Flipped Classroom Mini-course Now Available!

Catlin Tucker

Students and their families have 24/7 access to a repository of video instruction. Absent students or students who transfer into class have access to missed instruction. Closed captioning and control over video speed increases accessibility. Flipped Classroom Model Mini-course.

What is Accessible Education? Equality vs Equity in Inclusive Learning

ViewSonic Education

Equality vs equity: which one is more important in achieving accessible education? Educators and academic institutions already know this and aspire to provide s tudents with access to the best possible high-quality education regardless of their background and characteristics.


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What is Digital Accessibility? (And Why It’s Crucial at Schools)

ViewSonic Education

What is digital accessibility – this simple question is, actually, fundamental in the technologically advanced era we’re in. What is digital accessibility, and why is it so crucial in schools and other academic environments? What is Digital Accessibility? .

How Colleges Can Improve Accessibility In Remote Courses


Colleges have long had offices designed to support students who have learning disabilities and to encourage broader accessibility in the classroom and beyond. They also addressed audience questions about how to get faculty motivated to adjust their courses to improve accessibility.

Increasing Equity and Access: A Canvas Case Study of Virtual Arkansas K-12

Virtual Arkansas, a fully online school, had a mission to provide high-quality courses in rural and urban areas throughout the state. How would they simplify content creation while enhancing learning? Discover 3 key insights to transform your classrooms.

EdisonLearning and Pointful Education Partner To Expand Access To Online Career and Technical Courses

eSchool News

The partnership will offer secondary students of all current and future EdisonLearning partners a wide variety of learning opportunities spanning several career pathways with courses ranging from eSports to Entrepreneurship.

Accessible text message-based courses

eSchool News

Artist is a pioneer in accessible text message-based courses, they believe that they are uniquely suited to make a positive impact in this difficult time. As a result, effective immediately, Artist is making their platform available free-of-charge to all professors, teachers, and institutions affected by COVID-19. More Information on the Artist Website. Coronavirus Update free teachers text message Time

Schools in All 50 States and Two U.S. Territories Offer Students Access to Quality Online Courses from VHS Learning

eSchool News

Located across the United States and around the world, these school partners are now offering their students access to the nonprofit’s more than 300 core and elective courses online. Courses are approved for initial eligibility by NCAA. Boston – Feb.

New Training Courses from Google - DigCit and Accessibility

Educational Technology Guy

Included are courses on Chromebooks, becoming a Trainer, and Fundamentals and Advanced training for using G Suite in the classroom. They recently added two new courses that are very relevant to educators. Like the other courses, they are easy to use and excellent materials. The Digital Citizenship and Safety Course helps teachers learn how to help their students stay safe online and become responsible digital citizens.

10 Awesome Courses To Improve Your Online Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

I’ve also included the links to Advancement Courses’ professional development courses that relate to this topic. This course is sponsored by Advancement Courses. Flipping Your Classroom: Redefining Homework and Instruction is an excellent course to help you with this.

Course 285

Learning Transformed Course

A Principal's Reflections

All of these experiences empowered us to think about and then create a deep learning experience that could be easily accessible to all educators across the globe. As a result, an online course was created with the help of Participate. Below you will see how the course is structured as well as learner outcomes. Course Description The Learning Transformed course is designed to support your classroom, district or school's transformation efforts!

Course 167

Some California colleges find it hard to shift away from remedial courses

The Hechinger Report

Medina first enrolled in remedial courses at a Los Angeles-area community college in 2005 after an assessment test placed him three classes below college level. The courses did not count toward a degree or transfer credits.

Can the ‘Netflix For Textbooks’ Model Actually Improve Access?


per month for one access to one digital textbook or $14.99 per month to access all of the more than 1,500 titles on the company’s platform, with each plan requiring a four-month minimum. Users also get access to audiobook versions of their texts?available

Book Access: How It Started

Adjusting Course

Celebrating books through book-talking, creating displays that teach, and other culture-building practices moves "book access" beyond a theoretical construct. And connection builds upon the tangible aspect of book access by starting to eliminate all kinds of barriers (seen and unseen).

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Create Your First Online Course


Online teaching is trending right now, but only a small part of courses is of real value. How to create your online course from scratch? What result should a student get after your course? The answers to these questions help to form the goals and objectives of your course.

Course 141

Amazon Providing Free Online Access to Amazon Future Engineer Computer Science Courses


Amazon Future Engineer will provide free online access to sponsored computer science courses in the US

How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

Digital Promise

Students can access learning materials outside of school. One of the most straightforward ways that technology contributes to equity in schools is ensuring that every student has access to learning materials, even outside of the classroom. Providing access to technology is important but not a complete solution when it comes to getting rid of systemic disparities caused by issues like income inequality, geographic isolation, or discrimination.

Free online courses form Scholastic

eSchool News

The learning journeys are accessible on any device. Coronavirus Update Teaching & Learning device Education free grades learning need online online courses open resources scholastic schools student students teachers

Blended Learning Coaching Course: Help Teachers Be More Flexible and Avoid Burnout

Catlin Tucker

This course offers instructional coaches, administrators, TOSAs, and teacher leaders: A blended learning coaching framework to guide your work. This 10-week blended learning coaching course is grounded in a coaching cycle designed to guide your work with teachers.

Powerful Learning is Personal and Accessible

Digital Promise

In this first post, we explore how Powerful Learning is personal and accessible, share research that grounds these two principles, and provide resources to support your own learning and teaching practices. Powerful learning must be personal and accessible because every learner is different, and the ways in which we learn are complex and variable. Powerful learning practices are attuned to the variability of individual learners and ensure that learning is accessible to all.

Designing courses for students with diverse needs


Of course, as a teacher, it can be difficult to pick up on specific issues a student might be having. These should include assignments that test students’ intellectual progress so far with a given topic, self-assessments about students’ learning skills and preparedness to move forward, and an open-ended survey allowing students to provide feedback about different teaching methods, materials, assignments, and exams within the course.

Course 189

Can Companies Like Facebook Help Close the Access Gap?

Tom Murray

Can Companies like Facebook Help Close the Access Gap? Over the past few years, districts have been working diligently to close the access gap to support students, particularly those most in need. Districts such as Lindsay Unified in California have worked with their local community and government officials to offer free access for families. When districts design their plans for home access, and companies such as Facebook rise to the challenge, kids win.

Combining Online Courses With In-Person Supports, ‘Hybrid Colleges’ Unite


to offer students who take online college courses a physical space to study and interact. The concept is designed to improve college access and degree completion, especially for people who pursue higher education part-time— a group that historically has had low graduation rates.

Course 116

Prepare For Fall: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Blended Learning Self-paced Online Course

Catlin Tucker

After a year and a half of uncertainty and now with concerns about COVID variants emerging again, we want educators to feel prepared to tackle whatever challenges come their way while providing diverse groups of students with engaging, inclusive, and accessible learning experiences.

UDL 225

Inventionland: A Transformational Design Course

The CoolCatTeacher

Curriculum Specialist Mandy Figlioli is excited about her school’s adoption of the Inventionland design and prototyping course. Mandy talks about how the course is structured, gives a story of how students are being transformed, and shares how they are re-working the course based on what they learned the first year. Inventionland: A Transformational Invention Course. What first attracted me to her is a very interesting Inventionland Innovation Course.

Course 164

Course Hero Adds $70 Million to Series B Fundraise


When Course Hero raised $10 million in early February, the amount seemed curiously small for $1.1 Andrew Grauer, co-founder and CEO of Course Hero, says this latest fundraise was “not in the works when we did the first close” of the Series B round, which was led by NewView Capital.

Course 101

Free computer programming courses

eSchool News

DataCamp for the Classroom offers free access to data science and analytics educators across the globe to all DataCamp content. This includes a growing library of 325+ courses in Python, R, SQL, and other technologies.

How to create beautiful online courses: layout


But when your course is riddled with misspellings and ill-placed imagery, all your students will lose their focus from your message, and run to other more beautiful things. A great course design will support your message in many subtle ways. Creating beautiful online courses by mastering layout. So, what can you do to structure all your information so that your students spend enough time on each of your course pages? A small thing can pass by unnoticed.

Course 240

How courses like coding and design lead to tech literacy

eSchool News

As technology users, students access technology for entertainment, communication, and learning. Encouraging technology creators means engaging students in project-based technology courses that introduce them to coding, design, gaming, and animation.

Course 106

@VictoriaTheTech’s Favorite Microsoft Educator Center Courses – #3: Techquity- Creating Learning Environments for Sustainability, Equity, and Access

Teacher Tech

The post @VictoriaTheTech’s Favorite Microsoft Educator Center Courses – #3: Techquity- Creating Learning Environments for Sustainability, Equity, and Access appeared first on Teacher Tech.

Why Digital Equity Is About So Much More Than Access and Infrastructure


Achieving digital equity only just begins when students and teachers have sufficient access. A critical condition for an equitable education, digital equity spans a broader context than just access to sufficient devices and high-speed internet.

Affordability and Accessibility in EdTech

Omega Notes

The financial costs of textbooks and course materials acts as one of the primary obstacles college students are forced to overcome in order to have a fully developed and successful education in the 21st century. A survey conducted by Morning Consult in July 2018 consisted of 1,651 current and former college students, which revealed that paying for course materials was the second most reported source of financial stress, second only to paying for tuition.

OPINION: Equity in online learning is about much more than technology access

The Hechinger Report

Debate about the fairness of online learning tends to revolve around technology access. And there are indeed sharp disparities in home access to computers and reliable broadband service. Courses must be designed so that content is easily accessible.

Top 25 Online Learning Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

Sell Courses Online

The post Top 25 Online Learning Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 appeared first on Sell Courses Online. The online learning industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, presenting a huge opportunity to organizations, individual learners as well as online course creators.

'Better Every Semester': How Faculty Use Open Educational Resources to Improve Courses


It didn’t align with the structure of her course. So Hardy and a colleague decided to create their own lab manual—and make it open access. But OER advocates think open access course materials hold another kind of promise for students, too.

Course 126

Top Tech Tools for Equity and Accessibility

Cool Cat Teacher

Top Tech Tools for Equity and Accessibility 00;00;00;04 – 00;00;07;19 John Davis This is the Ten Minute Teacher Podcast with your host Vicki Davis. Extended Episode number 780 – Top Tech Tools for Equity and Accessibility. I'm access to what you are trying to to give them.

Pandemic reduces number of high school students taking dual enrollment courses

The Hechinger Report

Like many students taking college courses during the coronavirus pandemic, Alexis Lopez struggled with a poor Wi-Fi connection and professors who didn’t offer much support. I’ve never had to withdraw from a course until the pandemic hit,” she said.

As students fill summer courses, many ask: Why aren’t all colleges open in the summers?

The Hechinger Report

With millions of Americans unemployed or reluctant to travel or socialize because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and even though most courses will be online, summer registrations at colleges nationwide appear to be booming. I won’t do anything else until I get my course done,” she says.

Course 108

What If Free Online Courses Weren’t Inside 'Walled Gardens'?


Large-scale online courses called MOOCs can get millions of registered users over time. In other words, the only way to get to all the material inside is to enter this walled garden of the online course by registering. And it's an opportune time to rethink open courses.

Course 113

Some universities’ response to budget woes: Making faculty teach more courses

The Hechinger Report

It was at 8 one evening that a woman Stretch advises admitted she was having trouble catching up with three unfinished courses from a previous semester while taking a full load of additional classes and struggling to earn enough to pay tuition. “I