The Top 5 Shared Mobility Companies in Asia – 2021


Register With Asia being home to 60 percent of earth’s population, mobility will always be a challenge. With growing economies and increasing purchasing power, the cities have become over-crowded and overwhelmed with the mobility demands. The company managed to raise US$2.2

4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion


4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion. However, many technology companies are becoming increasingly aware of how different tools regarded as “assistive technology” could be impactful to everyone. Read more: How to create accessible e-learning design.


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Biden’s Opportunity to Mobilize Employers and Community Colleges


A national campaign focused on mobilizing employers to expand the availability of quality jobs, and help spur adoption of more equitable talent management practices, could be a start. Policymakers have long understood that structural unemployment is a source of community decline.

7 Ways to Close the Access Gap

Tom Murray

Over the past few years, districts have been working diligently to close the access gap (coined in D.C. The statistics regarding the need are clear and I believe that equity in access is one of the main issues facing school leaders today. Districts such as Lindsay Unified in California have worked with their local community and government officials to offer free access for families. is a non-profit that works to support families in obtaining access at home.

Equity Is Not Just About Access. It’s About Success.

Digital Promise

This League of Innovative Schools meeting was focused on equity, and showcased how BCPS is making strides toward providing access and opportunity for all students. They also identified new partnerships they will continue with researchers, companies, and fellow League districts. Visitors also previewed a mobile innovation lab (a bus equipped with maker equipment, with a great Twitter account ), which will soon give students across the district access to maker learning opportunities.

Trox Launches New SHIELD Protection Program for Chromebooks and Other Mobile Devices

eSchool News

Trox , a leading North American provider of education technology and collaboration solutions, today announced the launch of its new proprietary Trox SHIELD SM Protection Program for Chromebooks and other mobile devices.

When the Pandemic Hit, Edtech Companies Threw Out Their Roadmaps and Changed Course


In late April, more than a month into COVID-induced school closures, Matt Goodwin, senior director of product management at Instructure, the company behind the Canvas learning management system, explained how the pandemic was upending his company’s development process. “We

Can Campus Tours in Virtual Reality Improve College Access?


GEAR UP NC VR App is a partnership between the UNC System, GEAR UP NC, AdmitHub and SeeBoundless production company. GEAR UP NC VR is a mobile app that places the college tour experience in the palm of a student's hand. GEAR UP schools are given resources to help their students succeed in classes, ensure that their students graduate and, of course, provide their students access to college information. Building a mobile app takes time.

Credential Blockchains Could Help Student Mobility. These 4 Efforts Explore How.


Although research for the new report was largely conducted before the spread of COVID-19, its authors note that the pandemic will likely make learners even “more mobile, moving in and out of formal education as their job, health, and family situations change.”

The Top 7 InsurTech Companies in Asia – 2021


Here are the top 7 InsurTech companies in Asia to watch out for in 2021 in no specific order. The platform gives employees access to personalized lifestyle and health offerings. The company was founded in 2015 by Cleosent Randing and is funded by many investors.

First-of-its-kind, all-electric mobile preschool

eSchool News

A first-of-its kind vehicle will be hitting the streets this autumn in Colorado as an all-new, all-electric, ‘Magic Bus’ Mobile Preschool will serve to put early-childhood education on wheels. The Magic Bus is a program of the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 , and is a Winnebago Industries Specialty Vehicle – the first all-electric mobile preschool in the world. The Company’s common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and traded under the symbol WGO.

uHandy Mobile Microscope Duet review

Kathy Schrock

I have always loved the microscopic world, and even conducted research on blood cells for a pharmaceutical company for my senior project. If students do not have a microscope at home or limited access to one at school, they may never have the chance to explore the microscopic world in depth. uHandy ask me to review their Mobile Microscope Duet and, after taking a look at it online, I readily agreed to test it out! uHandy Mobile Microscope Duet

New Data from Rave Mobile Safety Shows Schools’ Top Safety Concerns About Returning to the Classroom

eSchool News

For that model to be successful, schools need to consider the challenges that emerged from classes held remotely this spring, chief among them being students lacking internet access and low student and parent engagement. About Rave Mobile Safety. read our company?blog,

How Tech Companies Are Selling Colleges on Mass Data Collection


Versions of that sales pitch echoed through the cavernous exhibit hall this week at one of the largest trade shows for tech companies selling to colleges. Bold, half-foot tall letters on one company’s display claimed its software had helped a college bring in more than $1 million in new student revenue and led another to a 53 percent increase in new students. We walked the exhibit hall here looking for new ways that companies are offering this Big-Data-driven transformation.

This Company is Using AI to Change the World

EdNews Daily

Each company has incredible resources, and each is synonymous with technological innovation. But none will be the company that will change the world with AI. THIS IS THE COMPANY. The company that could change the world is a little-known technology company with a rather innocuous sounding name: Value Spring Technology. Equal access to education is the defining challenge in the world today. By Charles Sosnik.

Mobile Schools: The Next Generation in Communication and Engagement

A Principal's Reflections

As an early adopter of transformative technologies, I have been watching the mobile app space carefully to see how it can benefit all facets of education. I had them come down and meet with several student leaders and me this past spring where I shared my vision of having a mobile app for New Milford HS , which could also be shared with other schools. My vision is for every high school around the country to have its own native mobile app. The company has graciously agreed.

Company provides a Windows desktop on Chromebooks

eSchool News

students with easy access to Windows. K-12 schools are Chromebooks, and now NComputing Chromebooks – with the vSpace client – provides easy, multi-user access to the Windows, Java or Silverlight applications often necessary for learning and testing applications. This creates a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution for schools who can now use a single Chromebook device to access all their ChromeOS and Windows applications.

Alexa Goes to ISTE: Edtech Companies—and Teachers—Debut New Skills for Learning


Across the massive, brightly colored expo hall at ISTE 2019 , the annual education technology conference where companies display and demo their latest gadgets, upgrades and software, several vendors showcased the new skills they have developed for Alexa-enabled devices. ACT shows off its new Alexa skill, which gives students access to test prep for subjects such as geometry and trigonometry, at ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia.

Dear Liberal Arts Major: STEM Companies Need Your Skills to Grow


But instead of a classroom, Wolochow now works on the Silicon Valley campus of a company that’s using technology to make learning more accessible to people throughout the world. More companies in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—or STEM—fields are hiring workers with liberal arts backgrounds, according to a recent report. “It’s Wong worked at several fintech firms before joining the mobile payments company.

Mobile Classrooms Bring STEM Where Students Need IT

EdTech Magazine

Mobile Classrooms Bring STEM Where Students Need IT. Educators are utilizing education technology to repurpose old trailers and buses to create mobile education spaces , classrooms on wheels where students are able to experience what STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) has to offer. With the education spotlight on mobility and education equity , these roving resources may be the next step in using technology integration to narrow the education gap among K–12 students.

The Problem With Expecting Student Access


Birthplace of Apple, Facebook, and everyone’s favorite edtech company, Google. This wide variety of lifestyle, income, and infrastructure can get in the way of student access to learning or our assessment of our students. and engage in deeper thinking during the school day, when they have access to their peers and their teachers. A surprising number of families still don’t have computers or access to the internet at home.

State Leadership Working Towards Broadband Access for All

If the workday of an adult typically requires seamless broadband access, then it’s reasonable that today’s students need the same access during their school day. Recently, SETDA released State K-12 Broadband Leadership: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success , which looks at the current state of broadband access and how states are supporting teachers and students. The key is the state leadership to make broadband accessible to all.

IBM Watson Launches First Mobile App For Education


The app is IBM Watson Education’s first education app, and the company, along with Apple, approached Coppell Independent School District in Coppell, Texas, to help build and pilot the app about a year ago. Marilyn Denison, the district’s assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, met with the company product teams every week to give feedback on the app. IBM Watson proved on Jeopardy it can process and “learn” information much faster than humans.

OPINION: Access issues for students go beyond online content, extending to housing and food

The Hechinger Report

Historically disadvantaged students, though, will have unequal access to the internet and to the hardware needed to fully participate in online courses. Campus closures, or restricted access, mean immediate threats to housing and food security for both college and school-aged students.

Transcription and Accessibility—New Partnerships from Microsoft and Amazon


On the heels of one another, two tech titans recently announced higher-education partnerships that leverage transcription technology to make educational materials more accessible to a broader swath of learners. Via Microsoft Translator , a translation service, students in classes and lectures can get automated transcriptions on their mobile and desktop devices. The company says its transcription technology is also useful at a broader level.

Tomasz Kowalczyk Growth & Innovation Designer/Partner in Rebels Valley- Connecting Technologies With Companies That Need Them!


In Rebels Valley, Tomasz is responsible for building innovation ecosystems of global corporations and young tech companies. 20 investments into young companies. . What types of companies do you look to invest in? We actively support our portfolio companies – when needed.

Mobile learning and personal metrics

Learning with 'e's

There are formal contexts for mobile learning, but it is in the leisure time/travelling/down time that mobile learning still comes to the fore. The first principle in the article above relates to access, and states: "A mobile learning environment is about access to content, peers, experts, portfolio artifacts, credible sources, and previous thinking on relevant topics.

How Mina Nada, Co- Founder And CEO Of Zoomo Raised $15.6M To Create The Next Evolution In Mobility?


In 2012, he co-founded his first business, INCUBATE, Australia’s leading NFP startup accelerator, and entrepreneur program, before stepping into a consultant role at Bain & Company, where he met and worked alongside his current Zoomo co-founder, Michael Johnson.

Ganesh Rengaswamy, Co- Founder Of Quona Capital- The First Global VC Focused On Fintech For Access To Finance!


Quona Capital is the first global VC focused on fintech for access to finance. What types of companies do you look to invest in? For example, for a lending company, the NPA, RoE, etc. For a payments company, we would look at transaction volume, net margin, etc.

Yindii Launches A Mobile Application To Connect Consumers With Food Joints To Tackle Climate Change


Register Yindii , a Thai anti-food-waste startup, launches a mobile application designed to match hungry, deal-seeking Bangkok residents with environmentally-conscious restaurants, grocery stores and cafes offering delicious food that could otherwise go to waste.

Designing accessible ed tech can be costly, but demand is on the rise

The Hechinger Report

If a learning platform uses videos to explain concepts, and a designer doesn’t think about the effect of slow internet, students with spotty access are shortchanged. Sean Oakes, the founder of Backpack Interactive, a design company that focuses on educational technology, said if developers test their products at all, they generally do so remotely, gaining insights into the user experience by watching screen captures of students using their products or by simply soliciting survey responses.

Learning Out Loud: Make Online Courses Meaningful and Accessible


These tools and the content created with them must be accessible to all learners, including those who are hard of hearing and have vision impairments. While multimodal learning environments support the needs of more learners, they require special attention to ensure they are accessible to students who are hard of hearing and/or visually impaired. Educators agree that all students deserve access to all instructional materials. Accessibility Is a Process, Not a Box to Check.

Course 107

Assessments Become More Accessible With Speech Synthesis—and an Almost Human Voice


Häkkinen leads the Accessibility Standards and Inclusive Technology Research Group at ETS, the 60-plus-year-old nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization that administers K-12 state exams along with the well-known GRE and TOEFL, among other tests. His research focuses on advancing the accessibility of computer-based assessments—for all learners—through a standards-based approach. These are exciting times in the world of assistive learning technology.

These bold Nigerian companies are targeting nonconsumption, and winning

The Christensen Institute

Nonconsumption occurs when people who would otherwise benefit from purchasing a product cannot do so because they lack skill, wealth, access, or time. When innovators target this market by offering simple, affordable, and accessible products and services that solve everyday problems, they’re able to tap into what is perhaps the richest vein for growth, while simultaneously creating inclusive prosperity.

New Verizon Fees Could Cut Off Access for Millions of Remind Users


Thousands of teachers have taken to Twitter this week to blast the telecommunications company and defend Remind , a school communication platform used for everything from announcing homework assignments to contacting parents when a student is sick. Messages on Remind can be sent through the company’s mobile app or directly to users’ phones as SMS messages. In the latter case, the company pays a small fee for each text sent. Can you hear me now?