put their kid through college,” never mind their entire incomes or more, said Debbie Cochrane, vice president of The Institute for College Access and Success, which tracks the debt to which many students turn to fill the gap. The post New data show some colleges are definitively unaffordable for many appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

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Definitions of Vpn Android


Android VPN happens helpful just in the event you should access sites that are blocked in US or another state. Setting up VPN on Android definitely seems to be a great notion. The post Definitions of Vpn Android appeared first on EdTechTeam. The Way to Get Started with Vpn Android? With Amahi, however, you will need to fit in the program to look after web sites. The app is simple to make use of. The Android program isn’t difficult to use.

A definitive blog about assessments in online education

Linways Technologies

If you are interested in the broader definition, we’re only happy to discuss it with you in the comments. Since everything is always online and backed up, accessibility is never an issue. What is an Assessment.

A New Definition For Equity In Education

TeachThought - Learn better.

A New Definition For Equity In Education. Each word has its own nuance, but one characteristic they share in common is access—a level, shared area with open pathways that are equidistant to mutually agreed-upon currencies. When discussing equity, there are so many convenient handles–race, gender, language, poverty, access to technology, but there may be a larger view that we’re missing when we do so. As for a definition for equity in education?

How to create accessible e-learning design


In a recent post I touched upon the subject of designing for accessibility in e-learning. The things is, there are millions of people out there who are living with some sort of disability, and they all should be able to access online learning content the same as everyone else. If you pay attention to accessibility principles when designing online courses, healthy students won’t even notice it, while this could mean the world to someone living with a physical disability.

Education Technology Duality: Nouns, Verbs, and “Everything Just Works”

More Verbs

I write a lot about a learning-focused approach to education technology, including a Learning Technology Framework , an exploration of whether we are talking learning or talking technology , or imploring education technology leaders to focus on learning. This work is embodied by the phrase, “More Verbs, Fewer Nouns,” a request to focus more on what we want to do with technology (verbs) than on the tech itself (nouns).

The Case for Expanding the Definition of 'Personalization' to Meet the Needs of the Whole Child


Technology plays a critical role in this process; not just in how students experience learning, but also in how educators access and use tools and information to leverage and enrich the time they have with their students. This definition is a reflection of what great educators have always done. Decades of research on child and adolescent development has shed powerful light on how we can best support student development.

A Definition Of Web Literacy (And How Students Can Benefit)

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A Definition Of Web Literacy (And How Students Can Benefit). When students are web literate, information becomes more accessible, and learning becomes more dynamic. If Internet access is scarce, it shouldn’t be a hindrance. Maker Party has lo-fi activities, too, so those without easy access to the Web can still learn basic Web principles. The post A Definition Of Web Literacy (And How Students Can Benefit) appeared first on TeachThought.

Free Tools for Accessibility and Inclusive Classrooms


Accessible technologies help students with disabilities unlock their full potential by addressing a diversity of needs that include learning, visual, hearing, mobility, neurodiversity, and mental health. Pittman said that “if you can’t see what [students] need and it’s not an obvious disability then [accessibility] is something that should be addressed for all students.” Dudycha articulated that “inclusion has a new definition along with accessibility.

Stop! Why the mis-definition of student equity needs to end

eSchool News

Educators noted that equity in education is not the same as equality–students should have equal access to high-quality teachers and learning resources, but equality means each student has the same support necessary to achieve success. “Equity doesn’t mean the same for everyone; it means that everyone gets what they need.” ” These wise words, from a Florida elementary school principal, get to the core of a new look at barriers to equity in education.

Teachers at ISTE Share Their Definitions of Personalized Learning.and They’re All Different


Instead of students learning 55 minutes five days a week, it’s going to open up to 24 hours, seven-days-a-week access to information and hopefully in a faster pace. Personalized learning is definitely a new way to incorporate the objectives and standards of the subject that you are teaching. Perhaps it was the soft jazz playing in the background, or the tranquil turquoise blue accenting all the signage.

How Ibram X Kendi’s Definition of Antiracism Applies to Schools


Even the definition of intelligence, and the tests and assumptions based upon that definition, exist within a racialized context. Those in power—predominantly White men who had access to and control of the academy—enacted policies to maintain their power, just as almost any dominant power does. He points to the fact that racist has a dictionary definition, one that should be applied evenly to anyone, of any race, who expresses racist ideas or who supports racist policies.

The triple threat: affordability, access, and alignment

The Christensen Institute

The theory of disruptive innovation describes two innovation strategies: sustaining innovation , which in higher education represents improvements to existing programs targeted at existing students, and disruptive innovation , which creates cheaper, simpler, more accessible products and services to reach those at the low end of the market. By definition, disruption occurs at the low end of the market.

The Problem With Expecting Student Access


This wide variety of lifestyle, income, and infrastructure can get in the way of student access to learning or our assessment of our students. and engage in deeper thinking during the school day, when they have access to their peers and their teachers. A surprising number of families still don’t have computers or access to the internet at home. I worked with a family that had no access to e-mail at home because the only internet available in their area was dial up.

Eminent Open Access: A Little Thought Experiment

Iterating Toward Openness

Via Stephen Downes yesterday, here’s an article about how to use Tor with Sci-Hub in order to privately and securely read research articles you don’t have legal permission to access. Probably from the budgets of libraries across the country that are already paying outrageous fees to lease temporary access to intentionally crippled digital versions of research articles. Terrible ideas and brilliant ones can be surprisingly difficult to tell apart.

Find Open Access Articles Faster with UnPayWall


It is a free Chrome/Firefox extension that helps you quickly find open access versions of articles you’re searching for. One of the problems of Green Open Access is that if you go to the subscription journal site, you won’t be able to see if there are open access versions of the article available. However, open access versions might exist on authors’ own websites, or institutional and subject respositories. What do you do to find open access articles?

How Can We Improve Accessibility Through Instructional Design? #DLNchat


Can proactive instructional design eliminate barriers to access for learners? Will artificial intelligence play a role in improving accessibility? On Tuesday, May 8 the #DLNchat community got together to discuss and debate: How Can We Improve Accessibility Through Instructional Design? As we often do at #DLNchat , we started with a definition of terms. Universal design is a framework of principles to achieve accessibility for the greatest number of learners.”

More on the Cost Trap and Inclusive Access

Iterating Toward Openness

My recent post about the cost trap and inclusive access prompted responses by Jim Groom and Stephen Downes. For example, in 2015 I wrote that “My ultimate goal is this: I want to (1) radically improve the quality of education as judged by learners, and (2) radically improve access to education. Ask a publisher why inclusive access is good for students and the list of reasons they will provide sounds like it came straight off a 2013 OER advocacy slide.

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How a State E-rate Coordinator Drives Digital Access

Education Superhighway

She is the current Digital Access Coordinator for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois (LTC) and an Illinois State E-rate Coordinator. We spoke with her about the challenges and triumphs she’s seen in advocating for broadband access across the state for the second installment in our new Broadband Leaders series. . How have you seen the Illinois Classroom Connectivity Initiative impact digital learning and broadband access in the state?

A Definition Of Web Literacy (And How Students Can Benefit)

Educator Innovator

When students are web literate, information becomes more accessible, and learning becomes more dynamic. Chris Lawrence, VP of Learning at Mozilla, discusses why web literacy should be added as “the fourth R” to the three cornerstones of education—reading, writing, and arithmetic—to prepare learners with the skills necessary for the digital world. “In the 21st century, web literacy unlocks the same opportunities as reading and writing.

Buncee: Versatility and Accessibility for Remote Learning


During this uncertain time, we need to turn to online educational tools that offer us versatility, ease of use, and accessibility for all students. The list below features lesson/activity ideas for both teachers AND students: Review vocabulary and definitions. One of our favorite features of Buncee is that they have partnered with Microsoft to incorporate Immersive Reader, an amazing accessibility tool.

MLTI Fall 2016 Update Notes

More Verbs

This learning focus is supported by critical pillars including learner-focused access, professional development, and leadership. Definition of Success and Measure Focus on the Learning Leadership Learning Thru Tech Team - MDOE Living More Verbs Maine Learning Technology Framework MLTI UpdateHere are notes and useful links related to the DOE MLTI Update for Fall 2016. New Staff Members.

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TEACHER VOICE: ‘With 85 percent of our students receiving free or reduced-price lunch, a major concern in our district has been a lack of access to technology and the internet’

The Hechinger Report

With 85 percent of our students receiving free or reduced-price lunch, a major concern in our district has been a lack of access to technology and the internet, so our city spent $25 million to provide devices and hotspots to families.

3 Steps to a More Accessible Classroom

Graphite Blog

Plus, the students who struggled with attention didn't miss out on any information since they could access the content through the voice-over, the visuals in the video, and the text in the captions. It's also crucial that when you introduce a new digital learning tool into your classroom, you make sure it will be accessible to your students. The definition of "easy" will depend on the target age. Can the learner access the content in various ways?

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How Designing Accessible Curriculum For All Can Help Make Online Learning More Equitable


Whatever the fate of online learning, the past months have exposed some glaring disparities in access to education and technology, while families with children who have disabilities and special needs experienced significant challenges even when technology was available.

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10 Ways to Re-Imagine the Classroom: 4. Our Definition of the Classroom

The Playground Advocate

4- We can transform our definition of the classroom from “Set in Time and Space” to “Anywhere, Anytime.” Here are just a few photos from her class: Finally, we also need to change our own definitions of the classroom to include the world beyond our doors. Access to the Internet and tools like Twitter, Skype and Google+ should mean that we begin with the assumption that we can learn globally and that no resource is beyond our borders. Image: nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Nonprofit Bootcamps Want to Make Coding Accessible to Low-Income Learners


I've definitely seen improvement in diversity and inclusion in my five years as a software engineer,” she says. One of the selling points of for-profit coding bootcamps is their stellar placement rates (with some boasting as high as 100 percent of their students get jobs in the field after graduation).

Asking the Right Questions About Your Equity Agenda


Equity is one of the most overused terms in education—not just because most can’t agree on a definition, but because the promise of equity is often not backed up by action. edWeb Blog access access and equity district leadership equity leadership opportunityBy Stacey Pusey.

How Daria Lemann-Blumenthal, Co-Founder And CEO Of BELKIN Laser Raised $19M To Build An Accessible Glaucoma Care in One Second?


BELKIN Laser is a clinical-stage medical device company developing an intuitive automated one-second glaucoma laser treatment, which will revolutionize accessibility to glaucoma care. I’ve definitely benefitted from this help. Bookmark( 0 ) Please login to bookmark.

How Daria Lemann-Blumentha, Co-Founder And CEO Of BELKIN Laser Raised $19M To Build An Accessible Glaucoma Care in One Second?


BELKIN Laser is a clinical-stage medical device company developing an intuitive automated one-second glaucoma laser treatment, which will revolutionize accessibility to glaucoma care. I’ve definitely benefitted from this help. Bookmark( 0 ) Please login to bookmark.

As admissions season descends, warning signs appear for low-income applicants

The Hechinger Report

Less-selective colleges and universities, which were desperate to fill seats as the pandemic began last spring, offered financial aid to students from higher-income families that didn’t meet the federal definition of having financial need.

Progress in getting underrepresented people into college and skilled jobs may be stalling because of the pandemic

The Hechinger Report

Having to shift to online learning because of the pandemic “has definitely affected our motivation,” said Emmanuella Agyemang, a 16-year-old junior at University Heights High School in the Bronx who plans to go to college and wants to be a journalist.

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