Differentiate and Personalize Literacy Instruction for Your Elementary Classroom!


School-to-home access allows students to continue their independent work at home, in blended learning models, extended-day programs, or libraries and other community centers. Adaptive, Personalized Learning for Literacy Instruction in Blended Learning Environments What Is Lexia Core5 ?

Read Works Provides Access to Handy Text Passages


I recently discovered ReadWorks - this website provides free access to reading passages and much more, with skill and strategy units on many topics in comprehension. Expository text passages are handy for language intervention. There's a lot you can teach with a passage as a context!

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How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data


While it is believed that the barrier to district leaders and classroom teachers using more data is that they don’t have time to look at it, 33% of districts and teachers say the real challenge is that information is in too many places for them to access.

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Owl Eyes: The Must-Get Web-App for Classical Literature Teachers

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I think every classical literature teacher should have an Owl Eyes account just to access the annotations and lesson plans. Character Analysis in Macbeth / “Macbeth as a Dynamic Character (Act II, Scene i)”.

10 Ways to Use Screencasting for Formative Assessment

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You can also make a gallery where students can share their analysis with others in the class. This means that they’ll be able to access their Screencastify videos from whichever computer they use.

I got to choose private schools, but will vouchers really help other kids make it?

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It’s the central tenet of President Trump’s plan to reform American education: Give more families access to the kind of school choice that has always existed in America for those who can afford it. Jackson Elementary School.

Buffalo shows turnaround of urban schools is possible, but it takes a lot more than just money

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Dedecker and Radford credit Rust and his team for emphasizing data and analysis to ensure that resources went where they could have the greatest impact. 1 request wasn’t about academics but access to mental health services.

How do they do it? A few wealthy private colleges have found ways to serve many needy students without jeopardizing their financial health

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USC officials said that they don’t fly visiting students to the campus, but they send admissions officers to more than 2,000 high schools across the country — and start looking for potentially talented youngsters as early as elementary school.

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Fitbit for education: Turning school into a data-tracking game

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Computech is the district’s only “bring your own device” school, and all students have access to a laptop or similar device every day with which they can log in to the portal at any time. Gold stars that seem exciting for elementary schoolers can fall flat with high schoolers.

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OPINION: Trump’s Justice Dept. “would better serve students by focusing on legitimate threats to students’ civil rights”

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Related: Analysis: Trump’s Justice Dept moves to protect whites in college admissions. The Southern Poverty Law Center found that the largest number of incidents took place in higher education institutions and elementary and secondary schools. Higher Ed Opinion Higher education access

Why do Fewer Black Students Get Identified as Gifted?

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We based our research on an analysis of gifted placements in the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study , which tracked a nationally representative sample of kindergartners throughout elementary school. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license.

Writing Scaffolds to Meet Diverse Learning Needs

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These teachers believe that differentiation is about access points. Then students generated a list of the characteristics of literary analysis demonstrated in the example. Thus, students were more willing to take a risk and push themselves from summary to analysis.

MIND Partners with 100Kin10 on Foundational Math Brain Trust

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We believe that all students deserve equitable access to high-quality educational content and dynamic learning experiences. Our work was guided by the question, “How might we equip elementary (Pre-K-grade 5) teachers to enable authentic and joyful math learning for all students?”

HE Challenges: Fast changing digital teaching methods


However the failure to adapt to, and embrace, new learning technologies as well as other advanced technologies such as AI, data analysis and machine learning will undoubtedly be the death-knell for most colleges.

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DirecTV's "Don't" commercials


YouTube gives you on-demand access to just about anything, including commercials that have a language teaching purpose.* cause-effect context executive function HS inference later elementary main idea MS social thinking story grammar text structure YouTube

Today's CTE Investments Help Boost Students' Success

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Department of Education, supporting instruction for elementary and secondary students as well as adults. The department awarded a share of $3 million to six states to improve high school CTE students’ access to post-secondary education and STEM careers. The Rhode Island Department of Education , for example, announced plans to use its $500,000 grant to launch an internship program to place students in cybersecurity and data analysis apprenticeships.

What's Making a Difference in Math Education for ELLs?

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The call to provide equal access to effective math education for ELLs is one of the most important and challenging aspects in education today. ST Math removes the language barrier and provides access to standards-aligned content. Kalim Rayburn, Principal, Rea Elementary, Calif.

Qualities of Effective Educator Professional Development

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Recently, I facilitated two weekends of math instruction for elementary teachers. This means that they are more likely to embrace participatory learning techniques such as discussion, role playing, small group work and the analysis of personal experiences.

OPINION: Online homework tools trade ‘busy work’ for feedback to help end inequities in schools

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That’s vastly better than assigning students homework that doesn’t provide feedback and resembles busy work, be it photocopied word searches in the elementary grades or repetitive math worksheets across the school years. However, while the benefits of moving some student homework to interactive, online platforms are clear, we can’t ignore the question of access. Youth from low-income homes often lack access to reliable technology and the internet at home.

Data Driven Instruction: How Student Data Guides Formative Assessments

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One elementary school involved in the study used digital forms to regularly quiz all third-grade students. Utilizing Microsoft Forms’ automatic data graphing and analysis tools, teachers can compare data across classes as a way to compare teaching practices. . “By

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Innovation and the Final Frontier: Student Designed Payloads at the Edge of Space


In addition to working in their small groups, my students naturally split into three teams: an engineering team, a data analysis team, and a teaching team. The Data Analysis Team. Bringing Bears to Space.

WriteWell for Google Docs: Google Add-Ons and Chrome Extensions for Research, Writing, and Feedback (Part 1)


WriteWell for Google Docs is a Google Docs Add-on that includes a series of templates for elementary school, middle school, and high school classrooms. Once you’ve located WriteWell for Google Docs, click the “+ Free” icon and allow the app access to your Google account.

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Black teachers matter, for students and communities

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This begins with expanding access to teaching jobs and continues by giving hardworking teachers a raise. In 1970, the black population in Washington stood at approximately 71 percent, according to my analysis of Decennial Census data.

Design Thinking Process and UDL Planning Tool for STEM, STEAM, Maker Education

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If this is how the makerspace is set up in your school, then your kids may not have access to the resources, materials, and tools when they need them, especially for STEM or STEAM. Additional Resources referenced from Jackie’s blog: Introducing Design Thinking to Elementary Learners.

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A window into the future of learning

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And what many of us have come to appreciate is that Disrupting Class actually stepped far beyond the market analysis and number crunching we might associate with the business world where the theory of disruptive innovation originated. I’m confident that by the time they reach elementary school, his daughters’ own classrooms will borrow in no small part from the vision that their father’s research brings to our education system.

Vernier Software & Technology Introduces Pivot Interactives’ New Online Library of Chemistry Experiments


Built-in, easy-to-use graphing and analysis tools help students draw their own conclusions about what they have measured. Pivot Interactives' cloud-based web app can be accessed 24/7 using any web-connected device, including a computer, Chromebook™ or iPad.

OPINION: Six decades later, Brown v. Board of Education ruling is still only an aspiration

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Students at Barnard Elementary School in Washington, D.C., Nearly 68 years ago as a third-grader, Linda Brown was denied access to an all-white elementary school in Topeka, Kansas. Almost every one of its 131 elementary schools is zoned for a public housing unit.

How Edtech Can Help Build a Blueprint for Real Change in K-12


The fact that there isn’t a place to access all components of the core design of a school makes it hard to implement anything new while considering the impact on the entire structure. A couple years ago, Van Ness Elementary in D.C.

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Five Learning Strategies that Work

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It has been used with elementary, middle, high school, and college students, but results were mixed for all groups. Elaborative interrogation has been shown to work best with upper elementary, middle, and high school students.

MIND Blog Rewind: September 2019

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Does ST Math provide equitable access for students in special education? A recent analysis of ST Math students in Texas found dramatic improvements on percent of students meeting proficiency on the state’s STAAR test school performance metrics for students in the special education subgroup.

The 2018 Vernier/NSTA Technology Awards Name Seven Winning Educators for Their Innovative Use of Data-Collection Technology


A panel of NSTA-appointed experts chose the winning educators—one elementary teacher, two middle school teachers, three high school teachers, and one college-level educator—for their innovative use of data-collection technology in the science classroom.

Scholastic Makes Misleading Privacy, Security Claims in Services Directed to Children

Doug Levin

This analysis focuses on a sample of online-only games and services (including publicly visible forums and chat rooms) offered by Scholastic within the subdomains at *.scholastic.com, Many of the products are paired with Scholastic books that are marketed in schools to elementary-school-aged children (under the age of 13). The TombQuest chat room, for example, can be accessed at [link]. Scholastic offers a “Community” feature that can be accessed at [link].

Department of Education Updates District Leaders

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Under ESSA, the law requires the director of the Institute of Education Sciences to complete an educational study on the impact of access to digital learning resources outside of the classroom. Staffers from the U.S.



www.getalma.com ) Alma Technologies has announced it is allowing any SQL-based business intelligence tool, such as Tableau and Jaspersoft, to access data from its modern, student information system and learning management system. Software & Online ALMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 38 Edition)

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Tagged on: September 18, 2017 Schools Making 'Extraordinary Progress' With High-Speed Internet Access, Analysis Finds | Education Week → Ben Herold writes: "The country's "extraordinary progress" connecting schools to affordable high-speed internet continued last year, according to a new analysis from broadband-advocacy group EducationSuperHighway." " Tagged on: September 18, 2017 Too Much Technology in AR Elementary Schools?

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