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4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion


In recent years, the amount of time that students with disabilities spend in general education classrooms has shown an increase, signaling that inclusive practices are being adopted. 4 Tips for using accessibility features to promote inclusion.

8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Wally Clipper, has a great run-down on 8 trends you’ll want to watch in 2020: 8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020. From digital certificates to learning analytics, here are eight EdTech trends to look forward to in the coming months.

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Guest post: 15 EdTech Resources to Use in Classroom


Thanks to this website, however, you get all types of educational content from National Geographic that safe to be shown in the classroom. They can make gorgeous boards to collect documents and web pages they would like to access later. It’s a great website for students at all levels; you just need to find the right video to show in the classroom. This online resource gives you access to digital content from the niches of history, civics, and media literacy.

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Google Accessibility Tools to Reach ALL Learners – SULS049

Shake Up Learning

The post Google Accessibility Tools to Reach ALL Learners – SULS049 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Accessibility is and should be a huge topic of discussion across multiple industries but especially in learning. Reach all learners with Google’s accessibility tools on ep.

Classroom collaboration: Learning together


In most classrooms today, students are seen working together in small groups, perhaps in learning stations in the classroom, and taking a more active role in learning. We have to think about what will work in our classrooms and with our students. Beyond the classroom space.

Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


According to the report, the EdTech industry will reach a global value of $252 billion by 2020. The EdTech sphere is obviously developing quickly, so some things that seemed impossible only a few years ago have become a standard in the meantime. 5 New EdTech tools to watch.

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6 Building blocks for a successful edtech strategy


Building a successful edtech strategy boils down to goal setting and finding the right foundations from the beginning. Even if that sounds simple, there are some barriers that technology specialists and school leaders face when working with edtech. What’s your edtech plan?

7 Global Project Ideas from a Leading 3rd Grade Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Instantly scan and score with any mobile, desktop or document camera. Overview of Vickie Morgado’s Global Collaboration in Her 3rd Grade Classroom. We have connected with different classrooms. How Vickie Morgado Uses Social Media in Her Classroom.

Pros and Cons of Using eLearning Software in Your Classroom

Educational Technology Guy

And the Covid-19 pandemic has proved that EdTech and eLearning are integral parts of modern academic reality. Technology allows you to teach and learn from any part of the world with Internet access and electricity.

The race is on for the AI-powered classroom


In my previous post I explored the subtle, yet significant, difference between brute force computing and ANN (Artificial Neural Networks), and how that distinction is slowly producing what one would call “true” AI products in the classroom.

The Best Edtech for Students Is Backed by Research. Here’s What to Look For.


The truth is edtech products that foster more learning than would happen in analogue settings can be difficult to find. So naturally, one of the big questions we face is, how can we help ensure effective edtech happens more often?

22 Digital Tools You Must Have in Your Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

Those geeky tech tools that we adults like to avoid are taking over the classroom. Here are the top 22 digital tools your colleagues are using in their classrooms: annotation tool. flipped classroom. The classroom backchannel makes that happen. Flipped Classroom.

Book Creator – A Brilliant Tech Tool To Use In The Classroom


Here’s a few lessons that I have successfully carried out: Moreover, here is an article I wrote a while back, about my experience of using Book Creator to document a science lesson. Click this link to access the group: [link]. Book Creator was launched in 2011.

How Edtech Can Help Build a Blueprint for Real Change in K-12


Meanwhile, billions of dollars have been spent on edtech by these same school communities. Today’s edtech market is radically fragmented. Purchasing decisions happen at all levels from districts to schools to individual classrooms to parents.

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4 Ways to Give Meaningful Feedback with Google Classroom

Shake Up Learning

The post 4 Ways to Give Meaningful Feedback with Google Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Google Classroom + Meaningful Feedback = Winning Combination! In this post, we will explore ways to give meaningful feedback in Google Classroom.

Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Just like every book has a cover and every pair of scissors has a blade, every device in your classroom setup has an intentional design that serves a specific purpose. Let’s think about a few ways in which we can better prepare ourselves for OWNING these technology tools in our classroom.

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An Inside Look at the Edtech Purchasing Process

While the Wild West era of edtech may be over, there’s still some mystery over how schools decide what digital materials to buy. In the edWebinar, “ Building Authentic Need and Research into Edtech Development,” representatives from a large school district, a small district, a developer, and the research community answered burning questions about edtech procurement. When they talk to schools, their focus is on the classroom teachers and getting them to understand the value.

Funding Edtech with the E-Rate Program and Grants

As schools and districts strive to meet their existing technology needs and prepare for the future, access to federal and state funding, along with other grants, is making a major difference in whether students engage in 21 st century learning or are left behind.

Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018

Shake Up Learning

The post Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Yes, I know you REALLY want to know how to put your worksheet into Google Classroom! . edtech #shakeuplearning. How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom. [07:18]

Take Two: Clever’s Newest Effort to Help Teachers Try Before They Buy Edtech


The disconnect between what school leaders buy and what teachers actually use is well-documented. Meanwhile, the number of tools in classrooms today has ballooned. Another recent survey found that, on average, districts saw more than 700 different edtech products used each month during the last school year. So far, the library has since been accessed by around 250,000 teachers, who have made more than 9 million student accounts for the apps, according to the company.

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Free Classroom Collaboration Tool Earns Educator Enthusiasm


Google Classroom Simplify communication, collaboration, and document sharing Pros: Easy-to-learn interface, integrates with lots of apps and websites, able to seamlessly collect and share G Suite documents.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 30 Edition)

Doug Levin

As such, expect an abbreviated (TBD) publishing schedule for ‘A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News’ in August. A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 30 Edition). This is an area where it would improve the job of edtech developers if we said, 'Here’s what you’re allowed to gather and share.' Thirty-six said they did not have adequate internet access. EdTech News News news

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We Ask Teachers: How Has Edtech Made a Difference in Your Classroom?


In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked educators from around the country to share their most transformative edtech moments. The ESL teacher and I worked together to give him access to a digital audiobook so he could hear the text read aloud fluently and be provided with definitions of unfamiliar words. The process helped my DHH students gain confidence in their ability to function in a mainstream classroom, and earned them the respect of their other classmates.

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The Great Learning Management System Debate: Featuring Canvas, Schoology and Google Classroom


With so many choices on where to build your digital classroom, the questions often arise: “Why do I need a learning management system? All of this can be used to truly differentiate how and what, students access. Google Classroom. Why consider Google Classroom?

4 Ways for K–12 Administrators to Master Google Classroom

EdTech Magazine

4 Ways for K–12 Administrators to Master Google Classroom. Educators face a constant challenge of organizing resources and time , both in the classroom and out. . Here are four ways to put Google Classroom to work for you. Allow Users to Access Content at Their Convenienve.

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Breaking the Blockbuster Model


Recently, I’ve been a part of some really good conversations around trends in grading practices , parent access to the classroom curriculum , and use of UDL. First, I want to think about this model of schooling: the classic lecture-based classroom. Classroom.

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60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom. Google Classroom is quietly becoming the most powerful tool in education technology. As such, it scratches the itch for many teachers in many classrooms right here, right now. 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom.

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No Kidding: This Pre-Revenue Edtech Startup Just Raised $15M in Series B Funding


classrooms, and 30 percent month-over-month growth in usage throughout the previous and current year, says its chief academic officer, Abbas Manjee. Kiddom is integrated with Google Drive, which allows teachers and students to send Google documents between one another. Kiddom is hardly the only player in the education industry that’s trying to build a one-stop shop where educators can find and manage online educational content, and where students can access and turn in assignments.

Using Technology to Support English Learners in the Classroom


English Learners (ELs) come into our classrooms with a wide range of specific and unique needs for language development and content acquisition. There are many apps and edtech tools available today, but very few are made specifically for EL students.

15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers

Shake Up Learning

The post 15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers appeared first on Shake Up Learning. 15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers! Google Classroom is one of the most popular digital tools for the K-12 classroom. edtech #gsuiteedu Click To Tweet.

Your Essential Back to School EdTech Checklist

Fractus Learning

The start of the school year brings with it more than a few ‘gotta-do’s for a classroom teacher. In any case, reviewing this list will remind you (and your administration, tech support, teachers and others) of the needs of a highly engaging, fully functioning student-centered classroom.

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The Ultimate Checklist Before You Flip Your Classroom by @JusteSem


Do you have a classroom blog where you’d like to share the videos? Ensure all students have Internet access at home. The flipped classroom approach will only work if all of your students can access the content online. You should probably expect some kind of a resistant movement in your classroom. Let the tech people know about your initiative, have their contact details on hand and create a folder of help documents to soothe the anxiety.

6 Ways to Make Edtech Affordable on Any Budget

Gaggle Speaks

Although the benefits of technology in the classroom and the need to equip today’s students for the modern workforce are well-documented, schools often cite cost and budget constraints as the reason more technology isn’t yet available to their students and teachers.

Padlet: One of the Best All Around Tools for Technology in the Classroom


One of my favorite tools, which meets all of the criteria just laid out for use in the classroom is Padlet. Can be used on any device with internet access. Multimedia is a speciality - add videos, pictures, links, documents, text, audio, etc.

9 Updates for Google Classroom (and 3 more to come)


When Google Classroom launched in 2014 it was immediately a valuable tool to save educators time and increase connection with students. Since then Google has continued to make updates to Classroom , bringing new features and improvements. Go to the homepage for Google Classroom.