Geo-Inquiry in Project Based Learning

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Water Access in the United States: Health Disparities Abound and Solutions are Urgently Needed : National Institute of Health [mentions the solution used in the show of bottle filling stations]. Contributor to Handbook of Prosocial Education.

A Bored Student Hacked His School’s Systems. Will the Edtech Industry Pay Attention?


When he started poking around these systems built by Blackboard and Follett, he found that he was able to access millions of records, things from test grades to medical records, what they eat for lunch, all kinds of things. EdSurge: The student reported the security holes to both companies.

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The Streisand Effect: What’s Your School District Reputation Worth?

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The logic behind this claim makes some sense if you consider that one of the greatest struggles for rising companies is marketplace awareness. K-12 Website Success Handbook. Access Now >> The Streisand Effect: What’s Your School District Reputation Worth?

Impero Software Announces New Version of its Flagship Product – Impero Education Pro – at ISTE 2018


The company will showcase the new features of its award-winning product this week at ISTE 2018 in booth #630. “We It also released an Online Safety Handbook in 2017 which provides resources and best practices for schools that are using Impero Education Pro.

Impero Software Names Richard Fuller as New CEO and Announces its New Austin, TX Headquarters in the U.S.


19, 2018 – Impero Software has announced the appointment of Richard Fuller as its new CEO to drive the company’s next phase of growth as it bolsters its global business plan. Fuller took over for Sam Pemberton, who moved to a non-executive board position with the company.

When an Online Teaching Job Becomes a Window into Child Abuse


Around 6 o’clock on a fall morning in 2018, Jordan sat down at her desk, donned her headset, and logged in to her account with VIPKid , a Beijing-based company that connects native English-speaking teachers like her with children in China for live, online video lessons.

Impero Software Announces Philip Walters as its New Chairman


These are important tasks and I look forward to working with the company as we move forward with this work both in the UK, and the U.S.” It also released an Online Safety Handbook in 2017 which provides resources and best practices for schools that are using Impero Education Pro.

Benchmark Education announces new early learning literacy intervention program

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Literacy publisher Benchmark Education Company (BEC) announced a new literacy intervention program for grades K–2 in print format with online support. Additional components to help accelerate student growth in literacy include a Progress Monitoring Handbook, an Oral Reading Records Handbook, more than 60 Take-Home Books in downloadable PDF-format to extend students’ learning and support family engagement, 100 Picture Cards, and 26 Letter Cards per grade.

How Speech Recognition Could Change Studying Forever


Tech entrepreneur Fred Singer is the CEO and founder of Echo360 , a company which he launched after a visit to his son’s classroom. Singer has funded and led a wide range of digital companies over the past twenty years, and the list of business and charitable boards on which he serves is long.

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Shifting into 8th (On MLA’s new edition)


MLA just rele ased the 8th Edition of its Handbook. And, it is no longer necessary to cite the date of access for an online source. Publishers’ names are now given in full, with businessy words like Company ( Co. Buy the MLA Handbook.

Fighting FAKE NEWS: Recommended Reading and Resources for Teachers

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Fast Company, Nov. Breaking News Consumer's Handbook: Fake News Edition. Find and share resources to help students learn to analyze, evaluate, and communicate in a world with countless media sources and constant access to powerful computers." FAKE NEWS!

The Consensus Around “Open”

Iterating Toward Openness

The idea of “open” intersects with education and educational technology in many places – open content, open educational resources, open access, open data, open knowledge, open source, and open standards. Open educational resources include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge. Open Access.

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LinkedIn: an underused K12 search tool?


You’ll likely find easy access to their resumes or CVs, and perhaps, links to additional publications. Beyond learning about people, LinkedIn offers information on companies, schools, and organizations. For a variety of reasons, filters included, social search tools are underused in schools.

Truth, truthiness, triangulation and the librarian way: A news literacy toolkit for a “post-truth” world


The Verification Handbooks are a wonderful lens into this complicated process.). Project CORA : Community of Online Research Assignments an open access resource for faculty and librarians. We were guaranteed a free press, We were not guaranteed a neutral or a true press.

Bloom and bust

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Handbook I: Cognitive Domain. Handbook II: Affective Domain. New York: David McKay Company. Available online at: [link] (Accessed 22 June, 2012) Bloom's Taxonomy image source Bloom and bust by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

What’s the Easiest-to-Use Cloud Storage Solution for Administrators and Educators?

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Once I installed the desktop client, I have been saving all of my files to my Dropbox folder so I can have access on every device I use. Here''s My Big Three: Any-device and any-time access to my files and folders. Then, I can access it on my iPad, both of my laptops, and any computer by signing in to my Dropbox web account. If I were employed at a company that manufactures these devices, I would be looking for a job.

10Q: David White

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Do you know of any companies that can claim such longevity or successful market development? Language learning begs for interactive handbooks. If it is to be accessible to EU officials, who work long hours and travel, any live teaching must be backed up by e-learning.

A traditional model of organizational knowledge creation

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Information becomes content when there is a situation to apply it (Nonaka, 1999, Yaklief, 2010), but does not require a depth of understanding to access or transfer. Once created, individual, groups, departments, or the organization can control the dissemination and access to a larger number of people. Therefore, there needs to be some mechanism to access it, measure it, transfer its use, and, in some cases, store and retrieve it.