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The best BYOD tech tools for the Common Core classroom

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With just 4 categories and less than a dozen tools, educators can hit a lot of Common Core standards. Meaning, students can get to the tool and create it regardless of whether they are using a PC, MAC, iPad, or Android.

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

Google Earth and Cracking Curriculum Content


Secondly, although this topic is important, I realized as I saw my column in an issue filled with information about Common Core, it wasn''t really about Common Core, as (for now) those standards are only in Language Arts and Math.

mARch: Augmenting with Aurasma, Part 1.


This app is also available for Android, but I can''t attest to how it works. Specifically, through these steps a seagull "aura" is accessed when the book''s cover is scanned.

3 Digital Tools to Encourage Close Reading

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If you save files locally, you can access them without an internet connection or a wifi. Because iAnnotate can access multiple DropBox and Google Drive accounts, it’s easy to view and annotate student work, then return it to them. Availability: 5/5 (iOS, Android).

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MobyMax: Tablet + help differentiating instruction

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Because MobyMax is based on the Common Core, you can analyze data based on standards, student, class, school, or even district. It has a 7” screen and runs on Android 4.2. It’s always nice when new toys show up in the mail to review.

Looking for a Class Robot? Try Robo Wunderkind

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Fair warning: This robot doesn’t look like the famous humanoid robots of literature–C3PO or Marvin the Paranoid Android (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ), with arms, legs, and a head.

3 Apps That Encourage Students to Read

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Grammaropolis is aligned with both national Common Core standards and Texas Expected Knowledge and Skills Objectives for grades K-6. Only ebooks and equizzes can be accessed through the app. Availability: 5/5 (iOS, Android, Web, iPhone, iPod, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire).

Zap Zap Math–Gamify any Math Curriculum

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Zap Zap Math is a free gamified way to teach math skills that’s tied to many national and international standards (like Common Core). For students without easy access to the Internet at home, have students download the PC-based Zap Zap Math. Android:

3 Great Special Needs Digital Tools

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Arriving just a decade after the 1997 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments 197 insured that students with disabilities have access to general education, its powerful recorder, transcription, and study tools take aim at the needs of reluctant readers.

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Look what’s new at Zapzapmath

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This gamified math ecosystem is popular with students because it’s fun and teachers because it ties into many national and international standards (like Common Core).


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This excellent site/app has over a 1000 educational activities that are aligned to Common Core Standards. Matific offers more than 700 game-based episodes, which are short interactive activities, and digital worksheets that students can access on any device with internet access, including Mac, PC, iPad and Android." Matific is a free Math resource for grades K-6.


Technology Tidbits

This excellent site/app has over a 1000 educational activities that are aligned to Common Core Standards. Matific offers more than 700 game-based episodes, which are short interactive activities, and digital worksheets that students can access on any device with internet access, including Mac, PC, iPad and Android." Matific is a free Math resource for grades K-6.

3 Apps to Prioritize Your Day

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a way to quickly accomplish common tasks. easy access from digital devices that teachers commonly carry. Availability: 5/5 (iOS, Android, web). Which brings up a bigger issue: It requires access to lots of my personal accounts to make these recipes happen.

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Why Should Schools go with Google Apps and Chromebooks?

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We have extended our educational tools to include Chromebooks and Android tablets, so now educators can create an environment poised for inquiry, driven by discovery, and saturated with opportunities for student achievement.

Digital Learning Program From @snaplearning Can Boost Your Class Library!


This can be a frustrating task in a normal year, however it becomes a much more tedious process when faced with a number of common library challenges. have are able to access clear, concise, and user-friendly lesson plans that are aligned to the common core for each book title.

Financial Literacy: A Real & Relevant Way to Meet Math Standards & Develop #MoneySmartKids

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It can be played on the web via a computer, laptop, or Chromebooks as well as on iOS and Android devices. Financial Literacy Site for Families There is a whole site for families where they can access the quiz, find conversation starters, and find a 30 day calendar to financial literacy.

Collaboration tool supports global discussions

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Or they can build Collections together on shared topics of interest such as Common Core State Standards. With new feature from Participate Learning, educators have free, online space for collaboration around lesson plans and more.

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Top 100 Sites/Apps of 2014

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Gooru - A great place for students to find study guides on a wide range of subjects that are aligned to Common Core Standards and ideal for personalized learning. Also, a nice place to find Common Core aligned lesson plans.

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Amazon Updates Whispercast For Simpler Use In Education

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Whispercast distributes eBooks, eTextbooks, apps, documents, and eTextbook rentals to hundreds or thousands of devices already deployed in schools, including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs. Amazon Updates Whispercast For Use In Schools In Education.

Your Essential Back to School EdTech Checklist

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Here is a LONG list of recent updates , to GAFE, Android and iOS apps. Confirm all wireless access points and printers are operational. Subscribe to Common Sense Media , which has a WEALTH of tools to help your students grow as digital citizens. by Karen Larson and Gene Tognetti.

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Game-based platform targets college prep, exams

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The new solution also is aligned to Common Core and ACT standards, and content is continually refreshed by subject-matter experts from various publishers. Tablet Compatibility: For ultimate ease of use, the platform is compatible with any iOS, Android, or Windows device.

10 Virtual Reality Resources that Every Teacher Can Use

Google Apps Infused Lessons for Google Expeditions With Google Expeditions now available on both Android and iOS devices, many schools can now start implementing its use more effectively. Get the VRinOR app for iOS or Android to see the real potential of VR!

#EdTechTidBits of the Week (May 11, 2015)

Resource: New Programming Curriculum by Kodable The developers of the Kodable programming game for the computer, web, and iOS (Android coming soon!) recently released an entire Common Core aligned programming curriculum for grades K-6.

Best Learning Games of 2015

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Price: $7.99; Platform: Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Fire Phone; Grades: Pre-K-1. There's excellent Common Core State Standards alignment built right in: Kids drag and drop to partition shapes into equal parts, meeting all fractions standards for first and second grade and most of them for third grade. When they want access to more flexible or nuanced behavior for game objects, these would-be designers can switch over to the built-in scripting language.

Resources from Miami Device

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Technology Integration and the Common Core by Andrew Miller The CCSS call us to integrate technology in intentional and meaningful ways to have students meet rigorous standards.

The Free and Online 2014 School Leadership Summit Starts Wednesday! (Full Session List)

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We have gotten much more mobile-friendly , as there are Collaborate apps for iOS and Android, and the conference schedule and session links can be easily accessed on mobile devices by going to [link] from your mobile device or clicking on the "mobile schedule" link in the Summit menu.



The line supports up to 8th Generation Intel Core processors, up to 16GB of DDR4 memory, many storage options, and more. The Flat Panel also features an upgradable built-in Android Module and wireless AVer document camera integration.

Kids news round-up


Many of the articles are accompanied by a Common Core-aligned quiz designed to check for student understanding, to prompt critical thinking and to provide teachers with immediate feedback. News-o-matic : This daily newspaper for kids is available: for Android on Google Play , for iPhone and iPad at the App Store , or for Kindle. We are so lucky to have available an array of kid-friendly current event options, rich with instructional resources, and mostly free!

Best EdTech of 2016

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In 2016 the Common Sense Education editorial staff evaluated close to 170 apps, games, and websites for learning potential and classroom implementation. Price: $1.99; Platform: Android, iOS; Grades: Pre-K–3. Price: $7.99; Platform: iOS, Android; Grades: 1–4.

Addressing the CCSS with the Use of Infographics

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How can the use of infographics be used to address the Common Core State Standards? link] Common Core State Standards and Infographics The Common Core State Standards do not specifically mention “infographics”, but there are many standards, both content-based and literacy-based, that can be addressed with both the analysis or creation of infographics by students. ELA Common Core Standards CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.7

Learning Revolution Free PD - Gaming in Ed Now! - #YouMatter Special Offer - Connected Librarian Day

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We''ve set up a new student entrepreneurship portal at that provides quick access to the free HPLIFE interactive classes for students to learn business skills, and gives you a chance to sign up for information about the free online conference on student entrepreneurship we plan to hold in 2015. Friday, September 19th at 7pm Common Sense Media: Get Educated on Education Apps , Mobile is quickly becoming the new technology platform for learning.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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The real digital divide, this article contends, is not that affluent children have access to better and faster technologies. (Um, There are, of course, vast inequalities in access to technology — in school and at home and otherwise — and in how these technologies get used.

Hack Education Weekly News

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“Anti- Common Core Groups Unhappy About Trump Ed Secretary Pick Betsy DeVos ,” says the Sunshine State News. Via Google’s press release : “ Google and Bertelsmann launch mobile digital skills initiatives with Udacity – 10,000 Android scholarships available for EU developers.” ” Udacity has announced a “the Associate Android Developer Fast Track,” to help people get their Android certification.