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Learning Analytics Goes to School

Digital Promise

How can researchers, practitioners, and technology developers best use the wealth of data generated by the increasing use of technology in schools? Learning Analytics Goes to School offers an account of the supporting conditions and key phases involved in what we refer to as collaborative data-intensive improvement.

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How Can Learning Analytics Improve the Student Experience?


Colleges and universities are doubling down on learning analytics. They’re trying to figure out how to better use the rich data they’re increasingly capturing about their students and how to improve our collective understanding of the impact of analytics on teaching and learning. McKay is the Arthur F.


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Personalized Learning, Teachers Unleashed, and a Learning Analytics Partnership: The Story of Fresno Unified


And that change has allowed Ryan’s learning and, more importantly, his mindset about learning, to thrive. His experience is not unique: over 17,000 students in Fresno were involved in the PLI last year, and the data clearly shows that most of those students made statistically significant gains.

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7 Must-Have Features for Online Learning Platforms


It helps to navigate through the platform and access the necessary materials. It includes the sign-up procedure, payment, enrollment, and learning process. Learning Analytics. Learning analytics is a powerful tool that provides detailed information about one’s learning style. User-Friendly Interface.

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15 Strategies You Can Follow Today to Successfully Deploy Your Learning Analytics Tool.

IAD Learning

15 Strategies You Can Follow Today to Successfully Deploy Your Learning Analytics Tool. Deploying a learning analytics tool in your organization brings many benefits, including improving your students’ engagement and their success rates. Lead the project from the learning innovation side, not from IT.

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How does an intelligent learning platform help teachers create a truly personalized learning environment?


While technology doesn’t aim to substitute teachers, it can facilitate their work and ensure that each student gets access to customized educational content and assessment methods to provide the best possible learning outcomes. . What are the benefits of creating a personalized learning environment? Learning analytics .

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Interesting: Rural schools are outpacing others on in-school tech access

eSchool News

Although schools in rural areas traditionally hit roadblocks when it comes to securing technology tools and high-speed internet access in classrooms and student homes, a new study suggests students in those schools actually outperform their urban and suburban peers in access at school.